10 Captivating OnlyFans Content Ideas.

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If you want to make money with OnlyFans, constant production of alluring, stimulating, and erotic content is critical to your success. With millions (literally) of content creators, how can you continue to stand apart from the rest to attract potential subscribers and ensure their experience is abundant in enjoyment? Enough so that they click that elusive subscribe button as your hard work manifests into monetary gain?


The good news is that there is absolutely no shortage of OnlyFans content ideas to keep your page flourishing with climactic radiance. As the purveyors of women’s empowerment through our incredibly dynamic line of sex toys for women, here are a few of our favorites so that you may shine in the warm rays of OnlyFans success. 

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When Curating OnlyFans Content:


On a quick side note before the actually Onlyfans content Ideas, keep in mind a few things: 


  • Niching Down: As you grow and learn how to make money with OnlyFans, you’ll realize the potent power of niching down. Catering to a certain niche attracts a particular set of human beings with a specific interest in your OnlyFans content. Your page becomes a place where their deepest and most intrinsic fantasies come to life, and this easily allows you to stand far apart from competitors in the field. Sure, you can cater to more than just one niche, but pinpointing a few specific areas of sexuality will give you surefire prowess on your page. 
  • Consistency: Consistency in OnlyFans content production is everything. Learn to work, plan, and schedule your post ahead of time, and always keep some backup content around to ensure that any gaps in posting may be easily filled. Come up with a general posting schedule, and stick to it as best you can! And this goes for all social media outlets and forms of OnlyFans marketing. 
  • Interaction: The more you interact with your subscribers and followers, both within your content and through communication (commenting, replying, etc.), the more your OnlyFans content becomes real and intimate to your viewers, perfectly ensuring that you cater to precisely the reasons that make OnlyFans such an enticing form of adult (and other, of course) content consumption. 


10 OnlyFans Content Ideas To Kill Your Game


1. Online Domination


Your OnlyFans content is perfect for creating a dominant construct surrounding your page to attract a more submissive audience. There are many ways to produce domination/mistress style content, regardless of the internet void between you. 

Try constructing jerk off instructions (JOI) which centers around verbal humiliation, or instruct your viewers to perform specific tasks as they listen to your every word. Play the part by dressing up in your leather BDSM outfits, highlight your collection of domination toys (such as your leather spanking whips or your BDSM pinwheel) in your photos and videos, and if you have a partner joining you, create OnlyFans content that boasts your dominant control over them

spanking whip

Be creative in different ways that you can approach this style of content, and your all but guaranteed subscribers knocking on your page’s door, crying ‘yes mistress!!’ as the tips flow in. 


2. Couples Intimate Content


If you don’t know Leolulu or MySweetApple, then you’ve got some OnlyFans research to do!! Some of the most popular (and might I say, umm, $well off$) content creators on the site, there’s a huge trend of couples engaging in OnlyFans content seeing incredible success. 


If you have a willing, consenting partner and a strong relationship, then you can absolutely take advantage of this market. People love seeing the connection, love the realism of the experience, and it connects them to your intimacy, all while creating unique ethical porn that also says, ‘hey, just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t be naughty!’.


3. Public Play


It’s risky, but my oh my, is it worth it. And it is precisely this risk that attracts so many viewers! The best part is that ‘public play’ is an umbrella term that allows for endless OnlyFans content ideas. 


You can do some simple flashing while you walk or at work, you can have a quickie at the beach, you can keep your partner on a leash while you shop if you’re serious in BDSM, car masturbation. You get the idea. 


Regardless, your subscribers will love the thrill of vicariously living through you and the elusive thought that one day they might come across such a goddess exposing herself as they browse for protein powder or clothes. 


4. iPhone Quickies


Sometimes you need to think deeply and creatively into your OnlyFans content ideas, but have you ever thought about keeping things simple and raw (wink wink) sometimes instead? A straightforward iPhone-shot quickie is such a wonderful means to give your subscribers content that showcases the real you, promoting realism in your content production. 


5. Sex Toy Play


Endless hours of sensational fun, sex toy play is one of the best OnlyFans content ideas to exist. And why is that? Because YOU get to enjoy yourself fully, to experience otherworldly pleasures as you journey through a vast range of sensations, creating the epitome of empowering content that everyone will relish. Masturbation, anal play, squirting; the list is seemingly infinite!


Visit our entire collection of sex toys to get started, or visit our blog post “The Best Sex Toys for OnlyFans” to learn more about utilizing the potent power of sex toys and OnlyFans. 

onlyfans content ideas

6. Role Play


Bring your subscriber’s fantasies to life by curating role-play-based content. In doing so, you become a beacon of creativity where carnal imagination may thrive, entrancing your audience through your storylines and crafting unique content with all the necessary entertainment twists. 


Keep it classic with a JOI in a teacher’s or nurse’s outfit, or a step further by creating entire video series surrounding various role-play constructs. The more outside of the box you can think, the better. Need role play ideas to get you started? Take a peek. 


7. Audio Porn


Want to change things up and market to a very particular audience? Then why not shoot for some audio porn! Simply provide your audience with an inclusive storyline or instruction using only your voice, and allow the dirtiest corners of their imagination to run wild while enjoying a unique form of stimulation. 


8. Feet Content


There are a lot of creators putting this type of content out there, but with the foot fetish being one of the most common and leading fetishes to exist, there’s plenty of room to profit off of this niche and make money on OnlyFans!


Think of selling/posting pictures of your feet, using your feet as props as you dress them in lube, giving a footjob to a consenting partner. That kind of thing.


It doesn’t matter for a second what your feet look like- there’s guaranteed to be someone out there who will fall in love with this style of OnlyFans content. 


9. Multi-Creator Content


Want to excel in the OnlyFans industry? Then if you’re willing and able to create certain connections, partnering with another creator is one of the OnlyFans content ideas that will have you immediately see a jump in traffic. You both benefit from each other’s audience, you get to create content with another like-minded individual, and no matter what, people will love seeing you explore with others in the industry!


10. ‘First-Times’


Is there anything more enticing than watching someone enjoy themselves as they try something sexually new for the first time? Yeah, no. Not really!


Marketing your content around things you are exploring for the first time is such a fantastic means of capturing your current audience’s attention while attracting new subscribers. The label on a video ‘first-time’ will alone be enough and allow your audience to travel with you into new doors of sexual exploration

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