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Is It Safe to Use a Vibrator During Pregnancy?

Updated: Jul 30

When you’re pregnant, your hormones keep fluctuating throughout the day, and when there is a spike in the levels some of you might get super horny. And when it gets beyond a point when you feel too frisky, you feel the urge to get off to the most pleasurable organ as soon as you possibly can. But how can you possibly do that? One tried, tested and a high-on-pleasure way to do that is to use a sex toy, possibly a dildo or a vibrator. But again many times you might think if it is actually safe to use one.

Your concerns make perfect sense as during pregnancy you would not like to take any chances with anything. And obviously, because you are nurturing a new life within your body and you want to stay extra cautious about its safety. You want to be extra careful with your body and you want to ensure that the budding life is not threatened or harmed in any way. Many of you get so concerned that you even feel scared to touch yourself. But are all your concerns valid? We will find out in a while.

To begin with, you should understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking about your own sexual pleasure. It is perfectly normal to feel horny when you are pregnant, just like it is perfectly normal to feel horny when you are not pregnant. And just like it is important to listen to your body and fulfil its needs and desires in normal times, it is equally important to listen and fulfil everything it wants when you are pregnant. In fact, during pregnancy, you need to take extra care in listening to your body’s demands. Listen to your body’s demands of feeling good.

And how do you do that? Do it by lending it the orgasm it needs every time it needs one. But in doing can vibrators be used at all? How safe are they? Let’s talk about a few things that you should be aware of when using a vibrator during your pregnancy.

1. It's as safe as sex during pregnancy

Generally, all sexologists suggest that all sexual activities such as foreplay leading to gentle orgasms are absolutely safe and healthy and are doable throughout the pregnancy period. The resultant action of a vibrator of a dildo going in and out your vagina is no different than a penis doing the act and as such it is as safe as having “gentle” sex during pregnancy. Gentle sex here obviously means to skip those rough and intense moments lest you may harm the little one inside.

2. It is, in fact, better when you have the bump

Using a vibrator means you are reaching more orgasms more often. And reaching more orgasms would mean the oxytocin or the “love hormones” released during the orgasms trigger all the feelings of emotional bonding, happy thoughts, and blissful maternal instincts. These feelings are extremely essential in keeping you feel fulfilled and satisfied that paves way for improvement in the relationship with your partner and overall well being. If you are a single partner these “love hormones” are still going to keep you feeling happy and good.

3. Orgasms lead to pleasure and not labor

There are a common misconception and fear among many women that the contractions of the uterus walls in orgasm can lead to labor pain. But orgasmic contractions are only benign and will not result in any labor pain as per doctors. So it is perfectly safe to use your favourite vibrator to pleasure yourself up whenever you need to. If however, your contractions refuse to go hours after you used your vibrator, you might want to go to a doctor at the earliest.

So while vibrators are safe for most women, there are certain conditions where you might have to be careful with using dildos and vibrators. In the next few points, we will discuss certain scenarios.

4. Use with caution in case of placental abnormalities

There are certain conditions wherein the placenta may detach itself from the uterus walls and comes down to cover the mother’s cervix. This condition is known as placenta pervix and in such a case, doctors recommend not insert even a finger inside your vagina, let alone a vibrator. As such, you need to be extra careful not to insert an object if you are suffering from this condition as this may lead to bleeding, abruption or chances of miscarriage.

There is another condition called Vasa Previa where the placental blood vessels get trapped between the opening to the birth canal and the foetus. In these conditions, the use of a vibrator or any external object can dislodge and remove the placenta from the walls and cause damage to the blood vessels which can cause a life-threatening situation for the baby and the mother.

In such cases, therefore, it is better to avoid penetrations of any form and in such cases, probably a non-penetrative orgasm should be fine.

5. Avoid if you have conditions of preterm labor

So if you are one of those who had given birth to multiples earlier or have had a premature birth or have been suffering from cervical and uterine abnormalities, vibrators or any other vibrators are to be avoided once and for all. Even a clitoral vibrator is strictly prohibited in such cases. In fact, if you have any such conditions you have to stay away from orgasms all together. That’s because orgasms can release some chemicals such as prostaglandins, which causes the uterine muscles to contract leading to further complications. So it's better to be safe than be sorry.

6. Stay away from vibrators in case of cervical incompetence issues

Some other conditions such as cervical incompetence and dilation of the cervix can cause your cervix to open slightly. And when you use a vibrator, you could rupture the membranes and cause bacteria to be introduced in the cervix that could lead to a serious infection of the cervix. This infection can lead to premature delivery and even cause serious complications and can lead to infection passing on to the baby as well. So if you are facing any such issues, you might want to do away with your temptations of using a vibrator. Better to avoid what can be avoided.

In the above few points, we covered some cases where vibrators, dildos and sex toys need to be avoided. Let’s talk about a few other considerations while using these toys.

7. Ensure you use clean vibrators

Even if you are devoid of any risks that we discussed you better avoid creating one that never existed. If you use a vibrator that is dirty, you rather create some pretty serious risks for yourself. Using dirty vibrators can cause bacteria to grow that may lead to preterm labor.

Moreover, since pregnant women are more prone to UTIs, it is better to wash your toys well before you decide to play with them. Also, it is recommended to pee immediately after you use a vibrator just as you do when you have just had some crazy sex.

8. It is normal if you bleed a little

So when you are pregnant and you use a dildo or a vibrator, you may observe some bleeding. But that is normal. As per doctors, during pregnancy, there is increased blood flow to the cervix. The cervix during pregnancy also gets quite sensitive and a little contact with anything may lead to some amount of discharge and bleeding. So don’t be scared even if you see blood oozing out. Some pleasure mixed with a little bit of pain is welcome. Isn’t it?

However, if the bleeding does not stop and feels like a sudden onset of periods you might want to consult your doctor.

9. Use only high quality premium sex toys

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Final Answer

So with all things said and done, is it safe to use a vibrator during pregnancy? The simple answer is Yes, provided you are free from any complications or conditions. Yes, you do deserve all the pleasure and happiness but you also deserve to be a healthy mother to a healthy baby.