10 Simple Non Sexual Intimacy Ideas.

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Improve intimacy without sex? Yes, it is possible! And essential, for that matter. 


What if I tell you about nonsexual intimacy ideas that make you feel just as close to your partner as a hot shower make-out session? Of course, sex plays a vital role in your relationship. It feels good to have mind-blowing sex. However, it is just one path to a loving and fulfilling relationship. It is not the only thing that sustains a romantic relationship. You can be sure that the “I can’t get my hands off you” feeling will fade with time. 


After the initial hot stage that every couple goes through when you put in a lot of effort before each date – things naturally cool off after a while. Sex and intimacy are two crucial aspects of a relationship, but the latter leads to long-term relationship success. Here are different types of intimacy ideas to explore with your partner.


Doing Yoga.


Let the fun begin! Whether you enjoy yoga or you’re a non-yogi, we are all looking for non-sexual intimacy ideas to become more intimate with our partners. But how do you go about it? We are all busy with our daily lives, and it can be hard introducing something new into our schedules.


What if you don’t have to do something new? Having a workout routine is an excellent way to build intimacy and trust with your partner. Try couples yoga. Even if you have never tried it before, this is something exciting that can take your relationship and intimacy to the next level. And once you are comfortable in yoga, you can take what you’ve learned and translate this into yoga sex!




Let’s face it! It is easy to get out of tune with your partner. All it takes is a stressful day, prolonged arguments, a busy schedule, and suddenly you both start to feel like you are thousands of miles apart. 


The good news is there are countless nonsexual intimacy ideas for nurturing your relationship, and one of them is partner meditation. Taking a few minutes each day to meditate can strengthen your connection, as there are many correlations between meditation and sex. And it doesn’t require millions of dollars, long hours, stress, or days of planning. All it takes are some minutes of simple silence, serenity, and your calm presence. Then you can both experience inner peace and unmatched feelings of openness and relaxation.

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Reading a book together for emotional intimacy.


Couples who read together stay together. Reading is fun. It widens your mind and takes you to places you’ve never been before. When you do this with someone you love, it is much more enjoyable and improves your emotional intimacy


I mean, who is not attracted to someone who shares similar interests with them? Couples who read together find each other exciting and love each other’s company. You will always have things to discuss, a common ground to explore, and a bond that makes you both stronger. 


Experiential intimacy.


Embarking on new adventures like date nights, cooking a joint meal, extended bike rides, or discovering a new city together are great nonsexual intimacy ideas and help improve your experiential intimacy


Plan and engage in activities that you have yet to experience together. It’s ok to have your separate lives. You don’t have to do everything together, but it is essential to have shared experiences. This way, your intimacy is interwoven with shared memories.


Cuddling for physical intimacy.


I don’t know about you, but I’m always pretty ready for a cuddle with my partner. Like, who doesn’t want to cuddle with their partner after a stressful day at work? 


Work on your physical intimacy by cuddling your partner, hugging, kissing, or touching them. A significant bonus, cuddling is vital to maintaining non-sexual intimacy. Snuggling up with your partner on a cold night can be one of the best parts of being in a relationship. It strengthens your relationship by giving you and your partner a way to connect without words or sexual intimacy. It is calming, peaceful, intimate, and requires minimal effort. Looks simple right? Your guard is down and gives you a sense of intimacy you don’t find in other activities.


Dance together.


Dance to your favorite songs. Be goofy about it regardless of your dancing skills. Hold your partner’s hands and dance alone with your favorite tune playing in the background. It can be funny, especially if you are both terrible dancers. I’m not judging! But you will both feel good about those goofy and funny dance steps.


Hands in hand stroll.


Here’s one of the fantastic non-sexual intimacy ideas you should try! Have you ever noticed how movies focus on couples holding hands and walking down a road with beautiful flowers and trees lining the sides and a gentle breeze grazing the heroine’s hair? This might not be possible for everybody, but you can still take a short stroll with your partner where you are holding and stroking each other’s hands and feeling good about everything.


A short stroll, where you wrap hands or simply rest your head on your partner’s shoulders, can leave a sweet lasting feeling. It makes you feel like you are walking through life with your partner. Holding hands is not limited to while you are taking a stroll. Hold hands when sitting in the movies and sitting across the dining table. Dear lovebirds, lace those fingers and allow the sweet feelings to flow. It is undoubtedly, one of the best ways to show affection without sexual intimacy. 


Engaging your partner’s religious practices.


Building the right relationship is not an easy feat. Still, relationships deeply rooted in spiritual connection have a good chance of survival and happiness when you are both bonded through your spiritual beliefs and practices. Different types of intimacy form when you share important and awe-inspiring moments with your partner. Discussing your ethics, purpose, and spirituality deepens your understanding of each other. Spiritual connection and spiritual intimacy lead to intimacy that transcends beyond your logic and conscious thoughts.


Find a Hobby to do together.


If you and your partner have been cuddling on the couch and calling it a date night, it may be time to go out of the house and try some nonsexual intimacy ideas. Take time off or find a weekend when you both can be away from home. Maybe you’ve been itching to see a tourist location or try a new restaurant that just opened around you. There might be a picnic spot you two used to go to. I think it’s time for a revisit. 


Doing an activity out of the regular or enjoying your hobbies with your partner is an incredible way of creating new memories together. It improves your nonsexual intimacy by having shared experiences to talk about and beautiful memories to look back on. And guess what, it also keeps your spark alive!

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Have time to talk about your relationship.


This does not mean unnecessary chit-chat. Taking the time to sit and discuss how you are feeling in your relationships helps to build nonsexual intimacy. Instead of constantly nagging, consider setting up a short time every week to thrash out issues. Hopefully, it will bring you closer to your partner and crush potential problems before they get out of hand.


Once you start building intimacy without sex, you will notice a new sense of peace and contentment in the air. I hope these non-sexual intimacy ideas keep your relationship sweet, fun, and happy forever. I am rooting for you!

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