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  • Bia - The Best Rabbit Vibrator & Self Lubricating Dildo

    SKU: 754169826567

    Meet Bia, your new favorite top pleasure Vibe.


    The Bia rabbit vibrator is an innovative  pioneer in ejaculatory technology. She is a smart 100% waterproof female vibrator. 

    For the most intense feelings Bia will surprise you with 12 vibration frequencies to find the perfect rhythm you seek.  DC powered, Bia is easily rechargeable and optimized for lasting pleasure. She will help you embrace your bliss on your own terms. The Bia rabbit vibrator perfectly serves as a couples massager, or she can be a great companion for solo pleasure. With a soft, flexible tip and rabbit-shaped clitoral stimulator, she is very versatile and is sure to become your new partner in crime. 


    Made out of medical grade silicone for that silky smooth touch, she’s got more than a few tricks to excite you. Bia takes the traditional rabbit style you love to the next level, stimulating the G-Spot and clitoris, but adding in an unheard of ejaculation feature. We’ve worked hard to create this extremely unique Vibe for you! Bia is the goddess of force and raw energy, and this Vibe reflects that when you enjoy continuous pleasure without stopping to add lubricant. 

    Her bold and modern style is easy to use and clean, with a beautiful blue color to set her apart. Bia can be filled with water based lubricant or water for the most pleasurable experience of your life.