Sleep – Organic Remedy Essential Oil Roller Bottle


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Certified Organic and Fair For Life product.

SOiL’s blend of organic Lavender, Bergamot, Marjoram and Vetiver essential oils, diluted in jojoba oil offers a ready to roll-on solution to restless nights. No more tossing and turning with Sleep Remedy Roller.

Sleep blends’ a combination of organic essential oils that promotes a restful nights sleep, awakening refreshed and recharged for the new day. Diluted with jojoba oil and supplied in a roller bottle presents an easy-to-apply slumber remedy anywhere, anytime. Sweet dreams with Sleep Remedy Roller.

SOiL organic essential oils have been carefully selected for their therapeutic benefits and diluted to the correct concentration to be effective when applied to pulse points or affected areas. Handy-sized roller ball tubes make for easy application and portability when traveling.

Directions for use: Apply to pulse points, under feet, and back of the neck.

Packaging: 10ml amber glass roller bottle with metal application roller ball.

No Animal Testing     Â
No Parabens     Â
No Petro-Chemicals  Â
No Synthetic Colors     Â
No Synthetic Fragrances

   Certified Organic               

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