Is a Masturbation Club Legit? Everything you Need to Know.

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We’ve all heard of swingers clubs. We’ve all heard of sex clubs. So … masturbation clubs? Apparently, they are a real thing. Granted, when you type “masturbation club” into a search engine, not much comes up other than porn, but yes, apparently masturbation clubs are a thing. Think of them like sex clubs, except the point is to masturbate or help someone masturbate instead of having full-on sex. Here’s what I found out about masturbation clubs.

A lot of masturbation clubs come under the umbrella of masturbation parties. For example, a sex or swingers club might organize a specific masturbation-only party. In other cases, a masturbation club might just involve a group of people who meet up in a secret location to mutually masturbate. While digging around the internet, I came across a story where a man was on a sightseeing trip on vacation and found himself masturbating in a dark cave with several other men. I’m unsure if this was a masturbation club or just a random masturbation occurrence. Whatever it was, this example clearly shows that group masturbation is something that people like to do… whether they admit it or not!

What happens inside a masturbation club?

Whatever form a masturbation party takes, you can be sure of two things; you will need to be scantily dressed, and you will most likely see people masturbating! If it’s a legit club, there might be a strict set of rules you have to follow – just like in a sex or swingers club – such as the dress code and code of conduct. How safe a masturbation club is … well, that one’s up to you! You would be the best judge of how safe a place is. I’m just a writer sitting far away on her computer. What I would say is: use your common sense. If it feels dodgy, it most probably is!

What about the deed, then? So you go inside the club, ready to get your freak on with your genitals, but wait, you’re not prepared for what’s about to happen!? Well, babe, you don’t actually have to worry about that because the best thing about any kind of sex club is the open environment. The good clubs and parties will have a very strict code of conduct, and anybody who is reported to be harassing someone will be thrown out immediately. 

So if someone asks if they can join in your masturbation session and you say no, they will most likely respect your choice and move on. Carry on masturbating and have a good time!

And what will you see? For some people who have never been to a sex club before, seeing anyone explicitly go at it in any sense of the word is very strange. But, trust me, it doesn’t take long for it to become normal! I know, right, weird. In a masturbation club, you’ll most likely see people … well …pleasuring themselves or helping other people pleasure themselves. 

masturbation club

Why go to a masturbation club?

If you are at all into exhibitionism or voyeurism but you’re not into having sex with other people apart from your partner, you might want to try a masturbation club because you’ll get all the exhibitionist and voyeur thrills without having sex with a stranger. Perfect. Another reason to go? Why not! If you’re looking for something different to do at the weekend, why not make your Saturday a bit more exotic than the banana pancakes you make. Every. Damn. Weekend.

Why not go to a masturbation club?

We wouldn’t recommend going to one of these clubs if you’re not into exhibitionism or voyeurism. If the idea of these places doesn’t turn you on, don’t do it. It’s not your thing, and that’s okay!

Dress code = nudity

What do you wear to a masturbation club or party? Basically, anything sexy! They pretty much have the same dress code as swingers or sex clubs; no normal clothes, lingerie, sexy costumes, and boxers only for men, etc. 

If it’s your first time going to one of these events, we would recommend that you stick to something that you feel sexy and comfortable in, like your favorite bra and panties. If you want to be more adventurous, try a body stocking or a corset and stockings affair. Whatever you wear, though, make sure it is secure and comfortable. There’s nothing worse than fiddling with latex-fuelled wedgies while you’re trying to give someone a hand job.

Again being in a room full of people dressed only in their underwear can seem realllllyyyyy weirdddddd. But, hey, it’s an unusual situation. So take a breath and embrace it. You will probably never see this many half-naked/naked strangers again in one room. 

What else is weird? Stripping off your clothes and parading half-naked in front of said strangers. In English-speaking countries, we’re taught to hide away in changing rooms; I remember when I was younger, two women got told off for showering naked in my local pool’s showers because there were children around (who were also female and had probably also seen their moms naked). But if you head out somewhere like continental Europe, you will realize how normal being naked is, and I look back at that memory of the naked women fondly. They were just at ease with their bodies! This is the mentality you have to adopt when attending any kind of sex event or party; embrace the nudity – or your almost nudity – because the odds are that more people are checking you out than are putting you down.

ejaculating dildo

The dos and don’ts of preparing for a masturbation event:

  • DO groom yourself and make yourself feel stunning, hun. Listen, you never know what is going to happen at these clubs, so even if you think you’ll just watch, it’s always good practice to shower and make yourself look presentable. You never know!
  • DO turn yourself on. Read an erotic novel. Watch ethical porn. Make out with your partner. Do whatever you need to do to turn yourself on. But don’t go too far and masturbate already. You want to draw the horniness out all night for ultimate satisfaction.
  • DO eat before you go. Some places offer food, but you just never know what you’re going to get, and if you have special dietary requirements, you might not find anything you can eat. Always have at least a decent snack before you leave for the event. Sex takes energy!
  • DON’T drink too much. Sure, a little tipple of liquid courage never hurt anyone, but you don’t want to turn up drunk to a masturbation event. First of all, it would be considered bad conduct, and you’d probably be barred from the event. Secondly, you wouldn’t be able to absorb the atmosphere because you’d be too wasted. Of course, it can feel awkward going into these events stone-cold sober, but it’s this jarring feeling that is actually part of the experience. You want to feel every emotion because it’s a unique situation. Don’t ruin it by getting drunk. One prosecco allowed.
  • DON’T be embarrassed. Many other people are there for the same reason as you, so actually, this fact alone helps normalize the whole situation. Plus, if you spend your time worrying about what people would think of you if they found out where you went, you won’t be enjoying your night!

Group masturbation is probably less spoken about than swinging, but it’s very much a part of the sex event scene. If you’re at all curious, why not find your nearest one and see what happens? 

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