Juno – Glass Anal Plug & Dildo

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Product Description

Meet Juno – this hand-crafted and expertly curved glass anal plug and dildo brings out the most powerful vibes for its users.  Exemplifying what makes a classic glass dildo so great, Juno is the choice whether you are new to sex toys or are more experienced. She is draped in sophisticated swirls and curves to allow for premium stimulation. This unbelievably multitalented V For Vibes curved glass dildo comes with many appealing features to boost your libido! Our female toy is an ideal dual-sided clitoral, G-spot, and anal stimulator. Also, the plug-shaped end is wonderful for backdoor fun. The light handheld shape makes Juno incredibly convenient and a titillating sex toy for couples and solo sex. Also, both ends are covered with a stimulating well-defined texture.

By placing the power into your hands, you can dictate the speed and pulsation to drive the vibe any way you seek in whichever region of the body you choose. Juno is a temperature-sensitive glass anal plug and dildo – this makes for a variety of possible sensations that can be achieved simply by running Juno under hot or cold water before use. For those users who prefer not to place electronics inside of themselves, Juno is a brilliant, classic alternative. Juno offers the superior quality and luxuriousness that V for Vibes’ customers have come to expect and wholeheartedly deserve.

Additional Information
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 3 in
Product Specifications

Material: borosilicate glass
Color: clear pink
Size: 6.29 inches long, 1.81 inches diameter

Your Package Includes:

1 x Luxury VV Box
1 x V for Vibes Engraved Pouch
1 x Juno (6.29 inches long, 1.81 inches diameter)
1 x Manual