Male Erogenous Zones: How to Unlock their Potent Pleasure.

Mar 17, 2022

In female-male sexual relationships, stereotypically, the man is the one pleasuring the woman (or at least trying to!). There are so many articles online about how to pleasure a woman, but what about men? In this article, we’re going to be telling you where your man’s sweet spots are and how you can tease them. Let’s get straight to it, shall we? Here are our top ten erogenous zones on a guy.


Their eyes


The first thing to realize about men is that they tend to be more visual when it comes to what turns them on. So if you want to get a man in the mood, tease his sense of vision. Wear a sexy outfit, pull up your top cheekily and show him your boobs, or sit on the dinner table and open your legs to show him your naked vulva. Physically showing your man things that turn him on will for sure turn his brain on, which will create a domino effect for the rest of his body. So remember, vision is key.




Massaging your man’s scalp can do two things: it will relax him, and it will also turn him on. Have you ever had that warm, fuzzy feeling at the hair salon when your hairstylist runs their hands through your hair? This is called the autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR. Or ‘brain orgasm’ as some have coined it. 


ASMR is caused by quiet, repetitive, and soft actions or sounds. So massaging your man’s scalp sensually over and over again is sure to trigger ASMR in him. What has ASMR got to do with sex? It creates a warm, tingly feeling in the body, and some people report feeling aroused by this sensation. In any case, the ASMR reaction will relax your partner, leaving them open to arousal later on even if they’re not aroused yet. 


His Lips


Your lips have over one million nerve endings in them. And anywhere there are nerve endings comes arousal. You might not know this, ladies, but men love a good kissing sesh just as much as you. So don’t be shy when you make out. It’s often the first thing we do before getting intimate with someone, so what better way to light their fire than stimulating a million nerve endings?!

Male Erogenous Zones

His neck


The neck is a very sensitive area of the body in all genders because—spoiler alert—there are a lot of nerve endings there. But if there’s one place on a man that turns him on more than his penis, I’d say opt for the neck area. Here are our favorite sweet spots: the back of his neck, the nape of his neck, and just under his jaw.


His Ears


It is an unassuming part of the body, but if you stimulate them right, the ears could just be the place you tease that makes him moan the loudest. The ears are a special erogenous zone because as well as feeling your touch, he’ll be able to hear you up close too. You can combine teasing his ears with his neck. While you’re in this region of his body, whisper into his ear something sexy, suck or bite his earlobe and then kiss the skin behind his ear. This spot works every time. Trust me.


His Nipples


Most of us think of the nipples as an erogenous zone for women, but they are just as erogenous for men. Gently trace your finger around the area or kiss it softly to see if he’s into it. Then if he likes that, increase the pressure.


His Pubic Hairline


Ever gone down on your man and felt his reaction to your caresses on his pubic hairline? It might come as a shock to you, but the pubic bone area is a HUGE erogenous zone for obvious reasons. And the pubic hairline is the first part of it. So when you move down his body towards his penis, and you finally touch his pubic hairline, this is the first sign to him that things are about to get very exciting. Tease his pubic hairline next time you go down on him by kissing him all over the area. Extra points if you tease his penis at the same time.

His Perineum


This is an often forgotten-about part of the male anatomy. However, it has great potential to take his pleasure to the next level. How to find the perineum? Simple! It’s the stretch of skin that’s between his balls and his anus. Next time you’re in the area, try very gently stroking it. 


His Scrotum


As with everything in the groin area, the scrotum is packed with nerve endings. However, it is a very delicate part of the body seeing as it holds his baby-making balls. While you’re down there, gently kiss the soft tissue housing his balls and see how he reacts.


His Penis


Obviously. It goes without saying, but of course, the penis is a huge erogenous zone on the male body. To really up his pleasure, home in on the head of his penis and gently lick it. Then mix it up and stimulate his shaft. Combine with playing with his balls and scrotum, and you will have him moaning in no time.

sex machine

The Climax…


These are our top ten favorite erogenous zones on a man. There are lots more, but we thought it best to leave a little homework for you to do. 


When you’re next getting busy with your man, and he is focusing on your pleasure, switch it up, get him on his back, and make it about him. He will be pleasantly surprised and horny AF, that is for sure.


Don’t forget that not all men have the same erogenous zones as others. So when you are exploring an area of his body, start slowly for him to get used to the stimulation there. You’ll soon know if you should continue or increase your pressure. 


If he doesn’t react, don’t take it to heart; whatever area you stimulate just isn’t his thing. But when you do find his sweet spot, it will be worth the trial and error.



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