Low Libido? Here are 10+ Foods You Should Avoid.

Jul 15, 2023

Imagine trying to enjoy your best meal with a greasy spoon that keeps slipping away? It’s down right disappointing to say the least. That’s what the foods listed below will do to you and your libido. Before we delve into them, let’s put aside some myths about testosterone and estrogen.


Testosterone and Estrogen Explained

It’s estrogen for women and testosterone for men right? Well, not really. Estrogen and testosterone have a significant role in both sexes. Without a balance of their ratios, your body goes bonkers. For instance, there are cases of women sprouting facial hair.


For men, there are those that literally have breasts. Anyone with an imbalance in estrogen and testosterone has an increase or decrease in their sex drive. That’s why there has been research on the causes of these imbalances including the food we consume.


Foods to Avoid

That said, there are foods you can use to change your libido. Some will supercharge your sex drive while others will kill it. To ensure you are on the safe side, we have compiled a list of foods to avoid. The foods listed below should be avoided or taken in moderation to avoid a low libido.


1. Chocolate

This is one of the controversial foods that lower your sex drive. Why? Because dark chocolate is a popular aphrodisiac considering it stimulates feelings of love and euphoria . However, other types of chocolate are known to reduce testosterone levels resulting with a low libido.

Low Libido? Here are 10+ Foods You Should Avoid. | V For Vibes

2. Asparagus

One of the things you may know about asparagus is it gives your pee a funny smell. You also know your fun parts and pee parts can serve double duty. Asparagus is a vegetable that smells worse when it comes out than when it’s going in. This has an indirect impact in low libido.


3. Trans Fats

Clogged arteries mean blood flow to your private parts is below average. Less than optimal blood flow to your sexual organs affects all sexual functions. Trans fats are medically proven to be responsible for gumming up arteries. It’s the reason why the majority of food brands are restaurants avoid them like the plague.


Trans fats are the cause of an early death. There is something called “little death” failure. Little death is a charming French phrase for an orgasm. I believe you can understand this!


4. Beets

Apart from being nutritious and delicious, beets are among the best tasting vegetables in the world. They have compounds that ensure your body’s estrogen levels are on point. It’s something awesome as long as your testosterone levels are normal. If you have hormonal imbalances, you’ll exacerbate it by consuming beets.


5. Spiced Foods

The Oregon State University conducted a study on spiced and heavily scented foods. It showed that such foods have the ability to change the taste and smell of a vagina. Foods used in the study included strong spices, garlic, onions, and coffee.


Researchers at the university state that you should avoid such foods or consume them sparingly. They added that opting for more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains is better. Such foods increase your libido while ensuring a more pleasurable mouth to south resuscitation.


6. Low-grade Meat

Experts say the quality of meat affects your sex drive. The lower the quality the lower your sex drive. It’s because most hamburgers, hot dogs, and deli meat contain added antibiotics, preservatives, and hormones. These are responsible for causing hormonal imbalances in your body. Instead, go for un-processed cuts and leaner meats such as turkey and chicken. At the least they won’t lower your libido.


7. Flaxseed Products

So here’s something crazy for you. There was a 31-year old woman who had hirsutism. To control it, researchers decided to lower her high T-levels. The woman was instructed to consume 30 grams of flaxseeds every day for 120 days. The result was an 89 percent decrease of free-testosterone with a 70 percent decrease in her total testosterone.


So what does this say? A woman with “excessive” facial hair may try flax seeds. However, those with a low libido should a avoid them. Instead, they should go for other omega-3 sources.

Low Libido? Here are 10+ Foods You Should Avoid. | V For Vibes

8. Mint

Fresh breath is a turn on and mint is a key player in this. Additionally, mint has amazing health benefits. On the downside, the menthol in mint may lower testosterone. This means a potentially good date may not end up being so good in bed.


9. Deli Meats

The plastic used to wrap your cheese and meats isn’t the same you use to pack leftovers. PVC is used to pack your cheese and meats.


It contains polyvinyl chloride that leaches into fatty foods. This chemical compound causes hormonal shifts. To avoid it, try buying your meat fresh from the butcher. Make sure they wrap it with brown paper.


10. Licorice

Glycyrrhizic acid is the main compound in licorice. It gives the food it’s distinctive flavor. Furthermore, it reduces testosterone production.

In a study, 7 healthy men were subjected to a 7-gram dose of licorice everyday. This was done using locally available candy tablets. Within 4 days, each individual experienced a 35 percent reduction in their total testosterone levels.


11. Canned Soup

Thinking of enjoying your Spaghetti-O? Think again. Canned soups and meals are notorious for high amounts of dietary sodium. To put this into perspective, a can of Spaghetti-O has as much sodium as ten bags of Doritos.


Such amounts of sodium cause elevated blood pressure. It also causes reduced blood flow to specific body parts such as your private parts. Fortunately, you can change the situation.


Start by consuming a generous serving of dark chocolate. Things that are rich in flavanols include non-alkalized cocoa. These are sexy compounds that increase nitric acid production. As a result, your blood vessels open wider increasing blood flow. Get it?


12. Sugar

Just because you don’t have sugar in your kitchen, doesn’t mean you don’t use it. Chances is that anything sweet you consume has some sugar. This sweet stuff increases insulin. Insulin is the cause of lower testosterone levels, looe muscle mass, and belly fat.


In men, estrogen levels are increased by belly fat. This rise may result with erectile dysfunction or low libido. A study discovered that glucose can substantially reduce free and total testosterone levels. Ensure you minimize your sugar intake to enjoy the natural sweet stuff.


13. Cheese

Unfortunately, cheese in most developed countries comes from cows that use synthetic hormones. These synthetic hormones cause hormonal imbalances in your body. The imbalances include affecting your body’s natural production of testosterone and estrogen.


14. Edamame

Doing sushi on a date? Make sure you get the right appetizer. Edamame is also known as soybeans. In the United States, more than 90 percent of soybeans are genetically modified.

Low Libido? Here are 10+ Foods You Should Avoid. | V For Vibes

A study in the Journal of Nutrition shows high soy levels decrease sex hormones in women. They also disrupt the body’s ovarian function. In men, a ½ serving of soy in a day caused a 40 percent sperm count decrease. This was according to the Harvard School of Public Health.


Bottom Line

These are foods you should use sparingly if your sex drive is low. Take note your libido is also affected by drugs and substances such as alcohol. In some cases, some medicines may decrease your sex drive. Always consult your physician about the effects of medication and diet on your libido when you are in doubt.

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Author: Emmanuel Maliti


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