Looking for a New Fave Babe? Here are the Youngest and Hottest Pornstars in the Industry.

Jun 30, 2022

Porn has been with us for decades. We all have at least one favorite porn star who kept us awake at night. If you are looking for a new babe in the porn industry, you’ve come to the right place. The porn industry tends to surprise us with new, sexy girls who love to fuck. You know by now that pornstars are born to satisfy your wildest dreams and we all love watching them in action. So we have prepared a short list of babes you should check out. And if you don’t want a miss a thing when it comes to rookie new pornstars check the complete list with links to their profiles and best work at Lustfel

Nicolette Shea

Nicolette Shea is one of the best MILF pornstars with a perfect, curvy body. This bumpy babe has been in the industry for a while, but she is getting her fame just now so she is pretty refreshing on the scenes. Nicolette is the super hot chick who can suck your dick endlessly and make you forget your name. She will make all of your dreams come true and there is no other girl looking like her in the industry. Nicolette’s just the best!

Holly Hendrix

Holly Hendrix is a 25-year-old, hot pornstar who is pretty tiny. She is 1.47m and she won the Best New Starlet in 2017 from AVN. And that’s not all, she even won the award “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” where she played her role and fucked John Strong. Getting stuffed by two massive dicks is not something all-new pornstars can do. While for this one, we can say she can do it pretty well. She’s got the talent and the body.

Kali Roses

Kali Roses is one of the newest pornstars who has warmed her feet in many porn studios. She is recognizable by her tattoos and her great body. She is fresh as pussy can get. She is the perfect blonde slut who will drive you crazy. And, let’s not forget that she also won the AVN award.


Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss is a fresh new whore who will keep you up all night. She’s had multiple lesbian scenes, rode multiple black dicks, and gave delicious sucking. Well, what can we say, she is the real bomb and one of the most aspiring in the industry.

Lana Rhoades

We have Lana Rhoades on the list because who could resist her? The way she moves drives us insane. Even though there is a lot she can learn about, Lana delivers a good fuck on screens and she gagged on many dicks. While she does not feel comfortable doing nasty things in front of the cameras, she rocks her performances and her stamp tattoo on the butt.

Brandy Bae

Brandy Bae is a 26-year-old, fresh babe. Her figure might not be as good, but her moves, while she’s getting penetrated by a large dick, are flawless. Her big round boobs can drive you nuts. We have Brandy on the list because not everyone wants young teens with fresh pussies and she is a decent-looking babe.

Adria Rae

Adria Rae is fucking hot. She has a nice petite body, perfect, round tits, and the innocence of a beautiful face. She is shy in front of the camera, but once she takes off her clothes, she is the real ticking bomb. Adria is one of the hottest and newest babes in the porn industry who has a lot of aspirations for a great career.


Gia Paige

Gia Paige has the perfect body and a beautiful face. Even though some people don’t like her rainbow unicorn/skeleton tattoo, we can say it suits her well. Gia is one of the best in the industry and she knows how to do her moves while riding a dick.

Honey Gold

Honey Gold first appeared in 2019 shooting with Brazzers. She is a talented girl who knows how to suck a dick. And when people would hire based on “oral” capabilities, she would be number one. Who wouldn’t hire a hot assistant with great cock-sucking skills? Well, we know we would. She is a newbie and just got approval from massive porn studios. And we hope her future turns out to be one of the brightest.

Bailey Brooke

Bailey Brooke is the superstar of outdoor fucking. She likes taking the sex scenes to the next level. Who said that pornstars are pretty shy? If you look at Bailey, you’ll see she can’t wait to get on a dick, riding it until she gets tired. She gets fucked in the bushes, near the dumpster, sucks cocks in all places, and flashes tits on the streets. As she gets more and more popular, she gets better. And we love seeing Bailey in new and hot scenes outdoors.


To Conclude: 

These days you can easily access content from some of the hottest models in the world. You can also enjoy live sex online with a babe you choose. So don’t be shy, pick your the girls from your wildest dreams and spend some money on quality sexy time!



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