Music During Sex: Total Yes, or Big Time No?

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Music during sex can make your world go round. If you have ever had a session of passionate and scorching hot sex with some deep, Ed-Sheeran vibes, then you know what I am talking about. Think about it: you’re watching a sex scene in a movie, and the character wears their sexiest clothes, lights up some candles, gets their wine cups ready, strike a sexy pose on the bed, and play a soundtrack to ensure their sex play is a sweet and mind-blowing experience.


However overdone it is in movies, Hollywood might have shown us one of the keys to awesome sex, and that is playing music while having sex. 


Whether you love to set a sultry mood with some cool-evening piano jazz, summon your inner goddess with one of Beyoncé’s albums, or whine your hips to Nine Inch Nails while taking a nine-inch dick, it’s obvious music can affect the vibe of your sexual experience either for better or for worse.


Now let’s find out whether music during sex is a total yes or a big no!


Is Music During Sex a Good Idea


There’s no doubt that playing sex music can trigger the urge to go harder. I’m a big fan of playing music in the background while getting it on. Adding music to the mix can make your experience of intimacy much more pleasurable. Whether you are going solo or with a partner, here are reasons why having sex to music is a great idea.


Hides Loud Moaning


Do you want the freedom to moan without your neighbor knowing what you are up to? Playing music comes in handy. I understand not everyone can hold back moaning during intense sessions, especially when your partner is hitting the right spots. 


Promotes Sexual Creativity


Playing music during sex can stimulate different happy hormones in your brain. Because your mind is free from obstacles, you and your partner can be more open to trying out creative things that will enhance your sexual experience, thus promoting sexual creativity

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Great for Fantasy and Role Play


You may not be a fan of certain songs, but they can be perfect role play ideas. Fans of sexy role play use many things to get into character. From costume to fragrance to changes in the way they talk, using music can put you in the headspace of a particular persona faster than the other routes. For example, listening to Backstreet Boys can take you back to times of wistful teenage yearnings, while songs by Cardi B can make you feel like a sex goddess.


Music Makes you Feel Good.


Playing music during sex has the same pleasure-inducing effect on the brain, just like other feel-good moments such as having orgasms and drugs. When you listen to songs you enjoy, dopamine (a neurotransmitter involved in motivation, learning, and pleasure) is released into your body. It doesn’t matter if it is John Legend or Taylor Swift. If it is a song that you love and enjoy, it affects you positively. From making you feel good to relaxing you, music is magic for your sex experience.


Boost your Mood and Confidence


Music has a powerful connection to our minds, and it can change the way you feel or get you into a particular mood, especially if you have issues with a low sex drive. It’s a wonderful experience you should explore. It heightens your feelings and sensations, making the overall sexual experience unforgettable. So if you have a certain “sexy time” song that you enjoy playing, don’t be afraid to play and have a great time.


Relaxes Your Sexual Inhibitions


Playing music during sex can diminish your inhibitions and distract you from negative thoughts such as concerns about your body or even your performance in bed. There is a spontaneous feeling that comes with listening to music. It makes you more adventurous and willing to try new things.


Music gives you all the Feels.


Music is a game-changer during sex. It does not only make the experience more enjoyable, but it also gives you a better rhythm to follow. With music, you can set the pace for the kind of vibe you are feeling. If you want to experience slower, passionate, and more intense sex with your partner, a playlist with slower tempos can get you in the mood. And if you are out for rougher and kinkier sex play, up-beat songs are perfect for the air.


Why Music During Sex Can Sometimes Be a Big No


It can be a Distraction


Even though music during sex is not a bad idea, there are times it could be distracting. It can knock off your game and make you lose focus. While many people feel like being caught up in the throes of passion with their partner can drown all distractions. Music can knock you off track if you don’t plan things well.


Imagine an advertisement coming up on your Spotify when you are deep into action or a song about lovers breaking up, or lyrics about not having enough money. These things can kill your mood really fast!


To enjoy the benefits of sex and music, you have to discuss it with your partner and curate the right songs. Having sex to music depends on your personal preference. Some people like it quiet so that you can hear all their moans and sighs. Others enjoy having a soundtrack, from setting the mood to sensual foreplay and covering up any sexual sound. Asking your partner is the solution. Do they enjoy music during sex or before foreplay? Should it go off after foreplay or continue? What kind of music gets them in the mood? What kind of songs is a complete turn-off to them? These are the questions you should ask. 


How to make the most out of your sex play with music


Determine your Desire


Before you curate your sex playlist, understand your needs first. What are you looking for? How can music help you set the mood for sex or help you relax? Do you want your sex time to feel familiar or experimental? Tender or wild? Bold or timid? Do you want to surrender to your partner or be in control?


There is so much you can get from sex and music. Focus on what you want at that time and play the kind of music that will help you get there!


Play Songs that Match the Moment


Match the sex music according to the moment. If you want to start with sensual foreplay, start with slow music. If you are considering setting the mood for sex from dinner, begin with romantic songs that you are sure you and your partner will love. For married folks, you can play your wedding song, sway to the beat, and see how close you will feel to your partner before moving to the bedroom.

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Let it be a Joint Effort.


If you are getting intimate with your partner instead of having solo sex, you should curate the playlist together. Ask your partner what song gets them in the mood. Do they like their music fast and slow? Are there certain positions they like with some particular songs? Make sure your playlist is collaborative. It serves as a teasing tool for building anticipation for your sex time. 


Music during sex stimulates feelings of euphoria. So next time you want to roll in the sheets, be sure you’ve got the right playlist ready to go. It will make all the difference. 


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