Warming Dildo - Flexible Vibrator - Venus Wand Vibrator
  • Venus - Incredible Dual-Head Wand Vibrator/Soft Dildo

    SKU: 0016

    Meet Venus.

    There is no question as to why Venus has been the wand vibrator of choice for those seeking thrill, sensation and lavish vibes wherever you are. Venus is our best-selling, dual-head wand vibrator and personal massager. 

    Venus is the best 2020 wand vibrator with an intellegent heating feature. Elegantly crafted with a superior, high-quality build and top-notch workmanship.


    Want full-strength size, full-strength power, and with the freedom of going cordless? It’s all here in the luxurious and super-powerful Venus Woman Wand Massager.

    Its smooth silicone head glides across skin and focuses deep, thunderous power right where you need it most.

    Venus is a rechargeabler, vibrator, warming, and discreet vibrator all-in-one. We respect that some choose to keep their intimacy private and have crafted Venus to be a quiet vibrator while delivering the thrust necessary to drive vibes.

    Venus delivers powerful vibes in numerous ways. The dual-head wand build is crafted with curves and edges that stimulate not just the clitoris and g-spot but every other conceivable region of your body.

    Venus doubles as a personal massager with a heating function that warms to 103 degrees.  Stimulation isn’t hard to achieve when warmth and relaxation are thrown into the mix.