This is the Praise Kink.

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Have you ever heard of the praise kink?


There is just something about being called a good girl in bed that accelerates your heartbeats, gets you weak in the knees, and makes the person who whispered those words of praise into your ears even more sexy than they were a few minutes ago. 


We are finally in a time where more people are open about having kinks and unique sexual desires. The praise kink is one of the lesser-known kinks that is still common yet simple and powerful.


It is a softer form of emotional play in BDSM. Using praise words in BDSM sounds sweeter and gives a sexual thrill without the sting. So if you have questions like “what is a praise kink,” “what are the praise kink phrases to use with my partner,” “do I have a praise kink,” I’ve got the right answers for you. Let’s find out!


What is a Praise Kink?


A praise kink is exactly what it sounds like! It is also known as affirmation play. Someone with this kink gets sexually aroused when praised or complimented. You might ask, “don’t we all want praise?”.


Yes, you are right. Everyone loves praise, but not everyone gets off to it. It is more than the warm fuzzies you feel when someone says something good about you. For people with this kink, receiving praises elicits sexual responses, making them most happy during sex. For you, words of affirmation during sex, sensual foreplay, and routine leads to sexual arousal. It is more common in BDSM relationships, especially with the submissive.


The praise does not have to be verbal. Sometimes, knowing you are responsible for the grunts, groans, and moans from your partner is praise in itself. 

praise kink

How Praise Kink is Different from Compliments


We all love to hear about ourselves, but there’s a bit more to it if you think that praise kink is the same as general cute compliments. Here are the differences:


Praise has a significant role in your ability to reach orgasm.


Your partner moaning during partnered sex means there’s something you are doing well. Hearing your partner give comments like “that feels incredible,” “good girl,” and other praise words multiple times can make you reach orgasm.


Sexual praise is different from a casual compliment you get from a friend


Here are some examples of sexual praise:


  • You feel really amazing, babe!
  • Your moan is super sexy!
  • You taste so good; I want to eat you out forever
  • You look so hot on your knees
  • I love the way you moan
  • You make my toes curl
  • You make all my dirtiest dreams dreams come true
  • That’s amazing; please don’t stop
  • I love your hands on me


And here are some examples of casual compliments you can get from a friend or your partner:


  • You’re so beautiful
  • You are the kindest person I know
  • Your accomplishments are motivating


There’s a difference, right? Simple compliments can’t turn you on sexually, but sexual praises make you feel wanted and appreciated in bed. However, someone giving sexual compliments does not mean an automatic “Open Sesame” that will get you aroused instantly. It also depends on who the words are coming from.


Praise can be Physical.


Acts of body worship are also part of a praise kink. Having your partner treat your body like he wants to spend forever grabbing, spanking, and touching you can feel like praise. When he squeezes you tight while going down on you, it can feel like he is expressing his desire and appreciation for you through his hands.


In fact, the physical component is a massive part of this kink. Getting praises from your partner only feels good when it is sincere. And the words can sound empty unless they are backed up with a physical response and the right kind of touch.

sex pleasure whip

It is a Submissive Thing


For many people, praise is what lights up their submissive side. It is all about making yourself vulnerable and submitting yourself to your partner’s desires and judgment. The dynamic is amazing, and the praise can make you feel like you are being taken care of.


Praise helps submissives fall into the role. Since it’s your role to pleasure your dominant partner, you will definitely want recognition for a job well done. 


People into the praise kink are actually after the recognition. You love to work for it. You’re not only working to pleasure your partner or enjoy the pleasure they give you; you are also aiming for the praise you’ll get from it. It means you crave the feeling of pride that comes from being told you’re doing something incredible and knowing that you earned it.


Do you have a Praise Kink?


You are reading this and probably wondering, “Do I have a praise kink?”. It’s possible if the following applies to you:


  • You’re eager to please. You have a kink when earning praise and recognition from your partner feels amazing to you. Praises satisfy an emotional craving inside you. Being praised makes you feel wanted. And on top of it, words of affirmation are one of your love languages, and this is just the kinky version of it.
  • You enjoy sex more, and you find it easy to reach orgasm when your partner gives you a lot of positive and verbal feedback.
  • Only the complementary parts of your sex play stand out as your favorite experience whenever you think about your hottest sex scenes with your partner.
  • You get turned on for the sexual comments on your body. 
  • You love it when your partner praises you in bed.
  • Praises make you feel really hot and highly aroused.


Does this sound like you? Then you are into hearing praise words in bed!


How to Enjoy Praise Kink with Your Partner


The best way to learn what praise kink phrases your partner will love is to ask them. Constant communication, understanding each other, and listening to feedback will give you ideas of what to tell your partner. And if you are into praise kink, you can tell your partner the kind of words you’ll love to hear them say. If you don’t know where to start, here are common starting praise kink phrases you or your partner can use:


  • You’re such a good girl/boy. (You can replace this with other words like whore, slut, baby, pet, and more)
  • You’re so good at that
  • You’re doing it really well
  • You push the right buttons, babe
  • I love it when you do that (use any activity phrase here)
  • Amazing, keep touching me there. Oh my god! I love it!
  • I can’t stop thinking about how you take me hard
  • You look so sexy in that outfit
  • I just want to show you off to my friends


Remember that these are just simple ideas. You can widen your horizon with this. There’s no one way to do it. Be creative and explore every idea. 


What works in your relationship depends on the communication between you and your partner and how creative you can be with each other.


A praise kink is more than just fancy words. It’s a huge part of your sexual experience. You get so much out of it, and it keeps your relationship exciting. It’s not that extreme. So step out of your comfort zone. Say those dirty words out and re-ignite the flames of desires in your sex life!


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