Penetrative sex – Beyond the classic definition.

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When you think of penetrative sex, do you define it by penis in vagina sexual intercourse? If so, you have the definition pretty spot on. However, penetrative sex does not always mean that! Many things can penetrate the vagina or anus, which we would also classify as penetrative sex. If it is penetrating the vagina, this would be vaginal sex or sexual intercourse. Penetrating the anus would make it anal sex or anal intercourse. Some also call sexual intercourse “coitus”. This word is not as popular, as it denotes a more scientific and formal feeling.

Penetrative Sex With Dildos.

Penetrative sex can happen with more than a penis! Consider a dildo, for example. This type of sexual penetration of the vagina is performed to create sexual satisfaction. Dildos can be colorful, phallically shaped, look like interesting toys, or even made of glass or stainless steel. Dildos are most often used for foreplay – however some women prefer them over a man’s penis. If you are a bisexual woman, you may use dildos more often to feel pleasure in other ways than the typical female pleasure system. Gay men may use dildos for anal sex (as may heterosexual, gay, or bisexual women!), but straight men may also partake in using dildos to penetrate their anus, in a sexual activity often referred to as pegging.

Sexual Penetration With Vibrators.

Used in many of the same ways as dildos, vibrators add that extra spice with their pleasurable, rumbly vibrations and also allow for multiple stimulation opportunities. There are so many kinds, from rabbit vibrators which stimulate the clitoris and G-Spot, to G-Spot specific vibrators. There are also dual stimulation and sexual penetration vibrators that allow for anal and vaginal play. Men may also partake in vibrator use, just as they do dildos.


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Often misconstrued as just foreplay, let’s not forget that often fingers penetrate the vagina to stimulate! Some women prefer the feeling of fingers to a penis, whether it’s due to their partner’s penis size, or they are in a relationship with another woman. Experts disagree on whether vaginal fingering is in fact penetrative sex, but in our opinion it most certainly counts. Women who have a mild form of vaginismus may benefit from fingering before attempting penile sex, as this is a smaller object. 

Penile Sexual Penetration.

Then we have good old penis in vagina or penis in anus sex. This is the tried and true, classic definition of penetrative sex. When the penis penetrates either your vagina or anus, you are having penetrative sex. Regardless of position – doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, etc; all of this classifies as penetrative sex. 

Throughout the years, psychologists have realized that sexual guilt is very common after penetrative sex- especially for first timers. Remember that this is a natural thing to do if you are sexually aroused and interested in someone, and to take this step on your own time. There is no pressure to engage in or have sexual intercourse of any kind. 

While sexual penetration is well known to be very pleasurable, however many studies have shown that penetration alone is not always enough to get your partner off. Whether you engage in penetrative sex or are considering engaging in it, do not neglect foreplay to make sure your body is ready and willing to have that oh so elusive, hair tingling, toe-curling phenomenon of an orgasm!


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