The Best Masturbation Techniques Women Want to Try Now.

Jul 23, 2020

At V For Vibes, we believe everyone deserves to orgasm.  While the orgasm gap has existed since early times, women should keep fighting for their pleasure and self-gratification and never give up on trying, even if it takes some time to achieve climax. Read on to explore the best masturbation techniques, methods and solo moves.

This year, we’re encouraging all women to “Own Their O,” which starts with exploring and understanding our own bodies’ needs and desires. For all the women out there looking to take the reins on their own pleasure, we’ve compiled four female masturbation techniques that will make your heart race and toes curl.

The best masturbation methods according to sex experts.

Returning to horse riding after many years? Welcome back. The only difference now – substitute the horse with your favorite pillow. This position allows you to control how much friction you feel by raising your body up or down. People with vulva rave about this sex move.

As you may know “rough and aggressive porn” dominates the modern market. The V For Vibes Team believes that it’s utterly opposite what pure pleasure is. This misleading arsenal of videos does nothing but destroy the true innate connection with yourself or your partner. Take a step back and think… wouldn’t you like to watch gentle acts of love where people generally adore each other and passionately look into each other eyes?  Sex is not selfish – its careful and generous.  Find those types of XXX videos and start this pleasant  masturbation technique.

Sex toys can make female masturbation methods more satisfying and a more efficient way to reach orgasms. What works for one person may not be quite right for another. Take a look at the V For Vibes collection of sex toy boxes, and pick the gift  you like the most. Explore the world of innate pleasure.

If you’ve got the luxury of a hot tub jet or just a simple adjustable shower head, you can use the added pressure to stimulate your clitoris.  Play with the temperature and the power of the flow to find a perfect frequency you seek. Do you have more ideas about sex moves? Please, feel free to share in the comments below!


Best Masturbation Techniques, Methods and Sex Moves | V FOR VIBES


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