A Love for Premature Ejaculation: The Premature Ejaculation Fetish.

Dec 23, 2021

Premature ejaculation might sound like a nightmare to some, but as the world of sexuality is seemingly endless, there are some who absolutely love premature ejaculation, so much so to the extent that it becomes a fetish. 


That’s right- if you suffer from premature ejaculation, there are plenty of ways to address this issue medically, but you might not want to if you find out your partner is a fetishist for a quick climax. Sure, perhaps it’s a bit confusing. How could a woman ever receive pleasure if their partner finishes too fast? 


Well, there is actually plenty of ways, and if you want to know both more about this unique fetish and how to have premature ejaculation fetish sex in a pleasurable and fulfilling manner for all involved, then stick around. 


What is Premature Ejaculation?


Before diving into the premature ejaculation fetish, let’s briefly hit on what this subject is. Really, it is a simple definition, as premature ejaculation is the occurrence where a man reaches climax before sexual intercourse begins or shortly after it begins. Like, we are talking within seconds to a minute shortly after. Sometimes it might just be a random occurrence. Other times, it might be an ongoing issue that is a common occurrence. There might be underlying health issues causing it, or it might be as simple as sexual inexperience. 


What is the Premature Ejaculation Fetish?


How does a man reaching climax quickly turn into a fetish? Overall, this fetish is the fetish of the receiving partner. They find incredible amounts of sexual arousal and pleasure when their partner climaxes early. Instead of leading to the sexual frustration you first thought this might cause, it leads to greater and more invigorating feelings of sexual arousal

premature ejaculation fetish

Why Do People Have a Premature Ejaculation Fetish?


As with most fetishes, it can be difficult to pinpoint specific reasons as to why someone might have a premature ejaculation fetish. After all, the scenario will be different for everyone. With that said, one of the primary reasons someone might have this fetish is because of the empowerment and confidence it provides them. 


Because their partner climaxes so quickly, it makes them feel like they are a talented lover and physically beautiful. If someone suffers from body image issues or fear of performance, a partner who suffers from premature ejaculation makes them feel so much better about their abilities and looks, considering they reached the Big O in seconds. 


As well as this, some with a premature cum fetish simply love the sight and action of a male ejaculating. They can take this visual and audio experience with them for their own pleasure.


Others might have another fetish similar to the premature ejaculation fetish, such as a cum fetish, and with the two being intertwined, the sooner the cum is on the table (literally), the better. 


So really, if you feel as though the idea or experience of your male partner climaxing quickly is one hell of a turn-on, then you just might have a touch of this fetish within you! And that is totally, absolutely, more than okay. Not only do you share this fetish with so many other like-minded individuals, but having a fetish is just about as common as having 10 fingers. 


When acted upon healthily and without harm to yourself or anyone else, a fetish can actually lead to highly fulfilling intercourse. So if a premature ejaculation fetish is the one (or one of many!), then here are a few ways to incorporate this fetish into your bedroom, even if your partner does not suffer from premature ejaculation. 


How to Have Premature Ejaculation Fetish Sex


If this fetish is your own, then having sex in a manner that caters to a premature cum fetish might manifest in a few different ways.


1. Your Partner Suffers from Premature Ejaculation


This one is honestly a best-case scenario. Suppose your partner already suffers from premature ejaculation. In that case, there’s not much you will have to do differently to relish his fast climax and to receive ample amounts of visual, mental, and even physical stimulation from such. If this is the case, then just act naturally, and I am sure premature ejaculation will come naturally!


There is, however, concern for your climax and your pleasure. If your partner reaches climax early, then what could you do? Well, the best part is that their climax, considering your premature cum fetish, has set you swirling into a world of sexual arousal. The key is to use this arousal to the greatest possible extent. Take this arousal with you, and utilize other physical means of inducing pleasure upon yourself. 


Have your partner provide sensual cunnilingus to finish the job, or take matters into your own hands by using your favorite sex toys to receive the true epitome of sensation. Or, get creative and do something differently, like trying masturbation with a pillow or masturbating without sex toys. As you do, remember how empowered you felt from his premature ejaculation, and use this to transfer that desire and self-confidence directly into your own orgasm. 

warming wand vibrator

2. Your Partner Doesn’t Suffer From Premature Ejaculation.


What can you do if you have a premature ejaculation fetish, but your partner doesn’t suffer from premature ejaculation? 


First off, use edging to your advantage. Implement varying forms of sensual foreplay into your lovemaking sessions and really extend the length of this foreplay. We are talking so much that your partner almost reaches climax from another form of stimulation, like a blowjob. Then, pull yourself away from them before they climax, and wait. Edge them closer and closer to climax with foreplay, and then when they can barely hold it back, begin to engage in intercourse. Hopefully, if all goes as planned, the extended foreplay will have them busting in no time, just as if it was premature ejaculation. 


As well as this, you might also think to practice premature ejaculation encouragement. When you tell your partner that you actually want them to come early, this lifts so much fear of performance off their shoulders. When you approve of it and encourage it, chances are they can let go and allow themselves to come quickly as compared to when they try and hold it back. Simply telling your partner that you want them to finish fast might be all you need to fulfill your premature ejaculation fetish every once in a while!


3. Premature Ejaculation Fetish Without a Partner


If you have a premature cum fetish but don’t have a partner, that is quite alright. There are still ways to satisfy this fetish even without a legitimate human being to do so. 


First of all, you could think to watch ethical porn featuring premature ejaculation, or just ejaculation in general, to satisfy the visual satisfaction received from watching someone climax early. 


Or, you could opt for the sex toy route to ‘replicate’ this experience during your personal self-love sessions. With an ejaculating dildo and a little bit of creative role play, you can have your partner coming all over you as quickly as you like. And the best part about an ejaculating dildo? It can climax more than once during a single session for quite literal endless satisfaction in your sexual pursuits. 


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