Sex and Health.

Sex and Health.

Sex and sexuality are a part of most men and women’s lives. Aside from being used for reproduction, sex can, and should, be about intimacy with your partner and pleasure. Sex can add a lot of benefits to your life, and keep you at optimal health in many ways that include physical and emotional.

Sex - beneficial for your physical health

In case you actually need a reason to justify that early morning or late night fun session, remember that sex is known to be a great cardiovascular activity. Though sex isn’t enough to constitute as your entire workout for the day, it does get your blood pumping and your heart pounding (in more ways than one).  

Sex has also been shown in multiple studies to help lower high blood pressure, burn calories, increase your heart health through cardiovascular benefits, and in turn reduce your risk of strokes and heart disease. Recent studies have also shown that men who have intercourse more frequently have lower risks of developing prostate cancer. 

Sex leads to better sleep

Your body releases a lot of hormones and endorphins when you orgasm. These hormones not only assist you in fighting and lowering your cortisol levels (stress hormones) but also help you in achieving a better, more rested sleep.

Better sleep helps you maintain a stronger immune system, gives you that well rested feeling and helps with sustaining more energy during the day. Additionally, the more rest you get, the easier it is for your body to recover and turnover cells, which can help with clearing up your skin if you have acne, and repairing sore muscles. 

Sex can be beneficial for mental health too!

Sexual activity with a partner, or through masturbation, is just like exercise in the sense that it can help reduce stress and anxiety and increase happiness. It also helps you develop stronger relationships, as you release the hormone oxytocin. This can help you bond and build trust.  As mentioned earlier, sex helps you fight high cortisol levels, which reduces your stress levels. Cortisol is linked to your blood sugar and metabolism as well, so having lower levels can lead to weight loss, which may help you achieve more self confidence if weight is a concern.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

Masturbation offers many of the same benefits as sex, but also has its some of it’s own unique advantages.

Masturbation can help you explore and learn your own body, making partnered sex more fulfilling since you’re able to guide them to please you better. It also helps you orgasm more frequently. The ability to orgasm more often is linked to a healthier mental mindset!

Overall, sex is an impactful part of your life and well being. In relationships, orgasms tend to play a significant part in bonding and trusting each other. The benefits, both physically and emotionally that sex can bring, are very helpful. If you need more ways to explore sex and masturbation, adding sex toys in to your life can be extemely beneficial as well! Check out V For Vibes for all your needs!