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  • Venus Dual-Head Wand Vibrator/Soft Dildo X Drusilla - Magic Tongue Vibrator

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    Are you searching for the ultimate pleasure gift set? The V For Vibes sex toys gift bundle is the amazing opportunity to explore all types of erotic fun. All two wonderful sex toys allow you to improve your sexual wellness. At V For Vibes, we believe everyone deserves to orgasm. While the orgasm gap has existed since early times, women should keep fighting for their pleasure and self-gratification and never give up on trying, even if it takes some time to achieve climax. Explore the world of pleasure now!




    • two  terrific vibrating toys - ultimate satisfaction pleasure set;
    • Drusilla, the goddess of the sucking vibrators. This sucking toy has earned its place as one of V for Vibe’s top-rated vibrators and personal massagers. The unique features of this clit sucking pleasure device contributes to the intense clit stimulation it delivers. The clit sucking toy comes with 10 sucking functions and 20 frequency modes for you to explore. It's not hard to archieve multiple blended orgasms when you use Drusilla!

    • Venus purple wand  is dually shaped to get right to your G-spot with its soft tip and silky touch handle. Explore the right pressure for just the right feel. Venus is a top-rated 2020 magic wand vibrator with a  smart warming  feature. Elegantly crafted with a superior, high-quality build and top-notch workmanship. Venus is rechargeable for ease of use.