Help! How do I Make my Wife Cum?!

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“How do I make my wife cum” is one of the most asked, yet most unanswered, questions to exist in our world. 

A female orgasm is just about as intricate and delicate as anything gets, and because of this it leaves so many husbands desperately trying to answer the question of ‘how do I make my wife cum?!’.

Should you be successful at achieving this, then both your love life and your relationship will prosper. Should you fail, then your relationship will be dealt quite a difficult hand to win over. Not impossible! Just difficult. 

But don’t worry. The most important thing is that you are here, which indicates that you are willing to learn and that alone grants you some respected appreciation. That, and we got ya covered, as were going to showcase to you a plethora of feel-good ideas and techniques to help your wife alas reach that big “O”!

How To Make Her Cum Tips

Are you Having Sex for You?

One of the most important places to start when wondering “how do I make my wife cum?” is to first look at yourself. 

It might seem silly, but seriously! 

Are you having sex for you, or are you having sex for her? 

The right answer should be both, but should of course lean more in the direction of having sex for her! And by her, we essentially mean her pleasures and her orgasm

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the idea that sex is good for both because it is good for you.

Sure, you might very much enjoy pounding her roughly from behind in doggy style, as this might be your fast track to orgasm. And it’s not that she doesn’t like it either, as it might feel plenty good, but is this way of having sex actually for her?

Probably not, as she is gaining more pleasures in making you feel good, and it’s less about her physical pleasures. 

The key takeaway here is to then, should you realize that your sex has maintained a focus on you, force yourself into making a change. Change takes initiation, and use this as the beggings to initiate the change needed to make the sex all about your wife and so that you can do the one thing you are here to do;

Make her cum!


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The best way into your wife’s head to gain a genuine understanding of the things that make her cum is to, well… 

Get into her head!

And the only way to do so is through conversation. 

The conversation is your best friend at answering the question of how do I make my wife cum. 

She is your wife, but she is herself, and only she has the keys to open up the correct doors that lead down an orgasm-inducing path. 

Never be afraid to sit down for this serious conversation, as both of you will do nothing but benefit. 

Pour yourselves a nice glass of wine and chat about your sex. Chatting alone promotes a comfortability that helps lead to orgasm, but more importantly than that it gives you the chance to listen to exactly what she has to say. 

Take mental notes as you are hanging and discussing the different ways that she has said she enjoys sex, and make sure to act on them when things get steamy!

Master the Art of Foreplay

Are you taking ample time to implement foreplay techniques that leave your wife absolutely craving you inside of her? If not, then how in the world are you supposed to make her cum?!

Foreplay is an art, and not rushing past it takes serious self-control. But if you are able to hold yourself back from jumping immediately into the sex, you will create anticipation that will act as your wife’s orgasm’s best friend. 

Because the more anticipation, the more she will want it. And the more she wants it, the better it feels when alas it is given. 

Be slow and sensual with your kissing. Take time to slowly undress her and to please her with means other than your penis. 

Is your oral game on point? If not, practice cunnilingus in a manner that is slow and controlled. Don’t whip your tongue around like a wildman, and instead keep it firm and flat, using your head as the controlling mechanism for pressure and movements. 

Are you using plenty of spit or other lubrication so that vaginal insertion is effortless and without pain? Because remember, there’s no such thing as being too wet.

Are you using your hands to lightly please her clitoris and finger her while kissing intimately, making sure to take note of the keyword here: “Lightly”?

Thanks to society men generally might think that women like things fast, wild and rough, and although this is true for particular women or particular occasions of sex, when it comes to making your wife orgasm, there’s a pretty decent chance that the slower, more connected, and more intimate you make the sex; the better the chance she will climax.


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Erogenous Zones

For many, discovering a new erogenous zone is synonymous with discovering how to orgasm quickly. 

If you don’t know what erogenous zones are, they are areas across the body, usually hidden from everyday exposure, that contain concentrations of nerve endings. When an erogenous zone is touched during sex, it can send actual feelings of pleasure to the genitalia, and often this is the secret to making a woman climax. 

There are a ton of erogenous zones, including the bottoms of the feet, underneath the knees and elbows, in between the thighs, the lower back, and much more. Do a little research surrounding erogenous zones and how to please them, and the next time you are having sex see how your woman responds to you loving on them!

Sex Toys

Are you afraid to incorporate sex toys into your sex life because you fear that they will act as a replacement? If so, you’re missing out on a heck of a lot of fun. That, and even if a sex toy is the only way to make your wife orgasm, isn’t it better to do it that way than to not cum at all?

Sex toys are an incredible pleasure addition to what goes on underneath the sheets, and it’s for a few good reasons.

First of all, sex toys are just what a woman needs to discover herself and to discover the things she likes in a sexual setting so that she can bring these facets of her sex back into your interactions. 

That, and there’s one truth that you need to remember. Humans cannot do what a sex toy can do, and we never can. Tongues cannot vibrate at the speed of a vibrator. Penises cannot change in size to match that of the perfect dildo

What sex toys can do is out of our reach, but utilizing them to our sexual advantage is not.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sex toys, and if you really want to add a little spice to the recipe of your love life, try ordering one for you two to try without her knowing!

A mixture of fun, surprise, and an aura of sexual discovery all in one.


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The V Technique

If you are still having trouble with how to make your wife cum, try out this technique the next time she is riding you!

Before she mounts you, create a “V” with your fingers by separating the middle from the ring. 

Place this V around your penis, inserting its shaft into the webs of your fingers. As she rides you, your knuckles should perfectly touch her clitoris while she controls the varying pressure with her weight, and the rest of your hand will press against her labia for incredible sensation

Suck her Nipples!

Nipples often showcase a feeling of pleasure that otherwise cannot be attained. 

Be gentle with them, but please do play with them!

Start with your hands, and then progress into kissing around the areola softly. Press your lips firm against her nipple, giving it a kiss, and then proceed to insert them into your wet mouth so that you can suck on them while you also use your tongue to play with them inside of your mouth. 

Respond by making adjustments to the intensity based on how she responds, but if sucking on her nipples is something that she likes, then you just might discover this as the fast track to cumming. 


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