Mefitis Kegel & Ben Wa Balls


Unleash your inner goddess with Mefitis kegel and ben wa balls! Crafted from silky, medical-grade silicone in a stunning turquoise hue, these weighted pleasure spheres elevate your self-care routine to new heights. Feel the confidence surge as you strengthen your pelvic floor, improve bladder control, and unlock a world of intensified sexual pleasure – all with the luxurious comfort of Mefitis by your side.

Product Description

Reclaim Your Inner Power: A Journey of Pleasure and Wellness with Mefitis Kegel Balls & Ben Wa Balls.

Imagine a world where self-care ignites a spark of confidence, strengthens your core, and unlocks a deeper connection to your pleasure. That’s the transformative power you hold in your hands with Mefitis kegel balls and ben wa balls. These beautifully crafted weighted spheres, sculpted from luxurious medical-grade silicone, are designed to elevate your intimate wellness journey to new heights.

Bathed in a captivating turquoise hue, Mefitis beckons you to embrace a holistic approach to self-love. As you indulge in the silky-smooth texture, feel the weight gently stimulate your pelvic floor muscles. With consistent use, you’ll witness a remarkable transformation – improved bladder control, a surge in core strength, and a heightened ability to experience orgasmic pleasure.

Mefitis caters to every woman’s unique journey. Choose from three graduated sizes, each offering a different level of comfort and challenge. Size 1, measuring 5.31″ x 1.42″, provides a gentle introduction, while Sizes 2 and 3 (6.69″ x 1.26″ and 6.38″ x 1.10″ respectively) progressively increase in size to accommodate experienced users. The varied weights (1.90 oz, 2.68 oz, and 3.42 oz) allow you to personalize your routine, gradually strengthening your pelvic floor for optimal results.

Mefitis is more than just a self-care tool; it’s an empowering companion on your path to rediscovering your inner goddess. With each use, you’ll cultivate a deeper connection to your body, unlock a world of intensified pleasure, and experience the confidence that comes from taking charge of your intimate wellness.

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs

Material: Luxurious medical-grade silicone for ultimate comfort and hygiene.
Color: Stunning turquoise for a touch of sophistication.
Size Options (inches):
Size 1: 5.31" x 1.42"
Size 2: 6.69" x 1.26"
Size 3: 6.38" x 1.10"
Weight Options (ounces):
Size 1: 1.90 oz
Size 2: 2.68 oz
Size 3: 3.42 oz

Your package includes:

1 x V for Vibes Engraved Black Pouch
1 x Mefitis Kegel & Ben Wa Balls
1 x Manual
1 x Eloquent VV box