Ge – The Sensational Vibrating Anal Toy


Ge – The Sensational Vibrating Anal Toy

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Product Description

From the core of your existence, experience the empowering manifestation of euphoric sexual satisfaction as the sensations derived from Ge, the dynamic vibrating anal toy, shake your very soul with climactic radiance. 

Our bodies are capable of incredible feats, and anal play has long been a subtle secret for accomplishing the epitome of pleasure, a secret that we very much want to share with you. 

With 10 energetic speeds of vibration to choose from, Ge is the most unique large butt plug to currently exist, the perfect begginer anal toy and ideal for those with ample maturity in this practice. Designed explicitly for anal exploration and the sexuality-boosting benefits presented when pleasuring the rich ecosystem of nerve endings contained in the anal region, your mind will spin into a whirlwind of erotic passion and lustful desire as our favorite vibrating anal toy showcases a new take on sensuality. 

Take the journey slowly, inserting only the first unique curvature of Ge's shaft alluringly within, and feel your eyes roll into the back of your head as goosebumps riddle your soft skin. As you gain experience and seek more, Ge is both a small and big butt plug alike, allowing you to direct the level of insertion to precisely the limit that sends electrifying signals of passion throughout your body. 

Designed with innovation and anatomy at the forefront of sexual delivery, this vibrating anal toy is destined for any and every gender, a beacon of hope in a world where the joys of anal sex often go ignored. 

Ge lasts over an hour on a single charge, far beyond the time span needed to have your fingers gripping tightly onto the sheets, and with a simple USB plug-in, it is effortlessly rechargeable. Made of body-safe, medical-grade silicone, a large butt plug has never felt so good as the smooth surface massages this orgasm-inducing zone, silky smooth and similar to the skin of a passionate lover. Non-porous, this vibrating anal toy is one of the easiest to clean, ensuring an endless lifespan of vibrating anal gratification.

Whether using her for self-care through enticing masturbation or with a loved one as you experience the pleasures of anal play together, the loudest vibration frequency measures in at only 10 decibels, quiet enough to take your new lover everywhere you go without worry. Whether at home under the sheets or perhaps during your most erotic of carnal exploits, such as by using a large butt plug in public, Ge is discreet and incognito. 

The time for anal exploration is now! Are you ready to meet your bootie's next best friend? Ge is patiently waiting.

Additional Information
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6.5 × 3 in

Length 10 In x Diameter 5 In

Your purchase includes:

1 x Luxury VV Box
1 x V for Vibes Engraved Pouch
1 x Ge
1 x USB Charging Cable (Adapter not included)
1 x Manual

Product specifications

Material: Medical Grade Silicone
USB Rechargeable
Battery Life: 1 hour
Charging Time: 2 hours
Silent motor