The Secret Art of Pompoir: Your Vagina’s Impressive 27+ Skills.

Apr 5, 2023

(Guest post by Goh!ddess)


Did you know that you can not only squeeze, but milk, whip, lock, pulse, tilt, suck, and even twist with your vagina? 


Not only that, but did you know that training these muscles is actually a science-backed way to naturally boost your libido and orgasms?


This ancient practice is called Pompoir, and as you’ll find out in this article, it is much more than a French-sounding cocktail.


Pelvic floor training is not a new concept. Kegel exercises (basic contractions of the muscles surrounding the vagina) are prescribed to women postpartum, as well as anyone suffering from urinary incontinence and organ prolapse.


However, these exercises are also linked to enhanced pleasure and libido. When you strengthen your pelvic floor, you naturally feel tighter, and penetration feels a lot more intense. 


What’s more, the stronger these muscles are, the stronger your involuntary orgasm contractions get (you know the ones – when you’re at the peak of climax, arching your back and biting your tongue and you can feel your vagina pulsing with pleasure), and therefore, the stronger your orgasms become.


So how does Pompoir fit into all of this?


Well, as it turns out, these Kegel contractions are just the tip of the iceberg of what your vagina can do.

Pompoir Guide. Pompoir: Your Vagina’s Impressive 27+ Skills | VV

(You read that right – you can even wring out your partner using only your vaginal muscles!)


Who can do Pompoir?

So, can anyone with a vagina perform these moves? Technically – yes!


It doesn’t matter whether you’re 23 or 76, or whether you’ve had kids or not. As long as your pelvic floor muscles are up to the task, you can start training them.

To know whether you’re eligible for this type of workout, the best thing you can do is speak to your doctor.

Some women have what is called a hypertonic pelvic floor – this means that the muscles down there are already too tense, and training them even further can be quite harmful. 


A urogynecologist will be the best professional to assess the state of your pelvic floor muscles and let you know if Pompoir training is appropriate for you.

The Different Pompoir Exercises


Here are just some of the Pompoir feats students master as they gain better control of their muscles:


Pompoir Guide. Pompoir: Your Vagina’s Impressive 27+ Skills | V For Vibes Sex Toys - Milking Sex Technique
    • Milking: 

    Milking is kind of like the intersection between basic Kegel moves and Pompoir. Once students of pelvic floor training are able to perform varying types of contractions (fast, slow, eccentric, isometric holds), they’ll progress to this move.

    The technique involves contracting the vagina through its full range of motion, holding at the top, and then releasing slowly, feeling through every vertical level of the vaginal canal.

    In the bedroom: Milking is a relatively easy-to-learn, but extremely pleasurable technique. Performed best during the Woman on Top position, this technique allows you to “milk” your partner as if you were performing a handjob using only your vagina. 

    Pompoir Guide. Pompoir: Your Vagina’s Impressive 27+ Skills | V For Vibes Sex Toys - Whipping Sex Technique
    • Whipping: 

    Whipping is an intermediate squeezing motion, involving not only the vertical levels of the vaginal canal, but its horizontal walls. Once students are familiar with horizontal movements, this technique allows them to create a wave-like motion of pulsing the right and left sides of the vagina subsequently throughout each vertical level of the canal.

    In the bedroom: Whipping is a friction exercise, which means it’s great for intense sex sessions when things are getting heated. Best performed during the Spooning Position or The Lotus, this move allows you to feel your partner fully inside of you and create an intense connection that bring you both to the edge.

    Locking:<br />
    • Locking: 

    Locking is an advanced squeezing motion that trains not only control of the lateral walls of the vaginal canal, but also the anterior and posterior halves. This movement acts as an intense grip, as if you were choking a penis (or vibrator) through its full length.

    In the bedroom: If you’re a fan of edging, you’re gonna love Locking. This move is used a lot by students who enjoy teasing their partners in the bedroom. The more control and strength you gain, the more you’ll be able to manipulate your partner with your muscles and delay his orgasm with excruciating pleasure. 

    • Controlling: 

    Once you’re able to lock, you’ll start refining your mastery of the rubbing and rocking motions (which allow you to direct the penis or vibrator to different sides by isolating your muscles). This is where things get really granular, because you’re going to learn how to independently move specific regions of your vaginal canal, and squeezing through them to push and pull to different sides.

    Controlling is the culmination of all of this directional training: you’ll be able to direct an object wherever you choose using these tiny muscles, as if you were controlling a joystick with your hand.

    In the bedroom: Controlling is especially pleasurable for you, because this is where you get to direct your partner towards the most pleasurable sides of your now very sensitive muscles. You can press against him to rub your G-spot the way you want, or pulse the tip so it creates friction with your cervix.

    How To Start Training Pompoir

    Goh!ddess has developed the world’s first, step-by-step online program on Pompoir. 

    Pompoir Guide. Pompoir: Your Vagina’s Impressive 27+ Skills | VV

    Through beautiful animations and designs, The Oh!lympus Program is the self-guided course that teaches you how to master every single Pompoir technique. Learn in a fun, visual way and join the select group of women mastering these skills with you.


    V for Vibes has partnered with Goh!ddess to bring you an exclusive $100 discount on the course.


    Click here to join the program.



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