naked yoga

A New Take on Foreplay: Naked Yoga.

Yes, you read the title right. Two words: naked yoga. 

I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory, BUT at the same time… What!? You’re telling me people do yoga without clothes on? Wait, do people go to naked yoga classes, or are we talking naked yoga at home kind of thing? Asking the exact same questions I am? Great! I’m going to fill you in on everything I’ve recently discovered about naked yoga. You never know; you might be trying it out for yourself at the end of this article.

What is Naked Yoga?

Let’s start off with the obvious. What is naked yoga, or better yet, what the hell is nude yoga? Well, my lovely friends, naked yoga is practicing yoga in the nude. If you’re more comfortable doing this in your underwear, then don’t hesitate to throw those sexy things on. It doesn’t mean you won’t get the same nude yoga experience. It’s whatever you feel most comfortable in. Just make sure to allow yourself some room for growth around the subject, and remember that it’s a good thing to push yourself out of your comfort zones sometimes.

Let it all hang loose, be free, and stretch harder than you would if you had those clothes on. There are many professionals and those who are simply passionate about the exercise that believe nude yoga brings inner peace to the individual. Along with inner peace comes inner freedom. Let’s face it, what’s more freeing than being all-natural? 

You’re in your purest form, admiring yourself through every position you stretch in. If you’re the self-criticism queen or king and just can’t seem to quit nagging at your body, naked yoga can help with that! Naked yoga helps to develop a connection between your mind and body, appreciating the movements you’re making and the flow of your body. Whether you’re practicing at home or inquiring about a naked yoga school or upcoming class, try to be kind to yourself through the process. 

It’s not easy starting yoga, and you’re freaking naked, so admire your body for all it allows you to do. Stop hating on yourself! You’re supposed to feel shy and weird at first; we’re not used to being naked already, and throwing yoga in the mix gets a little funky. It may take a few tries or lessons to really start to feel comfortable in your own skin. If you need a little more direction with the whole thing, they do offer classes. 

You really thought they didn’t? Some classes are even offered online, so you’re able to get all naked and get used to the whole concept from the comfort of your home. It’s natural to feel shy and ashamed when starting off. Hell, it’s kind of a crazy thing to think about, honestly. In my opinion, it’s a fantastic idea. Since we were young, we’ve been programmed to feel shy towards our bodies, hide them, and feel embarrassed when talking about them. That needs to change, and naked yoga is a great freaking start. 

Be free with yourself, your body, and your mind. Stay at home and practice it or reach out and find a community of other like-minded people and enjoy the same liberating experience. Push yourself, love yourself, and try new things. That’s what life’s about now, isn’t it? Just so you know… I will, in fact, be trying naked yoga. You can’t tell me you aren’t.

naked yoga

Naked Yoga Sex

Naked yoga sex? Let’s change that to hot naked yoga sex, because guys, you’re hot with and without clothes on. Now imagine you doing yoga naked… yeah, you get why I said it now, don’t you. We’re hot, there’s no denying it, and you should be saying that about yourself because not only is it true, but we need to start complimenting ourselves WAY more. 

So you love your body now because you started doing nude yoga, and it made you open your mind to inner freedom and just how beautiful you actually are. So why not mix in a little nude yoga sex? We all know our partners or ‘friend’ with benefits would love to watch us do yoga. If you haven’t tried it, you should. Your back is arched, your hips are engaged, and your tush looks phenomenal. Now add in the nudity, and BAM! 

The perfect foreplay idea is right at your fingertips. 

Be sexual with your movements, get deep in your stretches and show them just how flexible you are… wink wink… and if you’re not, just do the basic yoga poses, and I guarantee they can’t resist you. Give it a solid minute, and they’ll be walking over to give you a touch. 

If you’re really playful, you can make it a game. 

See just how long they can go without touching you while you go through every last yoga pose in the book—even the leg spreader. I know, that’s not even a yoga term, but I’m not yet a yogi, and all I know is if you stretch with your legs apart in the air, they will melt watching you. I’m melting just thinking about it. So try it out; better yet, get them to join in on the fun.

Allow both of you to feel the freedom of naked yoga sex and get hot with it. Do combine, partner stretches. Feel the other person as they feel more and more confident in their mind and body. Now that’s some hot naked yoga sex. Do the whole damn thing on the yoga mat, or move the scene to the bedroom or couch. Have fun with it, be yourself, love on your partner and take in the moment for all it has to offer. Going to try it out? Great, me too. I’ll let you know how it goes. 

naked yoga

Oh, and then there’s always hot naked yoga, as in like, the temperature is literally hot, which will induce some wet, slippery, and sweaty skin of which you can rub all over eachother. 

Naked yoga sex, nude yoga, naked, naked, naked. We’re all just meant to be naked, it seems. Give the idea a go, embrace the challenge of being free and vulnerable. Look at your body when it creates beautiful movements and positions. Go to the class once you’re comfortable with yourself and the movements. Work past the shy feeling you get when you take your clothes off. After a few months of nude yoga, you’ll be tearing your clothes off just to admire yourself in the mirror. 

If you need a new idea to foreplay, try out the naked yoga sex way. What’s sexier than you doing yoga naked? You and your partner both engaging in naked yoga sex that leads to a super-connected sexual experience, that’s what. Have fun with the ideas, grow internally, and most importantly love yourself, because you deserve all the love in the world.