Mars, The Heated Male Masturbator


Mars, The Heated Male Masturbator

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Product Description

Buckle up. Mars, the heated male masturbator, is here to take you away on an interplanetary journey of physical and sensual exploration piloted by a pleasure device unparalleled in the endless world of sexuality. 


Never before has male masturbation been accompanied by such innovation, elegance, and overall empowerment; the 6 sensational vibration modes and 5 hypnotic sucking modes are guaranteed to send you swirling through a black hole of pleasure. Enjoy the effortless ability to customize your automatic male masturbator to precisely your liking as you experiment with the many combinations of each, a slow cruise through the stars or a riveting galactic ride. The choice is always yours. 


Be the first to discover the red planet’s unique curvatures and ribbed surface, the shiver-inducing interior softness of the medical-grade silicone hosting an oasis of diverse, realistic penile sensation. To further complement the alluring, intoxicating textures, this potent male masturbator features smart-heating capabilities, warming up to 108°F to further emulate the fire of human connection. 


Found water on a new planet? Mars comes prepared, flaunting a respectable IPX7 waterproof rating, meaning your male masturbator can handle full submersion in H2O for up to thirty minutes of soaking-wet sensation. 


Too long have male masturbators poorly mimicked the female genitalia, plastic, generic designs that feel as unimpressive as they appear. V for Vibes, the leading connoisseur of high-quality sex toys, understands the need for a sleek, simple style in your sexual escapades. Aesthetics matter and this brilliant male vibrator is the culmination of modern, clean fashion. 


A sophisticated space gray and a bright red, inviting interior color the ingenious, never-before-seen 9.3″ inch male masturbator design to perfection. Cool, calm, and collected, just like you. 


With a USB magnetic charger and the ability to shake your soul for up to an hour on a single charge, Mars promotes constant, undisturbed entrancement during any solo masturbation endeavor. Better yet, this male sex toy is an incredible asset to couple’s play, ideal for mutual masturbation or penis worship


Whether you seek to enhance your current collection of male sex toys, upgrade your current fleshlight to an automatic male masturbator, or if you’re an excited beginner eager to make your first purchase, Mars will guide you through infinite exploration. Discover for yourself why this is the best male masturbator in our Universe, and forever enrich every aspect of sexual fulfillment. 


3, 2, 1… Takeoff. 


Additional Information
Weight 2 lbs

Battery: li-ion battery
Battery capacity: 500 mAH
Material: medical-grade silicone + ABS
Voltage: 3.7V
Size L 9.3 In x W 4 In
Waterproof – IPX7
Vibrating patterns: 6 kinds
Sucking patterns: 5 kinds
Heating temperature 108 °F
Battery Life 1 hour +
Charging time 3 hours
Power 5W
USB Magnetic Charger

Your package includes

1 x Mars Male Masturbator
1 x VV Engraved Pouch
1 x USB Magnetic Charger
1 x Manual