Common Fetishes: The Panty Fetish.

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Have you ever found yourself dividing fetishes into ‘acceptable’ and ‘creepy’? If you have, the panty fetish is what most likely made it to the second category, as it’s surrounded by a lot of stigma from both men and women. But is it really something to be ashamed of? Today’s guide will help you understand more about this fetish and answer any questions you might have. 

What Is a Panty Fetish?

A panty fetish involves seeing underwear as erotic. It’s a fetish typically practiced by men who either enjoy smelling women’s panties, wearing them, or watching someone else wear them. 

Why Do People Have Panty Fetishes?

Just like in the case of other fetishes, it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact cause, but it might have something to do with early childhood experiences. 

A lot of men’s first sexual experience might involve witnessing their sisters’ underwear scattered on the floor or anything else that isn’t necessarily sexual but still enough to stimulate their imagination. Young boys can fantasize about pretty much anything, and their mind is like a sponge that absorbs a lot of information. If they happen to be turned on by smelling underwear, they’re likely to repeat the behavior and reinforce the idea that panties trigger arousal. If your partner has a panty fetish, ask them about his first sexual experience – it all likely started in his childhood. Similarly, if you’re the one with this fetish, you can try to reflect on your younger years and see if something predisposed you to find panties sexy. 

As for crossdressing, it might simply stem from a desire to experience what it’s like to be the opposite gender and go against societal expectations. It might also have something to do with how a man was raised. For example, if a man grew up in a predominantly female environment, he might have wanted to mirror his family’s behavior, which turned into a fetish. 

If you’re trying to understand why your partner enjoys a panty fetish, it’s always best to have an honest conversation first. And if you’re still confused about the difference between a kink and a fetish, check out the linked article for more info. 

panty fetish

 Is a Panty Fetish Normal?

A panty fetish is nothing to be concerned about as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. However, It might lead to many troublesome activities such as stealing people’s underwear or recording upskirt videos if it’s not under control. Most fetishists simply buy used underwear online, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if someone improperly acts on their fantasies, stay away. 

Why Do People Find Underwear Erotic?

1. It’s one way to be closer to the object of your desire 

Stereotypically, panty fetish is something practiced by older men who might not have a chance to date anyone in real life, and there’s some truth to it. A lot of men enjoy collecting female underwear because it makes them feel closer to women in general.  

 2. The smell is a turn-on

Panty sniffing fetish is the most popular type of all. If a man has a desire to smell a woman’s vagina but can’t do it in person, sniffing used panties can be a great substitute to fulfill this fantasy. Additionally, he might get off the idea that a woman is flattered by having someone else fantasize about her. Even better if the panties were used while a woman was having an orgasm – ask any man, and he’ll tell you that a vagina smells like desire. Dirty panty fetish is a big thing, too; while women tend to find their discharge disgusting, there’s a lot of men who would pay for a chance to smell it. It might also have something to do with pheromones that are released to attract the opposite gender and are more powerful when secreted from vaginas than any other body parts. Some studies indicate that female pheromones can boost men’s self-esteem and testosterone production. So, the scent might essentially act as an aphrodisiac

 3. It’s a form of stimulation

Men tend to experience the most arousal from visualization, and worn panties can serve as strong stimulators. It can be much more sexually rewarding to masturbate by engaging a sense of smell and sight than simply imaging a scenario to get off. 

 4. Men simply tend to sexualize every typically feminine garment

It doesn’t have to be panties specifically. Men love everything that women wear: stockings, heels, bras. So owning an object can add to their arousal and make it easier to fantasize. 

 5. It’s different from what they wear

Women’s underwear is a lot prettier than men’s, period. If your partner enjoys wearing your panties, the explanation could be as simple as that. At least the money you spent on that expensive and extremely uncomfortable pair of thongs won’t go to waste. 

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How To Fulfil Your Panty Fetish?

So you’re a woman, and you have a panty fetish… It’s not a big deal. If anything, you should consider yourself special as you’re in the minority. Unfortunately, using your own underwear won’t be that satisfying, so here are the ways you can enjoy this fetish:

 1. Consider what turns you on the most

If you want to fulfill your fantasy, you have to know what it’s about first. Is it a panty-sniffing fetish, dirty panty fetish, or wearing someone’s underwear? Find out and go from there.

 2. Watch porn that features panties

Since the fetish is extremely popular, it’s easy to find ethical porn videos that will satisfy your fantasy. Watching videos featuring all types of this fetish can also help you decide what the main source of your arousal is.

 3. Buy used underwear online 

If you can afford it and your mind is set on fulfilling your desire, you don’t have to look far. There are plenty of websites where you can buy all types of used underwear from. You can also approach an adult content creator on any form of social media and ask them if it’s the type of service they offer.

 4. Connect with like-minded people

Join a forum for fetishists and find people who share your fetish. If they’re women, you might even end up exchanging both your fantasies and underwear. 

How To Monetize Your Panty Fetish?

Hopefully, you’ve now realized that panty fetish is extremely common and normal. It might even make you wonder; what if there was a way to monetize it? Luckily, in the era of OnlyFans and increasing sexual open-mindedness, you don’t have to look far for an opportunity to earn some extra bucks. 

1. Use Reddit 

Did you know that Reddit is a platform frequently used by sex workers? If you aren’t put off by the label (as you shouldn’t be), you can set up an anonymous account and start promoting your services. It won’t be easy, but it can turn pretty rewarding.

 2. Good old Tinder

Nobody quite knows what the main purpose of Tinder was when it first launched, but everyone uses it for hookups. So, you could potentially take advantage of sexually frustrated men and try your luck there. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble across someone who’s really into the panty fetish.

 3. Special websites

These might cost you to join, and you might have to compete with sellers who offer extra services, but you might end up gaining a lot of customers. In a sex-saturated society, there’s a market for everything. 

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