sex and your period

Masturbation and your period.

Sex and your period – for most, it’s avoided because of messiness, or your partners discomfort. However, many of us are more horny around this time than ever! With hormones raging, it’s not a bad idea to try some self love; AKAK masturbation! Period masturbation is an incredible way to feel better during this time. Need reasons? Read on!

Masturbating can help relieve pain, since orgasms release serotonin and dopamine. This rush of positive hormones can help cramps, backaches, headaches, and even general moodiness. They act as natural pain relievers. These endorphins improve your mood tremendously, and can really make you go from feeling bleh to amazing in a few minutes.
Masturbating can also help you sleep better! Orgams also release oxytocin, which when it wears off, makes many people sleepy. Ever had a nice, long sex session and just passed out afterwards? Exactly. Additionally, sex is a cardiovascular activity. This means that you’re working out in a way, and you should feel tired afterwards!
When you’re menstruating, there is increased blood flow and circulation which can in turn increase your arousal and sensitivity. This leads to better orgasms, and you’re already wet, so lube may not be needed. You may have a better orgasm on your period.
There’s also a theory that having an orgasm can shorten your period. We can’t speak wether this is true or not, but the science is that when you orgasm, your uterus contracts. When your uterus contracts, it helps push the lining out faster, which is what your body is pushing out when you’re on your period. Nothing wrong with trying – for science, of course.
We get it – masturbating while on your period can be a little bit messy. You can focus on clitoral stimulation if you really want to avoid as much mess as possible. Learning to orgasm through external pleasure is a huge plus, so why not take this time as a reason? Otherwise, try doing it in the shower, with a vibrator. This way, any blood goes down the drain and you’re clean anyway. Or, invest in a dark blanket/towel, and keep that underneath you so that you don’t mess up your sheets. Make sure to clean your vibrator thoroughly afterwards. You can also put a condom on it to make it easier.

Partnered period sex offers all the benefits as solo masturbation. Talk it out, see if they’re open to trying! You can turn the lights off, and use a condom if your partner gets skeeved out. Remember – you can still get pregnant on your period, so be safe!

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