How to Kill it at OnlyFans.

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There are so many people on OnlyFans now that it’s oversaturated. To date, there are 1.5 million content creators on the platform, and this number is constantly growing. So you want to know how you can stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out how you can kill it at OnlyFans.

Onlyfans Tips and Tricks


Choose a Niche


The best way to stand out from millions of creators is to choose a unique niche and stick to it. A lot of users go to OnlyFans specifically for certain types of content, so whatever your niche is, you’re sure to find users who want to see it. Visit our list of kinks to help point you in a niche-specific direction! 


Be Yourself


If you make video content, there is nothing better than someone who is clearly comfortable in their own skin in front of the camera. Unless your content involves role play, I wouldn’t try to be anyone else. Just be you. And that’s what people will be drawn to.


Have a Good Profile Picture


This is probably one of the first things that people will see when they look at your profile. So you need to have a decent profile picture that represents you and your content. 


Have a ‘Vanilla’ Social Media Account


The difference between a mediocre content creator and a really good one is that the really good content creator interacts with their followers. And one good way to do this is to have another social media account where people can follow you. Not only does this potentially open up another stream of revenue for you, but it also gives you the chance to communicate with your followers in a different way. For example, if your content is highly sexual, it can be refreshing to have a separate account where you share non-sexual content.

onlyfans tips and tricks

Upload Regularly


Consistency is key with social media. Algorithms also like consistency. So if you want to ace it at OnlyFans, choose an upload schedule and stick to it. Fans also like it when creators stick to a regular schedule, so they know when to expect new content. If you are treating OnlyFans as an actual job, sticking to a routine when it comes to your content creation will make sure you get the work done.


Offer Content for Free


You may question why anyone would offer content for free when you could get paid for it. But actually offering content for free could benefit your page. For example, if you’re starting out, offering content for free can draw people to your page where they will hopefully want to see more of your content. At the same time, if you’re well established on OnlyFans, don’t be afraid of offering some free content here and there. People respect people who give stuff out for free. Why do you think Coca Cola hands out free cans of coke at train stations? Exactly!


Do a Live Session at Least Once a Month 


Letting your followers see you live is one of the best things you can do for engagement in your content. It’s always interesting to see what our favorite artists are like in real life, no matter how famous they are. So why not go live once a month or so and let your fans in a little? And going live could involve your content or just you answering some questions and playing games with your subscribers. It’s up to you!


Mix up your Content


Although you might have subscribers following you because you offer a certain niche, it doesn’t hurt to mix things up every now and then. Don’t go from nude photos to hair tutorial videos, but maybe branch out into a different but related niche. Keeping it fresh is always a great way to stimulate your audience. How many times have you stopped following someone on IG because their content just got a bit meh? Exactly, so keep it fresh!


Collaborate with other Creators


What’s better than an awesome creator? Two or three awesome creators in one piece of content. Collaborating is a great way to gain interest in your page without putting too much effort in. Plus, you get to make some interesting content with other like-minded people. What’s not to like?

onlyfans tips and tricks

Update your Camera and Lighting Equipment


If you’re doing OnlyFans professionally, you are going to need to upgrade your camera and lighting gear at some point. To start with, all you really need is your phone, but if you want to create high-quality content—and charge people more for it—you need to think about buying a new camera and lighting equipment. The difference in quality can make a real difference in your incomes and your exposure on OnlyFans.


Have a Competition


Everyone wants to win something, right? And nothing draws more attention than a prize draw. You could do a prize draw as part of a collaboration between you and another content creator to draw attention to both of your OnlyFans pages. Choose a prize that is relevant to your content and that people are actually going to want. If you do sexual content, you could offer a high-end sex toy as a prize. If you’re a fitness influencer, you could offer a bundle of high-quality protein powders, etc. The sky’s the limit.


The Climax…


OnlyFans is a unique social media platform with great potential if you’re willing to work hard enough. The dollars ain’t gonna just jump into your pocket without some effort on your side. So treat it like an official job, and you will be on your way to success. 


Remember to be yourself, make content that you actually like, and stick to a regular upload schedule. 


Don’t do OnlyFans purely for the money. We hear so many stories of people earning thousands of dollars in one day, but the reality of this is that that’s one person out of hundreds of thousands of people. The average person only makes a few hundred dollars a month from OnlyFans. So temper your expectations and just have fun with it to start with. It’s a marathon, not a sprint!

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