Solo Salvation: Oral Sex Toys for Women are the Official Boyfriend Replacement.

Sep 12, 2021

If you haven’t done so yet, you need to stock up on oral sex toys for women, and you need to do it now. This new class of sex toys is the best innovation in the bedroom since the rabbit vibrator, and the market for them is absolutely exploding as more women learn how great they feel. If I had to recommend a single item to any of my friends, this would be it, even if they’ve never had an orgasm before. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of a self oral sex toy. 

They feel amazing. 

Amazing isn’t even a strong enough word for the pleasure these oral sex toys for women can provide. Many women say they have truly never had pleasure quite like an oral sex toy until they’ve used one- it’s hard to even compare to conventional toys. Think back to the last time you had quality oral sex. Remember that feeling when they find the right spot? Remember that feeling when they keep going on that right spot? That’s what a self oral sex toy can do for you. It’s that “right spot” feeling on repeat, with the intensity and time you need to feel good without your partner’s tongue stamina in the way. They also provide the right pressure for pleasure, with many having varying speeds and intensity levels.

 If you’ve struggled with oral sex or with orgasming in general before, these toys could just be the fix. Oral sex toys use suction and air pulsing that reach more of your clitoral network. Many women who have struggled to reach orgasm, can do so with these toys because they are simply reaching more of the pleasure-focused nerve endings through their new technology. And if you’re nervous about insertion for whatever reason, they provide a great way to get the pleasure you deserve without the elements that may make you uncomfortable. Not every woman’s body is shaped to enjoy large insertables, so having a knee-weakening option available without the need to put anything inside you can be a huge benefit. 

Who knew we would be able to take oral sex into our own hands? Well, now you can, and it is truly a sensational conception. 

oral sex toys for women

They don’t make a mess. 

It may not be everyone’s priority for sex, but these oral sex toys for women are some of the lowest mess and easiest tools to use. Because they rely primarily on activating the clitoris, many of these self oral sex toys don’t require the potential mess of insertion. While they feel better with lubrication, some women can enjoy them without. Less friction means that any self-lubrication your body provides does it’s job without necessarily needing any additional product. While it’s always important to follow your body’s comfort signals, having little to clean up can sometimes make a good orgasm feel more in your reach. These toys also are a breeze to clean up. They’re frequently small and have single small orifices to tidy up when you’re ready. 

Need some tips on how to clean sex toys? We got you covered on that as well! 

You don’t even have to move. 

Oral sex toys for women have made self-pleasure as easy as an initial placement. Once you use it’s air pulsing opening over the part of your clit that feels best, you don’t have to move. The consistent air pulsing will continue to feel good, nearly hands-free. There’s no need to wiggle or insert anything; the toy truly does it all. 

Looking for a toy with a long handle can make this even easier for you to use. And unlike vibrators, the type of pleasure they provide is slower to give you that uncomfortable “buzzed out” feeling that a vibrator does when it stays in one spot. The perk of being able to stay still? Your hands are free to enjoy the rest of your body. It’s a great time to notice how your breasts feel or enjoy a nice nipple pinch as your self oral sex toy takes care of all the heavy lifting. Take this time to explore your various erogenous zones and learn what it means to cater to these nerve-sensitive areas across your skin. 

If you’re playing with a partner, you are free to enjoy their body as well, and still have incredible pleasure right where you need it for equality-based sexual sensation.  

They give you time to feel good. 

Oral pleasure is known for being an amazing experience, but it isn’t known for being quick. Pleasing a woman with cunnilingus can take time and patience. And despite our loved ones trying their hardest, sometimes our bodies have limitations. Tongue fatigue is a real issue when you’re in pursuit of an oral sex orgasm. And even if your partner has the stamina to stay between your legs for long periods of time, odds are you may start to feel the pressure of the clock. Many women get nervous that their orgasms take too long, and sadder yet, this is where many end up faking their pleasure. An oral sex toy for women can allow you to get all the benefits of great oral sex but on a time frame that makes you comfortable. It’s liberating to take the time you need to find pleasure fully, and there are great tools to let you do it. 

Besides, most oral sex toys are rechargeable, lasting longer than any of your partners on a single charge, and without the hassle of batteries. 

If your partner wishes to take their own oral sex skills to the next level, aside from oral sex toys, they can visit our article “The Best Oral Sex Positions” for a little bit of guidance. 

Ready to jump in?

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here are some awesome oral sex toys for women to try. Both of these are from V for Vibes, which makes them great options. Supporting women-owned sex toy companies is the sure-fire way to know you’ll get a great product. Let’s look at the best oral sex toys for women and see how they compare: 


If you’re just starting out with self oral sex toys, Drusilla, the Clitoral Sucking Tounge Vibrator, could be the best route. The Drusilla uses the classic sucking and air pulsing action to get you to your much-needed Orgasm. The Drusilla also has a long handle. While this may make it a bit more cumbersome to store, it allows for handling with ease. Without any uncomfortable contorting, the Drusilla reaches the spaces you need the most direct pleasure easily. Her 10 sucking functions and 20 frequencies allow you to get to know the world of pleasure from oral sex toys at your pace. Some of the lower settings are even just great for gentle foreplay as you learn how your body and the toy work together, making her quite possibly the best oral sex toy for women. 

drusilla clit sucking tongue vibrator


If you’re ready to up your oral sex toy game to the next level, this is where you’ll want to go. The Persephone clitoral sucking vibrator mixes a lot of different types of pleasure into one device. This oral sex toy provides the clitoral stimulation from the sucking and also works as a classic vibrator. If you’re looking for a way to extend your pleasure, switching between these two modes is a great way to go for hours. Beyond these dueling pleasure strategies, there’s also a small extender to reach your G-spot. Push the Persephone back and inside the vaginal opening, and you’ll receive all the enjoyment of an oral sex toy AND the G-spot pleasure. Combine the two, and you’ll be in absolute heaven- and even inclined to learn how to squirt if that’s your thing. Check her out; she could seriously be the best oral sex toy for women the world has ever known. 

Persephone clit suction and g spot vibrator


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