No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted: How to Appreciate the Little Things in a Relationship.

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One of the pillars upon which relationships rest and flourish is the kindness that is displayed. It is important to remember that no act of kindness is ever wasted, especially if they are done for people you love, admire and value. 

Partnerships are strengthened through reaffirming your love, trust, and commitment towards one another, and kindness plays a vital role in sustaining a romantic relationship. At V for Vibes, we’ve come up with a list of strategies to help you appreciate the little things your partner does for you in order to help you feel more valued and reaffirm your belief in your relationship. If you have been struggling with feeling appreciated, perhaps taking a close look at some of your partner’s actions might help. These strategies can also help you show your loved one how much you love and appreciate them, acting as a unique and different ways to say I love you

Notice when they do things for you without having to ask.

Often, it is easy to get so swamped in day-to-day life that we forget to see the little acts of kindness our partners may do for us on a regular basis. Things as small as cleaning up after you, doing the dishes, or occasionally even cooking a meal for the two of you can really make a difference in terms of how you feel in a relationship. 

These might not be very significant acts, but they are really, at the core, what keeps your relationship running and sustained. It is in these little ways that kindness is displayed that you are able to feel loved and appreciated. 

Perhaps another way to think about this is to take some time off to reflect upon what a regular day in your life is like with your partner. Do they do things for you without you having to ask? Or do they care about what makes you upset and avoid that behavior? Or perhaps, even when you are stressed and worried, do they try to come up with ways to alleviate your worries? If yes, then you know your partner loves and appreciates you. It can be tricky trying to see massive or grand gestures proclaiming love and affection all the time. Instead, turn towards the little acts of kindness that your partner willingly does for you without even having to ask – it is in these ways that love and care can be communicated, and noticing the little things is one of the best ways to show appreciation in a relationship. 

no act of kindness is ever wasted

They are supportive of your dreams and ambitions.

One of the ways of noticing how much your partner cares for you and appreciates you is by simply noticing how much they are willing to support your dreams and goals. It is very likely that in a healthy, happy, and loving relationship, your partner wants to see your progress and prosper just as much as you do. 

For this, a loving and caring partner will go out of their way to support you, but of course, this can also be done in subtle and gentle ways too. If you work in a profession that puts a lot of pressure on you to perform, perhaps in a public setting, they can be very supportive by showing up to your gigs and performances. But if your profession requires you to work a desk job that isn’t in the public’s view constantly, one way your partner could show up for you and your dreams is by making your journey to success smoother for you. 

They can lend you emotional support when you’re in a troubling state and can make your long and difficult days better by spending some quality time with you. You can stay in, share your feelings and thoughts, and get rid of the worries for a little while by simply having a quiet night in or a romantic date night to ease your stresses. As always, no act of kindness is ever wasted, so any effort to help you accomplish your dreams is valued. 

They spend time getting to know your friends 

You might not notice this right off the bat since it is one of the subtler ways to show appreciation in a relationship, but if your partner is spending time getting to know your friends so that you can be comfortable with having them around – that’s a great sign! 

It is one of the kindest things your partner can do for you – go the extra mile to really make sure you can feel as comfortable and as at home as possible. A partner who puts thoughts into these little things in a relationship is a partner who cares for you, values you, and loves you dearly. Seeing the effort they put into making your life easier, simpler, and better quality can really help you appreciate your partner and the things they do for you a lot more than anything else can. 

Sure, it may not be the same as a grand gesture of love displayed publicly, but it is still very reassuring and reaffirming to be told that your partner does think about you throughout their day and try to make life better for you. 

Getting to know your friends is another way your partner may try to be a larger part of your life – they are trying to show up for you in every sphere of your life, and if that doesn’t scream kindness in bold, we don’t know what will. They are trying to get to know you better, too, by being a bigger part of your circles and events in life. This way you can go to dinners together, spend some time with your friends and your partner and everybody can get along with each other, a way to say ‘I appreciate you’ without saying anything at all. 

no act of kindness is ever wasted

They are there for you when you need them to be.

Had a long day at work and can’t seem to get your mind off it? Perhaps, if your partner shows up for you, they can bring you a nice cup of coffee or a treat after your day ends, so that you are reminded of how much you are loved and valued by them. They are there for you when you need them to be, whether you have verbally signaled it or not. If you ask them to do something, in particular, they will try their best to be meticulous about it and will try to make you as happy as they possibly can by being there for you. 

If you’re going through an emotionally troubling time, just being there as a source of support and asking you how you’re doing, or giving you the space you need when you are grieving, and being there as best as they can are all signs that your partner loves and values you. 

In heated moments where emotions are all over the place, such as in arguments or fights, your partner will know when to step back and give you the breather you need.

 You can take that as a sign of your partner truly respecting you, and seeing that as a marker of kindness and love may shift your perspective in the argument, too. 

You can look out for these little things if you and your partner need help and guidance with feeling more appreciated and loved, especially if you are struggling to see these signs in your day-to-day life. Give these a shot, and watch your relationship grow more loving and kind; as remember, no act of kindness is ever wasted!

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