Modern feminism.

Oct 25, 2019

Women have come a long way when it comes to being more open and care about their own pleasure. There was a time when sex was all about men and their pleasure points. Men were not aware of the possibility that women have their own pleasure points. There are a lot of women, who, in spite of having a sexual partner, do not achieve orgasm during sexual activity. The reason is pretty obvious. Men in general are hardly aware of their partner’s G spot! Here’s when sex toys come to rescue.

Sex toys are not just about chasing orgasms but they can actually be a lot more fun. If you have already used a vibrator or any other sex toys you already have a taste of what they can do. In the last few years, close to half of men and women have used some kind of sex toy. Back in the 70s, the number was probably closer to just 1 out of 1000 individuals. So, as you can see, we have come a long way when it comes to showing interest in our own pleasure. Did you know making sex toys a part of your daily sexual life is actually empowering, especially if you are a woman? It might sound a bit too much, but the fact is sex toys allow women get to know their own bodies. Before moving towards how sex toys are contributing towards empowerment of women, let’s throw some light on women’s sexual preferences and what women actually need.

Why sexual satisfaction matters?

A happy sex life is an important part of having a beautiful life. The phrase, “a happy sex life” is not the same for every individual. Sexual desires, needs and expectations vary from person to person. The expectations continue to change with time and as we grow. Some people want to engage in sexual activity daily while some people might not ever have sex throughout their entire lives.

The primary reason for engaging in sexual activity is to experience the pleasure that the body needs. But if you take it further, getting sexual satisfaction is associated with some other health benefits. Firstly, sexual satisfaction lowers stress levels. Women these days are equally active in both their work lives and their personal lives. They have to perform all household activities as well as office work. And all this can involve a lot of stress. Sexual satisfaction reaches the pleasure centers of the brain and lowers cortisol levels. Sexual satisfaction also lowers blood pressure.

So, while having sex with your partner, if the primary purpose is not solved, you still have a lot to gain. As a result, if a woman remains unsatisfied, it can lead to both physical and mental issues.

Why does a woman really need to be sexually satisfied?

If a woman doesn’t feel good about her body, enjoying sex can be more challenging. Most women who are not confident about their body or have some sort of negative body image are unable to experience satisfaction during sex. To be sexually satisfied, a woman needs to be confident in her body and find her pleasure points.

How sex toys are helping divorced or estranged women?

Post separation, a woman goes through several emotional turmoils. Post divorce, women often feel lonely, but most of them don’t have the courage to meet new people or search for a new partner. Sex is an important part of life and if a woman is not getting her part of sexual pleasures it can affect her both physically and mentally. Sometimes it leads to hormonal imbalances, anxiety and depression.

Sex toys play a great role in serving divorced or estranged women. They can sometimes fill the void of a partner and takes away loneliness in their lives. When a woman becomes estranged from her partner, it can lead to several body issues. She can start to feel low about herself and very soon all her self esteem lowers. A sex toy, on the other hand, lets her explore her body in different ways and increase her self esteem.

Different types of sex toys and their uses

There are a variety of sex toys available at a sex shop. Some toys are designed solely to stimulate the clitoris. These are small vibrators that fit right under your labia and simply stimulate your clitoris to achieve maximum pleasure. They come with speed changing options and can be used for a good hour. Vibrators are small and handy. These toys help women find their g-spot, activate it and stimulate it in a pleasant way.

One of the most common types of vibrators that most women love is the dual tip vibrator. The dual tip vibrator is designed to double the pleasure. There are also toys that are phallic in nature. You can opt for a regular dildo or a vibrating one with which you can twirl, thrust or rotate to achieve new levels of sensation. Dildos with vibrating or pulsating features often help achieve multiple orgasms. You can also choose sex toys that will help you to explore anal pleasure or nipple stimulation. As you can see, there are endless varieties to choose from.

How sex toys are empowering women and helpful?

What is Feminism? Feminism is all about having equal rights! Men can have an orgasm every time they are engaged in sexual activity, so why can’t women? Here are different ways sex toys are helping women get what they really want:

-Women learn about their own bodies

Years ago, female masturbation was something shameful, something women were not allowed to talk about. Gone are those days. Today, female masturbation is a natural thing just like male masturbation, however, there are still a lot of women who do not know how to approach it. The reason is quite simple. Female masturbation is much more complex than male masturbation. Female masturbation varies from person to person and it’s not the same for every woman out there. To achieve orgasm there is nothing wrong with using your fingers, but the intense stimulation that you will get from a vibrator or sex toy will make the activity more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, you will learn what your body actually needs and the whole masturbation process will be much more enjoyable.

When you get to know how your body works and what it needs, there will be no need to depend on a partner. A feminist is a woman who is not dependent on a man to fulfill her dreams and desires. Sex toys abolish the need for a partner when it comes to orgasms and sexual satisfaction. This is how a woman empowers herself by loving her own body and feeling comfortable in her own skin.

-Achieve maximum orgasm

Almost 5 out of 10 women do not achieve orgasm very easily. In that case, solely depending on your partner will be time consuming and tiring. Sex toys, on the other hand, make achieving orgasms much easier. Since they are designed to stimulate your g-spot, there is no chance for “hopefully’ or “maybe” to happen. With sex toys a woman can also achieve multiple orgasms if she desires to.

-Get acquainted with new sensations

Sex is supposed to be interesting, fun and enjoyable. If you keep on doing the same things with your partner or use the same method of masturbation, it will become less interesting. Maximum sexual satisfaction is achieved when you try new things. Once you start using a vibrator or sex toy, you will get in touch with new body sensations. While using sex toys, you might also feel incredible sensations in your toes, thighs and butt. The possibilities are endless. You just have to pick the right toy from a trusted adult shop and enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

-There is no time limit

Sex toys can be used anytime, anywhere a woman wants. To get sexual pleasure a woman can use a sex toy even at her office washroom. Basically there is no need for dependency on a man. Another issue that is faced is that men tend to finish faster than women when it comes to sexual activities. A woman needs more time and attention to achieve orgasm. Since sex toys can run for a good hour, a woman can enjoy herself for a long time. This is also empowering women, as they can enjoy the pleasure anywhere, anytime they want to.

Well, these are just a few ways sex toys are empowering women and making them strong from within. Every woman has the right to explore her body and get what she really needs. Sex toys are just a medium to get the taste of a healthy sex life. So what are you waiting for? Grab one and fulfill your sexual desires in the best possible way.


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