G Spot & Clitoral Dual Pleasure Vibrator - Wireless G Spot Vibrator
  • Persephone - Clitoral Suction And G-Spot Vibrator With 12 Vibration Frequencies

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    Meet Persephone.

    The unique look and shape of the premier clitoral suction device and vibrator, Persephone, contributes to the powerful stimulation that the device easily delivers. Users will find themselves drawn to the strong suction feature, which boasts 12 different frequencies that a user can cycle through simultaneously with 12 vibration modes. With this in mind, there is no question as to why Persephone is one of the luxury vibrators of choice for those seeking pleasure and bountiful vibes inside and outside of the bedroom. Persephone earns its place as one of our best-selling, vibrators and personal massagers. In a marketplace ridden with cheap vibrators for women, Persephone remains a top selling vibrator while maintaining the superior quality and luxuriousness that our customers deserve.













    Persephone is a body safe vibrator. Elegantly crafted with a superior, high-quality build and top-notch workmanship. The medical-grade, hypo-allergenic, silicone used in the production process bears a soft, silky smooth touch that users will love.

    Persephone is a best-selling vibrator for women. Although our products can be and are enjoyed by all genders, our customers consistently rave about Persephone, earning it status as one of the top-rated female vibrators in the market.

    Persephone is a powerful vibrator for women. The build boasts a clitoral suction and stimulation variant in addition to a powerful motor that ejects 12 vibration modes and 12 sucking options. A light but mighty pink vibrator that is sure to tantalize all your senses.

    Persephone is a suitable choice for those seeking a vibrator for beginners. Simple to pick up and use with little to no prior instruction. The sheer variety of choice between different frequencies and pulses is sure to allow beginners to find the speeds that best resonate with the stimulation they seek. For those users who don’t wish to take advantage of the numerous speeds, the suction features are sure to keep them busy.

    Persephone is a rechargeable vibrator, wireless vibrator and discreet vibrator all-in-one. We respect that some choose to keep their intimacy private and have crafted Athena to be a quiet vibrator while delivering the thrust necessary to drive vibes. The suction feature is just as quiet as the vibration feature.

    Persephone delivers powerful vibes in numerous ways. The delicately crafted ergonomic build is curved in a manner that stimulate not just the clitoris and g-spot but will send toe-curling senses throughout the body with the suction capabilities.

    Persephone doubles as a personal massager. Stimulation isn’t hard to achieve when relaxation is thrust into the mix.


    Persephone is a clitoral suction vibrator offers the unique pleasure for any goddess- 12 vibration modes and 12 incredible sucking options for the best clitoral stimulation available. Medical grade silicone and USB recharging make her easy to use and clean.