Tired of Boring Missionary Sex?

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Don’t Worry. We got ya Covered!

To the unfortunate truth of the matter, sometimes it is simply easier (and more common) to let your sex life falter into a mundane state of dullness than it is to keep it fun, fresh, and wild. 

So when sex has such a prominent effect on our happiness and all other aspects of our lives, why would we allow ourselves to settle for a sex life that is unfulfilling and frustrating? Because in the end, if your sex is suffering, it is only the fault of yourself or yourself and your partner!

This means that you have just as much potential, as well as control, to flip things around as you do with allowing them to continue to falter. So if you’re tired of boring missionary sex, and if you want to add a little spice to your love life, we’re here to showcase extremely simple yet effective strategies to promote the dirty fun you seek when under the sheets! 

Change the Location

We are all products of our environment. More often than not, especially when the busy nature of our lives and children take over, sex becomes reserved for one spot: the bedroom. 

And sure, the bedroom is comfortable; you can lock the doors, it is safe. But most importantly, it is cliche! Cliches are totally okay, and the bedroom will always be a go-to love-making environment, but if you aren’t changing up the places where you have sex at least once in a while, then you’re doing it wrong!

One of the best ways to propel yourself past boring missionary sex is to change the location. Try making love in the car, in the shower, at a friend’s house. You might have to be careful about certain laws, as you don’t necessarily want to get caught in public, but maybe the idea of that will turn you on beyond your wildest dreams. So please, do yourself a favor and attempt to change up the location of your sex at least once in a while!

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Act Upon Your Desires

Absolutely no good arises from the inability to act upon your deepest, dirtiest desires. Feeling as though you are forced to hide away these desires is a leading cause for unhappiness within a sex life, and will do nothing but manifest into a downhill trend of frustration. 

If you’re ready to skip past missionary sex and into the good stuff, then it is essential that you act upon these desires. 

We know, it might be scary, or you might feel as though the imagination you have surrounding sex is weird or out of place; but allow us to tell you one thing now: It isn’t! 

It is a pretty certain guarantee that your kinks and your desires are both shared and acted out upon by so many other people in this world. Start with some research, and you’ll soon realize that there is a community behind nearly every one of these exciting fetishes or kinks. 

Not only will this community make you feel more comfortable at approaching this desire, but they can also provide insight as to the best and healthiest means to approach this within a relationship

Next step, wine night with your lover and a little conversation to enlighten them on what you’d like to try the next time things get down and dirty. Chances are, they also have a deeply rooted desire that they have always wanted to try, and nothing is healthier than discovering these sexual idiosyncrasies together as a couple. 

Bust out The Toys!

If you think that sex toys are reserved solely for masturbation, then you’re honestly just wrong. There exist a plethora of couples’ sex toys, and a sex toy is one of the most direct means to take missionary sex and add an entirely new and alluring flair to the sensations that it provides!

Seriously, sex toys allow for sensations that can otherwise not be achieved when in a sexual setting. I mean, until a man can vibrate his tongue as fast as your favorite vibrator, it seems as though the only way to attain this stimulation is, well, duhhh…. With a vibrator!

Never skip out on the ability of a sex toy to showcase to you new realms of sensuality and physical pleasure, and use them as a way to implement some of the most enjoyable forms of sexual discovery within your partner sex. 

And even if you are hesitant about incorporating a toy into your sex life, at least utilize them during solo masturbation to better understand your body and all of those magic places you love. Then, you can direct your man to please them just the same! 

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The Magic of Words

You know what’s worse than standard old missionary sex? We’ll tell you, it’s standard and QUIET missionary sex. 

Awkward, boring, and plain weird, sex that is quiet and without words is simply bad sex. 

You must always think to capitalize on your ability to speak aloud to your partner as they thrust you into a state of blissful, sexual oblivion, and to never skip out on using the magic of your words. 

A little dirty talking not only creates a sense of confidence within you both that will reflect directly in your orgasm-inducing motions of the ocean, but this (coming back to your deepest internal desires) will allow you to speak upon ideas and other forms of imagination that spark a wildfire within your minds. 

Whether a little whisper of their beauty in their ear, a reminder of how good they feel inside, or a hint about what you plan to do them, dirty talking is quite literally a key to unlocking better sex. 

Sex Games

Sex games are seriously fun, and within this fun contains a purpose- the purpose of helping you explore the ideas behind changing things up within a sexual setting, and doing so in a means that is directed by someone (or rather, something- aka the game) else. 

Because it is out of your hands, you will both feel more comfortable doing whatever it is a particular game might force you to do. This feels better than attempting to speak about and act upon your personal dirtiest desires, which can be a much more one-sided form of emotion and rather intimidating to do. 

Instead, you can both enjoy every minute of the game together, and use the game as a means to break down any barriers you may have surrounding sex and what you are willing to say/try, barriers that you might not even know are there!

There’s a ton of sex games, from simple to extreme, so have fun looking and shopping for one that seems to suit who you are as a couple. And for a touch of even more invigorating fun, you can even think to create the sex game yourself!


Roleplaying is often overlooked because of the stigma that you have to take roleplaying extremely seriously. Sure, plenty of couples embody entirely separate lives when roleplaying, and they sure as heck do take it seriously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with light forms of it on your own! 

You don’t need a cop and robbers outfit or props galore, and instead, roleplay can take much more subtle forms. If a power construct is something you enjoy, simply pretend! You can always act without outfits or without going too far into making your roleplay a reality, and sometimes keeping it simple really is the key. 

Use roleplaying to act out scenarios with your loved one that you have always wished to unfold, even if you feel as though they are silly or weird, and have fun allowing them to do the exact same. In the end, you will both feel extreme amounts of fulfillment in being the person that gets to cater to your partner’s desires, and this creates a newfound sense of love and appreciation that is all but guaranteed to lead to the sheet-soaking sex you seek!

Watch Movies

Watching an artistic sex movie (no, not pornography!) is a great way to create a sense of desire, like roleplaying/foreplay that lasts for more than an hour!

Bust out the popcorn, put your hand on your partner’s thigh, and try watching a movie that maintains sex as the subject. The right type of movie will not only act as entertainment and a predecessor to your own sex, a form of a date night within itself, but it will also show you and teach you new things that you can both try together!

Sometimes you simply do not know what you like until it is introduced to you, and some things may never get introduced if you do not put in the effort to discover it. And a sexual movie is one of the best ways to discover!

Plus, if it’s good, it will have you both turned on and ready to flip the lights off before the credits even get rolling! 


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