Janus, The Charming Masturbation Sleeve

Janus, The Charming Masturbation Sleeve


Product Description

Life is often prime when simple, and Janus, a masturbation sleeve embodying an innovative approach to simplicity, embraces this ideology all too well. From aesthetics to sensation and all facets between, we’ve enhanced and improved everything you love about sleeve masturbators. 

Beginning with design, Janus is sleek, modern, and easy on the eyes. 

Our sexualities are all deserving of elegance and authenticity, and to capture the essence of empowerment without overshooting, this masturbation sleeve is a statement piece. Where most masturbation sleeves disappoint in their bland, plastic appearance and poor attempts at mimicking the female genitalia, Janus is superlative. 

A mysterious yet powerful midnight black wrap around the attractive curvatures of this flexible exterior made only of the highest quality medical grade silicone & ABS. Penile pleasure at the forefront of its design, this tempting and royal masturbation sleeve further enhances the male masturbation experience with 10 sensational vibration frequencies.

Slow and sensual, fast and riveting, the choice is always yours. 

In Roman Myth, Janus is the God of new beginnings. Consider this the beginning of a newfound life of sexual satisfaction, the potent magic of vibration opening endless doors to never-before-felt pleasure and sensation. The wavy interior will send you sailing through a sea of bliss as you hold its pleasant shape delicately in your hands, and the environment will no longer stop you from pursuing sexual enlightenment. 

100% waterproof, your sleeve masturbator knows no boundaries. A lightning-fast USB charge time and over an hour of play on a single charge cater to quick releases or long, extended edging. Further enhance creativity by inviting Janus into the room with your partner, an excellent adult toy choice for mutual masturbation or penis worship

Watch their eyes glow to the sight of such a luxurious approach to sensation, and gain a jolt of sexual confidence via the massive respect gained from your ability to understand style, aesthetics, and quality, even when the clothes come off. 

For too long, the pleasure of a penis and male masturbation has been restricted to stigma, shadowed by the walls of society, creating barriers to what can be accomplished with male sex toys. And we’re changing this for you. 

Masturbation and sexuality are about pursuing what provides both physical and mental fulfillment, and a masturbation sleeve will act as your sherpa through this never-ending journey of pleasure. You deserve only the best, and the best is effortlessly attained with Janus. 

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs

Battery: li-ion battery
Material: medical-grade silicone
Voltage: 3.7V
Waterproof – IPX7
Size: 5.5 In x 2.3 In
Vibrating patterns: 10 kinds
Battery Life 1 h +
Charging time 1.5 h
USB Rechargeable

Your package includes

1 x Janus Masturbation Sleeve
1 x VV High-End Box
1 x USB Charger
1 x Manual