Mutual Masturbation: A Guide for Couples.

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If you and your partner have been having a difficult time when it comes to sex, we’ve got you covered! From tips and tricks for couple mutual masturbation to the mutual masturbation positions you can try, and even instructions for mutual masturbation with sex toys, we have the answers you have been looking for! With an ultimate guide to mutual masturbation, we at V for Vibes believe that there are so many things to try out before you completely lose hope in your sex life. Let’s get that libido boosted again with this insanely fun way of changing things up for a night of loving. 

Breaking Down the Basics

Mutual masturbation might sound fun right off the bat, but here are a few reasons why you should definitely explore it. Couple masturbation is all about being in sync with your partner and letting your body respond to watching them. So if you’re wondering what mutual masturbation is or how to do it, read on to find the best tips and tricks that guarantee pleasure. 

Not only can both of you watch each other, but you can also put on a show at the same time to make sure your partner is involved in this solo play. It can be a brand new experience that is stimulating for you and your partner both, while you are comfortable and not engaging in penetrative sex right away. It can also be part of your foreplay for the final show if you and your partner enjoy that. 

You can both begin by touching yourselves, taking your time, and getting comfortable, or if you’re feeling a little risky, you can even help your partner out by giving them a hand. The environment, the mood, the lighting, all of those are just as important to feeling stimulated and aroused through the process of mutual masturbation.

How to Bring it up with a Partner

If you’ve thought about it before but don’t really know how to tell your partner you’d like to try mutual masturbation, one of the easiest ways is to slip it into a casual conversation. Bring it up during a movie you’re watching or the next time you see them for dinner, and just ask what their thoughts are on the idea of couple masturbation. If you’re struggling with your sex drive, explain to them that this might help you and that it could be good for the relationship, too. 

For long-distance relationships, this might be the only way both of you can feel closer to each other over the phone or on a video call. So let your partner know you miss them and that you really want to give this a shot and wait for them to respond.

mutual masturbation with sex toys

How to Mutually Masturbate 

Set the mood right away with lighting adjustments, music, and scented candles to get both of you aroused and feel the good vibes. You can begin by exploring your erogenous zones on your own and putting on a show for your partner if you’re the exhibitionist kind. You can also reach over to your partner’s erogenous zones and help out with some stimulation to really get them in the mood before you go directly for the honey pot. 

scented hemp candles

You can either take your time working your way to the lower half of your body, arousing more sensations by taking advantage of all the erogenous zones, or let your partner get you started. Find your clitoris, take your time with it, and let your wildest dreams come true! 

Occasionally, both of you can check in with each other and help each other out. Watch the way your own body responds to your touch, and then watch your partner respond to that. Don’t shy away from the sounds; for the most part, they can add a wondrous layer of depth to mutual masturbation and can take it to the next level. So if you want to moan, moan it loud!

Benefits of Mutual Masturbation 

Apart from the obvious pleasure that is guaranteed in mutual masturbation, it has so many great benefits, and is extremely healthy! It’s one of the safest ways to have sex; there is practically no risk of contracting STIs or STDs unless you’re sharing a toy. You also don’t risk getting pregnant, and that’s a relief in itself. 

Not only is couple masturbation one of the safest ways to have sex, it is also a great way to learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes as well as your own. With mutual masturbation, you won’t even have to articulate your wants and needs – pay close attention to what your partner enjoys and what they don’t enjoy, and let your body tell your partner the same so that your sex life can benefit from this!

Although intimacy isn’t driven by touch and physical closeness, mutual masturbation is one of the best ways to promote intimacy through a unique form of familiarity with one another and the ability to explore your sexuality together comfortably. 

In case you’re in a relationship where your sex drives don’t match and your libido is not the same as your partner’s, mutual masturbation can be a great source of sexual pleasure and intimacy. You can orgasm without the pain you might feel through penetration, and you’ll get to explore the world of possibilities when it comes to pleasures that lie outside just penetration and standard sex.

It adds variety to spice up your sex life, and it guarantees a better mood. When you orgasm, feel-good hormones called endorphins are released, and with these, your mood gets elevated. You might even fall asleep better if you are tired after the orgasm and are at peace knowing that you and your partner both finished. Plus, the extra bonus is that you can manage to sneak in a tiny workout for both of you while you find what feels good to you and gives you pleasure.

Sex Toys for Both of You

Mutual masturbation with toys is a whole other ball game where there is no end to sensory stimulation and the wonders you can do. A dual vibrator or a G Spot rabbit vibrator might be exactly what you need to get off in new ways that you haven’t felt before. 

If you and your partner are exploring anal play but don’t want to try it yet, introducing a sex toy for mutual masturbation will give you enough room to experiment and decide what feels best. Maybe a butt plug, some lube, and your imagination are all you need to fulfill your desires while staying safe and not running any risks during couple masturbation. 

Another interesting twist you can add to mutual masturbation with your partner is a remote controlled sex toy with various settings that your partner can control. If you’re an exhibitionist and your partner enjoys being the voyeur, this can bring thrill and excitement to a whole new level in mutual masturbation with sex toys.

mutual masturbation with toys

New Positions for Mutual Masturbation

If you’re new to this and are considering couples mutual masturbation, we have just the positions for you to try with your beau. You can start by laying side-by-side so that you and your partner can watch each other. To make things more interesting, you can also turn towards each other and allow more stimulation from your partner while you to go pleasure town with your toy! You can also try sitting against a bedhead or a wall and allowing your partner to sit between your legs while both of you have access to your own body and your partner’s. This way, you can reach over to your partner’s erogenous zones and help them out with mutual masturbation. 

There’s nothing to fear when it comes to mutual masturbation. This guide is all you need to get started, and never shy away from something that is so beneficial and healthy to your love life!


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