The Primal Fetish: Everything you Need to Know.

Dec 15, 2021

At one point, you must have heard or thought about primal fetish. But what does it mean? For some, it is an intense experience in the thrill of chase and conquest. It is the indulgence of all your senses while letting go of your typical self and surrendering to the present. It is about being fully engaged in the present while trusting your instincts to guide you and embracing the animal within. It is all of the above and more!

Just imagine having hardcore sex like a caveman. It allows your inner animal to take over in the bedroom, the core of your sexuality to take over. People describe primal fetish sex as a lifestyle and a fetish for adventurous lovers.

Try to picture utmost dominance in bed. Fighting, clawing, scratching, biting, and wrestling –all included in one steamy session. From aggression to happiness and even silliness, primal play can be an outstanding experience every time you engage in it. Though intense, primal fetish sex can be quite a thrill to enjoy when played correctly.

What is a Primal Fetish?

Primal fetish is a type of BDSM, but it comes with a twist. As many people call it, primal play is a form of animalistic sex. Hold up! Animalistic does not mean sex that is rougher than usual. It means going animal style while having sex. It is all about dropping your courteous behavior and going down on all fours to mate. You are turning your bed into an animal kingdom. 

Primal play means you are letting go of your usual self and showing your inner beast. Another exciting part is that you can identify with any animal of your choice. You get naked, start fighting with your partner until you are both sweating and panting hard, and then he plunges deeply into you like a gift from a hunting experience. The Dom is the hunter, while the sub is happy and willing to be conquered.

primal fetish

Why People Have a Primal Fetish

Fetish is not only about wartenberg wheels, whips, bondage, and all else, but it is a natural part of humans to explore unknown and uncommon territories of our sexuality. People crave primal fetish because they are human, after all. It’s normal to desire steamy and hot sexual actions. It’s hard to link it to a specific origin. But it can be related to experiences you’ve had in life. To explore it, find a partner you trust and have the same interests as you. Be ready to have sex like never before: with no words spoken, just grunts, sweat, and passion.

Wartenberg wheel

Different Manifestations of the Primal Fetish

There are two common scenarios of primal play. They are:

  • Primal Dom vs. Primal Sub

This is the standard form of primal play in most relationships. There’s no need to wrestle for control, and both partners know their roles and enjoy them to the fullest. The primal Dom loves to scratch and chase his prey, while the sub primal loves to be the prey and enjoys being scratched. The dom primal is the dominant one, while the sub primal will never rebel and stay committed to his/her role.

  • Primal Dom vs. Primal Dom

This kind of primal fetish relationship is chaotic. The lovers want to dominate each other, and no one is willing to back down. The primal play starts with one Dom challenging the other with a push, scratch, or bite. The other Dom then answers in the same manner, and the primal play starts. Both of them will wrestle for dominion not only during foreplay but during sex too. This leads to intense arousal and incredible orgasms for both Doms.

How to Have a Primal Fetish Sex

Discuss it first

Before you can start at all, talk about it! While “hey babe, I want to take you so bad as an animal – would you like that” may look like an outrageous dinner time conversation with your partner, it is often this kind of conversation that leads to steamy sessions later. 

Discussing your needs with your partner and explaining you’ll love to experience urgent, hardcore, and primal sex with them can be a kind of foreplay. Creating a plan, setting guideless, and talking about all the erotic details of primal fetish will not only keep the both of you safe but will also serve as sexy dirty talk over dinner.

Set Hard Limits

While discussing, it is fun to get aroused by the idea of ravaging your partner in the most primal way. Setting your hard limits and the rules of the game is essential. Ensuring your partner feels good with the idea and knows how to stop when it becomes overwhelming can make them feel more comfortable. This will help the experience feel more natural and exciting.

sex whip

Use Trigger Words

Trigger words are sexy. They will allow you and your partner to ease into the primal zone better. If you are a submissive, trigger words like ‘little slut’ when used with possessive language can push you into the subspace and allow you to act instinctually. For Doms, some trigger words or actions from your submissive can get you aroused and make it seamless to be in touch with your most primal, aggressive urges. Make your primal fetish fun with trigger words, and add some flirty and dirty talks into your next session. 

Pick a Setting

The next step is to choose a suitable location. You can do it indoors or outdoors. Doing it outdoors gives the experience a touch of the real deal. However, the best place for primal sex is on the floor. The floor puts you in the mood. Just think about how animals mate in the wild.

Start Slow

Take the play one step at a time. You can start with a scene and then add more intensity as you get more comfortable. Allow your instincts to lead you. If you want to be a lion or a tiger, tell your partner, so they will know what to expect. Once you get the hang of it, you can expand your role play and have mad fun.

Make it fun

You can be as creative as you want with a primal fetish, and you can even get inspiration from animals. Another thing you can try is the primal fetish hypnosis. The primal fetish hypnosis, when explored, will crack you open like a ripe melon and reveal all your most profound, raw, and hidden desires. The dominant partner is usually the hypnotist. The dominant maintains control over the sex. Your partner can learn how to hypnotize you with your consent. He will create a primal fantasy scenario, elaborately describing the setting, sound, and temperature. Then you’ll follow your partner to the mating scene trusting his commitment to your pleasure. 

Using the power of imagination makes it tantalizing and arousing. You feel relaxed, and your guard is lowered, making it easy to enjoy and experience sexual activities that you have always avoided. Your breathing gets heavier, and the erotic energy is palpable. With the primal fetish erotic hypnosis, you can achieve orgasm even without touching yourself. 

Fetish or not, it’s time to free yourself and enjoy primal play as it is intense and super pleasurable. It is wrestling, fighting, biting, hair pulling, and scratching for some people. For others, it is playing, laughing or licking, and sucking each other’s bodies. Primal sex can be different for everyone, making exploring it more fun!


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