Lube- Worth it?

Sep 14, 2019

Should you be using lube during sex? The short answer – absolutely.

No matter how naturally wet you are, lube is designed to make sex more fun. Stress, hormonal changes, and even lack of sleep can make you less wet than you usually are; lubricants essentially supplement your own body, and make sex that much more fun. They help eliminate chafing, pain, and rubbing in your most sensitive areas. Lubricants also help prevent microtears, which make you more sensitive to sexually transmitted diseases.

Whether it’s flavored, or just normal, adding this in to your normal play is a game changer. Raw after sex? This can help with that. Wet, but want a different sensation? There’s heating and cooling lubricants for that! Partner doesn’t last as long as you’d like? There are desensitizing lubricants designed to aid in the amount of time he or she can keep going! At V For Vibes, we like to call lubricants the “final touch”.

Not all lubes are made equally. At V For Vibes, we only sell water based lubricants. They’re the most common available, and wash off easily. These are the safest kinds to use with most condoms, and won’t deteriorate the material of your toys! Lubricants can be used inside condoms as well, to add to that pleasure for your partner. While saliva can be very effective, it dries out much faster than an artificial lube; and who wants to have a dry mouth during sex or self love? Water based lubes are safe to use for anal, self pleasure, and vaginal sex, making them the most versatile around. You should always spot test a patch of skin before trying any new lubricant, to be sure you don’t have a negative or allergic reaction to it.

We choose not to carry oil based lubricants, as these are not safe to use with latex condoms. They can also increase the risk of vaginal infections, which no one wants to deal with. Oil can also stain your sheets, and clog your pores if it gets on to your face.

We also stay away from silicone lubes. Silicone based lubricants can damage your toys, as they are very hard to remove from silicone toys. They can also leave residue on your body, even after taking a shower. Because silicone based lubes are heavier, they take longer to evaporate, so if you have an impromptu session, the lube may show on your clothing.

A lot of women feel a stigma around needing to use lubes in bed, but these are totally untrue. If something can make sex or self-love more fun, you should take advantage of it. Many women who make ample natural lubricant still choose to add additional to create an even more pleasurable feeling during intercourse and self-play.

Everyone is looking to spice up their sex life – why not make this the way you amplify yours?

Shop V For Vibes to find lubes, condoms, and toys, designed for your pleasure.


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