Beyond your Fantasies: A Real-Life Masturbation Party.

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Pleasure is the best shared, and masturbation parties are the best proof of that. They allow you to experience a sexual connection with yourself and others and have a night you’ll never forget. Read the blog below to find out what a masturbation party is and what to expect from it.  

What is a Masturbation Party?

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but most people might find the concept difficult to grasp. Firstly, what’s the point of a masturbation party if sex parties exist and attract even more attention? Wouldn’t it be better to go all the way? One of the reasons people might want to masturbate in front of strangers is to satisfy their exhibitionist or voyeuristic fantasies in an ethical way. You can still attend a swingers party when you’re single, but if you keep to yourself and watch others have sex or masturbate on your own, it’s not going to be well-received. 

Another reason is that masturbation offers a completely different experience. When you have sex with someone, it’s easy to get lost in the moment, and challenging yourself to slow down while touching yourself allows you to focus on the sensations and stay in the present. In short, a masturbation party helps you connect with your body and pleasure. Find out more in our introduction to group masturbation. 

Believe it or not, masturbation parties acted as fundraisers for sex-positive charities in the past. For example, Montreal organized Wankfest in 2012 that aimed to encourage people to explore their sexuality. Similar events took place around the world, even though they aren’t popular anymore. Today a masturbation event is rarely organized to support a cause and typically involves a party where people gather to masturbate for the sheer pleasure of it. 

What Happens During a Masturbation Party?

A masturbation party is typically held at clubs or private residencies. You’ll have to pay an admission fee and accept a set of rules before being allowed on the premises. Upon entry, you might be given lube to enhance your experience and an elastic band that indicates what you’re comfortable with (e.g, being touched vs. not being touched unless consent is given). Many places might offer you condoms or dental dams, and cleaning products. Even though the name assumes that the event involves group masturbation, this doesn’t have to be the case for you. You’re welcome to come and familiarize yourself with the environment before deciding to participate, although you’re generally expected to strip naked or to your underwear. Plus, you obviously have to follow the rules. You’re free to socialize with other people, but the conversation is kept to a minimum during masturbation as it allows everyone to stay in the ‘zone’. 

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How to Find a Masturbation Party?

Once you’ve realized that a masturbation party might be something you want to add to your Bucket List, it’s time to make it a reality. 

 1. Follow sex clubs in your area

If you’re looking to gain your first experience, researching local clubs will be your best. Make sure you check their websites and social media regularly to be the first one to know about the current events. You can be sure that the parties they hold are safe and offer a high-quality experience. 

 2. Become a member of a kink website 

 Most websites will have a list of all sex events happening in the current month all over the country. You can also search the forum and see if anyone is advertising a private party, although these are rare. 

 3. Use hashtags to find out about local events

Since social media is so popular, hashtags are one of the most effective ways to find out about events relevant to your interests. You might find a mention of parties or come across a community that will point you in the right direction. 

Rules to Follow at Every Masturbation Party

The rules might depend on the club but will generally overlap at most places:

 1. Leave your phone at the door

 This one’s a no-brainer. No phones policy allows for full anonymity and no interruptions. Can you imagine the stress of masturbating around people who are playing on their phones? If you’re hoping to broaden your social network, you can always bring pen and paper. 

 2. No touching without consent 

Remember that nudity doesn’t equal permission, and you should always ask before getting into someone’s personal space, even if the touch isn’t sexual. Anyone who disrespects this rule will be thrown out immediately. Luckily, most places require you to wear a wristband that indicates what each person’s limits are.  

 3. No sexual activities beyond masturbation

Masturbation parties might not be the best fit for everyone as they limit the types of activities you can engage in. While kissing is allowed, this only refers to the above the waist area. The furthest you can go is mutual masturbation as long as both sides agree to it. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules to avoid cutting your visit short or ending up on the blacklist.

 4. Hygiene

To ensure your and other people’s experience is as pleasant as possible, don’t forget to have a shower beforehand. A lot of places might list hygiene as one of the rules and be more specific. For example, you might be required to clean your nails and make sure your breath doesn’t smell. The rules also apply while you’re at the party. Remember to clean after yourself if you happen to have delicious fun and leave a wet spot.

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Can You Set Up Your Own Party? 

Organizing your own masturbation party is possible, but there are many things to consider. If you want to go for it, then be cognizant of these variables. 

 1. Decide who to invite

It might be tempting to leave an ad on one of the kink forums to make sure a lot of people attend, but this can easily backfire. One of the best things about masturbation events is that they’re safer than other types of parties. If you want to avoid dealing with people who aren’t happy about following the rules, try making connections at a sex club first.

 2. Come up with rules 

Rules are what make a masturbation party successful. Make sure you write them down and preferably include them with invitations. Be strict – anyone who breaks the rules should be asked to leave, and if you aren’t prepared to kick anyone out, you need to be. 

 3. Consider wristbands

There’s no harm in doing things a bit differently and blurring the line between a masturbation event and a sex party. But if you want to avoid potential problems, prepare wristbands that indicate what each person is comfortable with. 

 4. Consider excluding alcohol 

Alcohol makes things fun. There’s nothing worse than a party where no one feels relaxed enough to enjoy themselves, especially if it involves masturbation. At the same time, things can easily get out of control. If it’s your first event of this kind, it’s best to keep everyone sober.

 5. Don’t forget cleaning supplies

I’m sure you already know that masturbation can get messy. If you want to keep things hygienic, invest in cleaning supplies that guests can easily access, such as wet wipes and towels. And don’t forget the bins. And be prepared- you’ll have plenty of cleaning up to do when the party’s over!

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