The Best Outdoor Sex Positions.

Nov 2, 2021

We hit on a few of the best places to have sex outside in our most recent article, and some of those locations included:

  • Sex on a Hike
  • Sex while Camping
  • Balcony Sex
  • Sex ON a Car

So now that you have your eyes on the next place you plan to get down and dirty in the great outdoors, we only felt it necessary also to highlight some of the best outdoor sex positions for each of these locations. Stick around for a few alluring and exciting ideas and to make your adventure even more fulfilling with this all-inclusive list of sex positions outside. 

Sex On a Hike

Hiking sex means that the comforts of a bed are nowhere near. With this, you’ll have to get a little creative, and here are some of the best outdoor sex positions to get the job done with a climatic result. 

1. The Tree Hugger

Have the female partner wrap their hands around a tree for support as they slightly bend at the knees in the form of standing doggy style. The other partner will then take position behind them. In this position, you can pull your pants down to just the knees for quick redressing in case another hiker passes by. 

The other partner can then begin to engage in either standing oral sex, analingus, or of course, a lustful pounding from behind. The tree not only acts as an excellent place for support, but you can enjoy the pleasures of sex as you feel your connection to nature amplify, absorbing the life energy of the tree directly into your sensual behaviors. 

2. The Tree Stand

Once again, we will utilize the strength and vigor of a tree as support during one of our favorite outdoor sex positions. Have the female partner place her back against the strong trunk of a tree, facing towards you. 

The other partner will then bring themselves closer. 

Using the tree as support for the other partner’s weight, they will then pick you up in their arms, hands under the knees. In this standing position, the female will feel weightless and free, and the other partner can engage in standing missionary until the leaves shake off the limbs!

outdoor sex positions

3. Downward Dog

We love yoga sex positions, and considering the natural relation of yoga and the great outdoors, we had to include this one as one of the outdoor sex ideas. 

Find a nice patch of grass or a place slightly off the trail away from wandering eyes. Take a few deep breaths and really feel the fresh air fill within your lungs. Once relaxed, the female partner may then edge herself over into the downward dog position, hands placed on the ground, back arched high in an upside-down “V”, and feet planted firmly behind. 

This position will take doggy style to the next level, as it opens up the vaginal canal to never before known angles of penetration, and you’ll also get a nice stretch out of it to help you get through the next leg of the hike! 

Sex While Camping

Camping sex means that you will actually have some of the comforts of home with you, such as bedding, soft pillows, and a nice place to lay. With this, you can engage in outdoor sex positions that allow you to lay down on the ground instead of remaining standing, which opens up doors to seemingly endless possibilities. 

outdoor sex positions

1. The CAT Sex Position

The coital alignment technique is the better form of missionary, aimed more at pleasuring than females for intense gratification. 

Begin with the female partner lying on her back, with her legs spread to a nice comfortability, just as you would in standard missionary. 

Next, lay a pillow below her back so that she is arched slightly upwards, helping the penis to thus angle downwards. 

The other partner will mount on top of them, placing their hands on the ground next to their partner’s shoulders. Instead of lying down onto them, however, they will arch their shoulders and back high into the air, again like a yoga position, and this will allow them to rub on the exterior of the clitoris in conjunction with penetration

2. Star Gazing

For this outdoor sex position, have the female partner lay on her back and extend only her head outside of the tent.

The other partner will then mount on top of her to begin engaging in classic missionary sex. The only difference? Your partner will get an incredible view of the stars as they are pleasured into realms of sincere, natural delight as they gaze into the night sky. Flip around to the backside to change things up, as well!

3. The Picnic Table Face-Off

Have a picnic table nearby? This one is a little riskier, but boy is it worth it. 

The penetrating partner will seat themselves on the seat of the table, facing towards the other. The female partner will then walk over their seated partner’s legs, sitting on top of them to rest onto the phallus. This allows for the perfect sensation of riding, as both partners can move their bodies back and forth, topped with that lustful eye contact and deep embraces into the breast that we all absolutely love. 

Balcony Sex

Fresh air and your neighbors tanning on the pool deck below? Risky, but sometimes, the risk is all too worth the reward!

1. Rail Grab

For this position, the female partner will grab onto the rails of the balcony with her hands and will slightly bend at the knees. 

The other partner can then mount them from behind and get to pounding in standing doggy style that is supported by the balcony as sunshine and fresh air caress your naked skin. 

2. The Dancer

Both partners will begin in a standing position. The female partner will walk towards the other and reach their arms around their back for support. 

When supported, she will then lift one leg up, wrapping it around their partner’s hips as if imitating a pirouette so that they can then enter the vulva from below in this standing sex position. Dance together as goosebumps of sensation riddle your skin in one of the best outdoor sex positions to engage in on a balcony. 

3. The Chair Wheelbarrow

Considering you most likely have a chair on the balcony, the penetrating partner will begin by taking a seat on this chair. 

The female partner will get on her knees, holding herself up with her palms, then lifting her legs upwards so that the other can hold them firm in their arms. Once situated, legs gripped tightly, she can move her body towards the seated partner until the entry is met in this unique form of the wheelbarrow sex position. 

chair wheelbarrow sex position

On a Car

For outdoor sex positions, you have to be outdoors, right? Of course you do, and for these positions, we are not talking about IN a car; we are talking about just outside of it. So go ahead, drive around, find a nice and discreet place, and go ahead and give them a shot for a new take on outside pleasure. And if you want car sex positions for in a car, we have that covered, as well. 

1. The Arrest

Just as police would push a criminal up against the car during arrest, this position is all the same. The female partner will face the car and push her breast up against it, hands behind her back. 

The penetrating partner will grab onto the wrist from behind, bend their knees until they can reach entry into the vaginal canals, and use their knees to gently thrust themselves up and down in this invigorating standing sex position. 

2. In Between Doors

When outdoor sex positions need but a touch of privacy, this one might help. With both doors open, enter between the driver and backseat so that you are slightly protected from eyesight. 

The female partner will then enter part of her body into the open doors, using the backseat as support as she stands, then bending her knees. 

Once in this position, you can engage in intense standing doggy style while still enjoying a touch of sunshine on the back for erotic pleasure. 

3. On the Hood

The female partner will position herself on the hood of the car, and be careful; it might be a little hot! Both literally and figuratively, of course. But seriously, the warm car hood will feel extraordinarily lovely and relaxing after your drive. 

When she is laying on the hood, considering the car’s height is ideal, the penetrating partner can then move forward, grabbing and spreading her legs to engage in this raw form of spread-eagle missionary that both parties are sure to enjoy. 

To increase the pleasure on the female side, make sure to bring Minerva, the vibrating necklace, with you to place the lovely vibration on their clitoris for the epitome of sensual delight while outside. 

vibrating necklace


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