Penis Pumps – What are they, and why do we use them?

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Penis pumps are one of the least talked about, but handiest tools that a penis owner who is handling the effects on their body from ED (erectile dysfunction).

Sometimes, penis pumps are known as vacuum pumps, dick pumps or vacuum erection pumps. These pumps essentially have 3 components that help them do the job they are designed to do.

  • A tube that the penis owner inserts their penis into
  • A ring or seal that fits the base of the penis and seals the vacuum portion
  • A pump that is typically hand powered, that pumps air out of the tub, causing blood flow to the penis and creating an erection.

Penis pumps are phenomenal for those with moderate ED (erectile dysfunction). If you have mild or severe ED, a penis pump is most likely not the right option for you. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain or get an erection hard enough to have sex, which is why penis pumps are a helpful tool. If the penis owner handling ED has sexual desire, but cannot maintain an erection, a penis pump is useful to get the blood flow going and help maintain the erection.

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Do penis pumps work?

For most, penis pumps can help produce erections that last up to 30 minutes. Bear in mind that every body is different, so the results and lasting effects can vary from person to person. Penis pumps are very simple to use, and have very minimal side effects, as long as you follow the instructions. They are also pretty straightforward, and do not require anything aside from owning the pump and using it. 

In comparison to other treatments for ED, penis pumps are less expensive since you are able to buy them one time and then use them again and again. They also help after procedures such as prostate surgery.

How do you effectively use the pump?

It may seem a little awkward or weird at first but using a penis pump is very easy to master once you get the hang of it. The steps are super easy. To break it down, the first step in using a penis pump is to insert the penis into the tube, when it’s soft, and before any sexual activity. The penis pump user can use lubricant if needed to avoid any irritation if necessary. Then, you will pump it slowly to remove any air (or water, if the pump uses water). This will help enlarge and engorge the blood vessels as the change in pressure in the tube happens. This stretches your penis. This entire process is usually pretty quick – working within a few minutes to actually achieve the desired goal. Once the penis has hardened and feels ready, the penis owner is ready to get it on and have fun with their partner!

Many penis pumps also come with a ring that you can wear around the base of the penis. This ring constricts the blood vessels, basically like a cock ring. It prevents blood from leaving your penis, and helps you maintain an erection long enough to enjoy your sexy time and get it on. Try to avoid wearing this ring / cock ring for more than 30 minutes at a time, as constricting blood flow can definitely be harmful to your penis in the long term. 

Penis pumps have such minimal risks with correct use, that you can use them very frequently. They took off in popularity after they were featured in the movie Magic Mike, with the actor Channing Tatum showing the use of one before going on stage as a stripper. While most penis owners using penis pumps are not necessarily strippers, penis pumps have a variety of uses, and the use for erectile dysfunction is definitely a huge one. Some may use them several times a week, some may only use them on occasion, such as once or twice a month. Remember not to use a penis pump for more than 15 minutes during a 24-hour period, as you want to avoid any potential risks or damage to the blood vessels in the penis. Always be sure to read and follow instructions to avoid any injuries. No matter how mild, no one wants to injure their sensitive area down there! 

Excess use of penis pumps can lead to mild bleeding subcutaneously, which can result in small red spots called petechiae on the penis. Additionally, excess usage of a penis pump can lead to bruising in multiple areas. It is important not to use too much pressure and go too fast at first when using a penis pump. 

With penis pumps, you do have to have some kind of planning to use them. They are not spontaneous, immediate use items. They can be a little awkward or uncomfortable to use at first, since the person using it will have to step away for a few minutes to pump their penis. However, once you are able to overcome this small hurdle, using the penis pump will only lead to positive experiences. The first few times you use it, you may experience varied levels of firmness along the length or shaft of the penis. This is totally normal at first. With a little practice, it’s nothing to worry about, as you can easily overcome this. 

If you have moderate erectile dysfunction, penis pumps are recommended fairly often. However, if you are taking any kind of blood thinners, NSAIDs, and etc, you could have a higher risk of complications. Additionally, blood disorders can create difficulty using penis pumps. It is important to talk to your doctor openly about medications that you take, and any health conditions that you have or are concerned about, to make sure that it is safe and less risky for you. No hard on is worth health issues and risks!

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How do I know which penis pump is right for me?

When thinking about getting a penis pump, make sure again to speak to your doctor. A urologist can recommend a good pump that is FDA approved and specifically for ED. You can also buy an over-the-counter penis pump, but make sure that it is high quality, and specifically designed to create erections.

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