Role Play Idea: Meet Up for a Quickie!

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Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t an easy task but can be a great experience if you know how to do it. And this is what we are here for; thanks to the tips in this article, you’ll be able to meet up for a quickie and have sensational, fulfilling fun.  


What is Quickie Sex?


Quickie sex is what the name suggests; intercourse that doesn’t last very long but is typically more exciting than your usual way to have sex. To spice things up, many people like to come up with various scenarios that create time constraints, for example, a role play that involves hooking up in public and the possibility of getting caught. Keep reading to find out more about different ways you can experiment with having a quickie. 


 A Few Role Play Ideas to Try and How to Practice them


Quickie sex doesn’t have to be complicated. But if you like a challenge, you should make things extra exciting by trying out a role play construct. If you’re not sure where to start, have a look at some of the ideas below:


1. Sex with a stranger at the club 


Do you ever miss having an instant connection with someone and giving in to a desire just because it feels right? When the honeymoon phase is over in a relationship, a lot of people miss the uncertainty and the chase that was likely present when they first met. Longing for novelty is normal, and it doesn’t mean your relationship is lacking, but it’s a good idea to fulfill these needs with a role play once in a while. 


The best way to reignite the old fire is to meet up for a quickie in public; a club is the best place to start as most establishments don’t care if people hook up in toilets and everyone is too drunk to notice. You and your partner can agree to meet in the club and pretend that it’s the first time you’re laying eyes on each other. Bonus points if you can wear clothes from the night you first met or clothes you wouldn’t normally wear to get into a different character. From there, all you have to do is flirt and let the tension push things forward.


2. Sex with a stranger in a car


This fantasy is similar to the previous one, except it gives you a bit more privacy and perhaps reminds you of your teenage years when you used to sneak out to hook up with your boyfriend. If having quickie sex in a dirty bathroom is out of your comfort zone, you can always head straight to your car – it will be more difficult to maneuver with limited space, but it will definitely feel cleaner. 


Sex in a car is great because it allows you to try new car sex positions (think the road head and a very intimate cowgirl), plus it’s one more thing to tick off your Bucket list. Just like shower sex, hooking up in a car isn’t most people’s favorite, but it’s worth trying at least once in your life.

meet up for a quickie

3. Traveling challenge


You don’t necessarily have to meet up for a quickie. You can simply include it in your plans. This option is great for both adventurous souls and people who struggle to find the time to experiment unless they’re on holiday. So what does this challenge consist of? 


The rules are simple: have sex in as many places as possible with an emphasis on means of transport. If you’re traveling by train, invite your partner for a quickie in a toilet. If you’re traveling by car, stop at the rest area for a quick blowjob, and if you’re traveling by plane… well, now it’s your chance to join the mile-high club. It’s fun not only because you get to try something new but also because it’s great for building anticipation. It will get your partner wondering, will we have sex at this place, or is it going to be the next one?


4. An affair at the hotel


If you feel like your sex life lacks creativity and boredom is creeping in, you should consider a change of scene. And to spice it up even more, try an affair role play. I’m sure you already know this one; a man is sleeping with a mistress at the hotel. But the catch is that he only has half an hour before his wife realizes that he isn’t at home, so there’s no space for nice underwear and no time for a glass of wine. However, you can expect to fill in some of the gaps in your sex life, like feeling more desired, exploring new things, and experiencing a rush of adrenaline. It might be pricey, but once you’ve finished playing, you can always go back to the room and have a romantic post-sex cuddling session. 


5. A teenage years throwback 


If you enjoy playing a different role, why not meet up for a quickie at your place and pretend that you’re a teenager who can be discovered by their parents at any minute. If you’re new to quickie sex and role-playing in general and bad at improvisation, you can always act out a movie scene – we guarantee that you’ll find plenty of material as both youth and risky sex sell. If you’ve ever wanted to push your boundaries but struggled to get out of your comfort zone, this kind of role-play will allow you to take the first step towards sexual experimentation. 


6. ‘My husband will be back any minute’ quickie


A variation of the previous roleplay idea, in this scenario, a woman is the one who’s cheating on her partner. It’s typically practiced at home and involves table sex or doing it in front of the window to make it hotter and to pay attention to the driveway just in case. 


This quickie sex idea works best for women who enjoy breaking the rules because, as we all know, forbidden fruit tastes the best. To make it more exciting, you can set an alarm clock and see who comes first. Have your partner focus entirely on you if you struggle to achieve orgasm without prolonged sensual foreplay. Your house, your rules. Even if it doesn’t end in a climax, it’s nice to flip the script sometimes. 


7. Sex at the beach


Why not meet up for a quickie somewhere outdoors? Sex at the beach isn’t only a cocktail of the same name but also a great public quickie idea. First of all, it can be pretty romantic as you’ll have to venture there very early in the morning, preferably when the sun rises – the best way to start your day. 


Secondly, it involves the thrill of getting caught. Having sex under such circumstances requires a bit of preparation and talking things through with your partner, so there’s a chance that if executed successfully, your emotional bond will improve, just like your sex life. The only thing you need to remember is to bring a towel because there’s nothing worse than the sand getting into your private areas.


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