Women's Wireless Personal Vibrator - Body Safe Vibrator
  • Victoria - 20 Speed Female Vibrator, Clit Massager

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    Meet Victoria.

    Unwind, sit back and relax with the top-of-the-line V FOR VIBES Smart Wand Victoria - The world's premium cordless personal massager that takes performance and design to a whole new level. Eloquent, modern, compact and rechargeable, it delivers top-notch powerful discreet vibes V FOR VIBES female toys are famous for, making it perfect for satisfying anywhere from home, to traveling for work or pleasure. Victoria will offer you a revolutionary way to enjoy your massager therapy. V For Vibes wand massagers are designed for a wide variety of uses: massage & pleasure. Victoria is the best gift that women actually want!




    Victoria wand vibrator doubles as a personal massager. Full body stimulation isn’t hard to achieve when relaxation is thrust into the mix.

    Victoria vibrating massager is designed with your inner goddess in mind. Medical grade silicone keeps her waterproof and easily cleanable,  while 20 speeds are there to take you to a higher level of pleasure.