How to Initiate and Have Sensational Morning Quickie Sex.

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Rise and grind! If the only thing steamy about starting your day is a morning coffee or shower, you’re missing out on the benefits of morning quickie sex. Orgasms before breakfast? Big yes!

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, having a morning quickie is a great way to start the day.

We can all agree that mornings can be a bustling affair for most of us. In between preparing for work and getting ready for the day, it can be hard to find time to connect with your partner. But once in a while, why not take switch things up by having quickie sex with your partner to prepare you for the day. Pre-work quickies will make you feel on top of the world all throughout/

Many people don’t use the morning to enjoy sexy lovemaking due to barriers like feeling groggy, being in a hurry, your breath isn’t minty fresh, and the glare of sunlight from the windows might feel anything but seductive. However, you can have sensational morning quickie sex that will leave you blushing all day long. With a few ideas and tips, there are easy ways to have that little morning erotica.

Beat Morning Breath

Don’t let morning breath get in your way of some early morning booty. Always keep a glass of water on your bedside table and take a few swigs before laying your mouth on each other. You can even get this pre-quickie prep done before your partner wakes up. While your partner is sleeping, you can sneak to the bathroom to quickly brush your teeth and give yourself a look in the mirror, then slip back into bed and get cozy with your partner. If you are feeling a bit spontaneous and you don’t want to go to the bathroom yet, then make love in a position that doesn’t allow for kissing, like doggy, riding, or spooning.

Pee before Sex

Make your morning quickie sex more enjoyable by peeing before you get into it. You might not want to leave the bed, but if your bladder is full, you should use the restroom. You are not going to love being pounded with a full bladder. It’s hard to focus on pleasure when you are desperate to pee. It will make you feel uncomfortable. The best part, you can surprise your partner by coming out of the bathroom naked. It is also a good idea to pee once you’re done.

Try some Spooning

I get that you don’t want to kiss because of morning breath. Try spooning, and you will still feel intimately connected to your partner. If you go to bed in the spoon position, press together for better access. Take off your underwear and press your naked butt against your erect man. You shouldn’t let that morning erection go to waste.

Have him wrap his arms around you, holding your breasts and stomach and pulling you closer as he gives you deep and fast thrusts. To make it more fun, caress his inner thighs and gently cup and massage his balls.

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Easy Access is Important

Keep the morning quickie sex effort-free by creating easy access. Don’t go to bed in complicated lingerie or, even worse, buttoned-up nightwear. Sleep in an oversized tee-shirt or, better still – doze off naked. Sleeping naked improves emotional intimacy with your partner and makes things easy in the morning. You won’t have to deal with the awkwardness of navigating your arms out of a tight shirt or trying to shuffle your man pajama bottoms down his feet – you’re both ready for some quick action.

Take it Out of the Bedroom

Morning sex is not just restricted to the bedroom. Take your morning quickie on tour by starting your day on the couch or get things hot on the kitchen counter while you wait for your coffee to brew. All you need is a touch of spontaneity to make it sensational.

Skip the Gym

Use the time you save for early morning yoga or a morning run to sweat yourself in a more enjoyable way. With morning quickie sex, you can burn those calories and afterward clean up in the bathroom together. That sounds like fun!

Wordless Wake Up

Wake your partner up for a delicious quick romp with the feel of your mouth between his thighs, kissing, licking, and sucking. Go ahead and moan, and have a great day on him. Once he’s fully awake, climb him and start riding him without saying anything. Guide his hands to where you want it to be or use your own hands; instead of bouncing up and down, rock back and forth and move your hips. This motion puts pressure on your clitoris resulting in a powerful and intense orgasm. Move fast, and this will be a pleasant morning surprise for him. You can also tell your partner to go down on you and quench your desires with steamy oral.

Have a Little Water Action

You can always have a morning quickie sex in bed, but getting steamy under the shower as you get ready for your day can feel super good. Don’t underestimate the joy and pleasure of having sex in the shower! It gets you clean (and dirty, if you get what I mean) and makes you feel adventurous. Shower sex is the best kind of multi-tasking. Make sure you always have a shower mat down (so both of you aren’t slipping and sliding everywhere). Explore some quickie morning sex positions like doggy while your partner stands and gives you deep thrusts from the back, or wrap legs around your partner’s waist with your back against the wall. You could even sit on your partner while he sits in the tub.

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Solo Sex as Your Partner’s Alarm

Mornings start slow and calm for many people, so your morning quickie sex doesn’t have to be too startling. Stoke your flames of pleasure by caressing yourself to excitement. Tease and touch your erotic zones and let your sweet moans waft into your partner’s ears to wake him to a quickie morning. Your partner will want to join in the fun. Find your release before placing gentle kisses and caresses on your partner’s body.

Use Sex Toys

If you take too much time to be aroused, using sex toys can give you the extra stimulation you need for fantastic quickie sex. Men tend to reach climax faster than women, potentially leaving you unsatisfied after a quickie. Grab your favorite vibrator or another sex toy and use it on yourself or your partner to enhance the experience. Try something discreet and unobtrusive. And of course, it’s a quickie, don’t focus too much on orgasm- but hey, if it happens, who’s complaining?

Having sensational early morning quickie sex will set you up for the day, and you’ll feel ready to face whatever life throws at you. It will send your hormones pumping and give you that feel-good factor to last the entire day. And you never know, there may be a repeat performance when you get home in the evening! So set that alarm 10 minutes earlier tomorrow and enjoy the beauty of a morning quickie.

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