Must-Have Sex Toys: How to Build Your Sex Toy Collection.

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What can be more appetizing than opening your drawer to find an enticing set of all the must-have sex toys? If your only sex toy is your shower head or your sex toy collection looks more like an outdated grocery bag filled with disposables, I see you. Scrolling through sex shops online to find the sex toys you need can be daunting. From dildos to vibrators, there’s a lot out there that can be confusing. Whether you are a newbie or a sex toy freak, these tips will have you curate the sex toys you need for your dirty dreams. 


Best Sex Toys for Beginners




If you are going to curate a solid collection of sex toys, you should have a good foundation, and that’s when a vibrator comes in. Your vibrator can never let you down. It is the crux of your pleasure drawer. I mean, if you were an ocean, your vibrating toy would be the endless waves of pleasure, the ecosystem of sensuality where everything else is built upon! 


Whether you are getting the toys for solo play or play with your partner, a vibrator is essential because it is a gift that keeps on giving. Vibrators have a lot of power and intensity settings that will provide you with a mind-blowing orgasm. Whether you get a clit vibrator, G-spot vibrator, or wand vibrator, they can all send your vulva vibrating for an entirely new experience.

warming wand dildo for pain-less sex

Rabbit Vibrators


Even if you don’t have a sex toy, rabbit vibrators are must-have sex toys. Rabbit vibrators deliver dual stimulation that leads to intense and blended orgasms. The rabbit penetrates the vagina while fluttering on your clitoris. Plus, the design makes it great for beginners. They come with a variety of speeds and settings for your pleasure.

thrusting vibrator



A dildo is a classic sex toy, and they never go out of style. Dildos are designed for vaginal and anal stimulation. Dildos come in different shapes and sizes and can bring an extra dimension to your sex life. There are strap-on dildos, ejaculating dildos, double-ended dildos, and thrusting dildos. With your imagination, you can make all your sex sessions a worthwhile experience.

ejaculating dildo

Anal Sex Toys


Feel all the right anal vibes with anal sex toys. Like anal dildos, there are other must-have sex toys for anal stimulation. Vibrating butt plugs are there to stimulate inside your anus, while anal beads are uniquely shaped and designed to stimulate your anus nerve endings. Anal beads are great for beginners. Start small! Take Charge! And take your orgasms to the next level.


Clit Suckers


Listen up! If you already have dildos and anal beads in your collection of sex toys, you’ve got to make a clitoral sucking vibrator the next on your sex toy bucket list. Here you have an innovative sex toy that mimics the feeling of being eaten out. It’s an oral sex toy that focuses on external clitoral stimulation and sends waves of pleasure across your vulva for a feeling that is amazing if you ask me. 


The list is endless. However, these are the basic sex toys you need if you’re just starting as a beginner. 

clit sucking vibrator

What You Should Know When Building Your Sex Toy Collection


Congratulations, you’ve made a great decision to build your sex toy collection by getting some of these must-have sex toys. Buying a sex toy can be exciting but also frustrating. It’s kind of like when Alice tumbled down into a rabbit hole in Wonderland: a confusing but exhilarating trip into a completely new world.


Before you head to the local store or start scrolling through the world of online sex toy stores, here are things you should know before making a purchase.


Size matters


Yes, the size is a big deal! But whether you prefer the toys to be big, small, or in between, it is a matter of preference. Size is essential, and it depends on whether you want to be discreet or if you have mobility issues. If you are pretty new to this, a versatile and not-too-big toy is an excellent choice.


Shop in the right places


Do your research before you head to a sex toy shop or buy online. 


Fortunately, shopping for sex toys is no longer a secret experience where you might feel like you need to wear big and dark sunglasses to sneak in and out of the store. Check out V for Vibes for popular and must-have sex toys. We don’t mess around when it comes to quality. Your genitals are too fabulous to touch them with things that are not healthy.


Build on the Sensations you Love


Maybe you’ve never had a sex toy, but you love when your partner tickles your ass. Choose a small silicone butt plug from V for Vibes. If you’ve always wanted to try dual stimulation, buy an internal vibrator and pair it with a dildo. Does your sex play include nipple pinching, spanking, and sensation play? Invest in kinky sex toys to enhance your BDSM experiences. Once you are sure of the sensations you prefer, can consider the following types of toys:


  • Internal: Like the name, these sex toys are for vaginal and anal stimulation. (E.g., anal plugs, dildos, G-Spot wands, etc.)
  • External: These toys are mainly for clitoral stimulation (E.g., bullet vibrators, clitoral stimulators, and toys like texture strokers and cock rings for penis owners)
  • Impact Play: If you enjoy the feeling of being spanked in bed, you will love this. Impact play toys are must-have sex toys if you are into BDSM. They include floggers, spanking whips, and paddles. I know this might sound like a collection of sex toys that belong to a medieval dungeon, but there are beginner-friendly versions. Before exploring them, remember to have a good conversation with your partner about their hard and soft limits.
  • Restraints: It’s common in movies to see silk blindfolds and handcuffs during sex scenes. The fun behind them is that you give power to your partner or vice versa to dictate the pleasure received. However, there should be consent, communication and don’t forget to go slow!
  • Sensory Play: If you honestly think about it, you will know we are all a bunch of walking nerves with different pain and pleasure points. So fun moments with yourself or your partner do not have to be limited to your genitals. There are sex toys for erogenous zones like nipple clamps, but you also have Wartenberg wheels, feather ticklers, and other must-have sex toys used on sensitive skin for intense pleasure. You don’t have to make a trip to the toy store for sensory toys; you can improvise with safe everyday items.


The Material is Important


Whether you are getting an internal toy or not, your new sex toy will be touching sensitive parts of your body. So it is super important to get a body-safe material. Never buy jelly-like toys. The material is porous and can hold bacteria. The safest material is silicone. 


Get Some lube


Lube is awesome! It takes the pressure off your body to be endless fluid producers and prevents unwanted friction from the toys.

I can go on and on about all the must-have sex toys you should add to your sex toy collection. If you are ready to make a significant change in your sex life, the above list is the best place to start!


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