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Looking for a sexy vibrating necklace?

If you research about sex toys, you’ve definitely seen the novelty vibrators- especiailly the jewelry style items or a wearable vibrator. They’ve been around for a few years, and are very popular as portable vibrators and beautiful accessories to your everyday outfits, but doubles as a sex toy. Why are they so coveted and recommended? As it turns out, their functions are endless- and the vibrations are phenomenal.

Let’s be real: all orgasms are amazing and mind-blowing, but not all orgasms are glamorous and fancy. Quickie’s are fun, but not as exciting as the full on hook up (sometimes). The V for Vibes Minerva wearable vibrator and vibrator necklace is extra fancy- like cuming in a limo while drinking champagne level fancy. In medical grade stainless steel, Minerva hangs around your neck as a stunning statement necklace. Nestled on the neck of the pendant is a small button that turns the vibrator on, with 8 speeds to really excite and delight the wearer. It super subtle, which means that you can absolutely wear it in public and not risk anyone knowing that it’s actually a sex toy.

Should you wear it for every occasion? That’s up to you- wearing it to a family function is definitely a bold move. But if a risk thrills you, go right ahead. No one would know! Orgasms are incredible stress relief, so being able to sneak off quickly and get it on is probably better than binge drinking wine to relieve anxiety. We can’t really see any downsides.

If having a wearable vibrator is too risky for you or makes you uncomfortable – even though it’s your little secret- wear it at home alone to feel sexy! Or, throw it on during sex. Naked with a long necklace can definitely be a vibe. Remember that if you are wearing it as a necklace and using it, cleaning it is super important. It’s safer, and the best option when people may be around to see it.

Personally, I love using Minerva with my partner during sex. It makes me feel sensual, and of course, helps me get off. It vibrates at 8 speeds, so there’s a setting out there for everyone. It’s easily recharged by plugging in to a usb port, and easy to clean since it’s made out of ultra safe, medical grade silicone. Minerva is very small and thin, so it works well for focused clitoral stimulation or to tease your partner. Since clitoral stimulation really helps many women get off, adding a portable and sleek vibrator to the mix that you don’t have to hide in a drawer isn’t a bad idea. She’s around your neck and ready for action, so in the moment, you don’t have to break away. She’s delicate, pretty, and makes everything less awkward. It’s also a pleasant surprise for your partner when you pull her off and turn her on.

Know friends looking to try sex toys, but don’t want to hand them a huge, phallic-shaped dildo at first? This is a versatile bridal shower/birthday/holiday gift to give as well! V For Vibes has beautiful, discreet luxury packaging, so no one ever feels like you have given them anything they would be embarrassed to show.


Wearable Vibrator - Vibrator Necklace - Sexy Gifts