The Ultimate Guide to a Long Distance Relationship.

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If you are in a long distance relationship, you will face many unique challenges to keep your relationship happy and healthy, but these challenges don’t always have to be deemed as difficult! 

There are so many effective ways by which you can cater to the quality and fulfillment of your long distance relationship, and all it takes is a little bit of effort and a touch of creativity to make it happen. 

If you seek long distance relationship advice on ways to make your long distance relationship feel special, connecting, and indicative of a future together, then we have a few simple ideas and pieces of advice to follow that will help instill a smile across your lover’s face despite the miles between you two. 

Never Forget a Good Morning Text

Unfortunately, you don’t have the pleasure of waking up next to your significant other to kiss them good morning and wish them a good day. With this, you must never forget your good morning text message!

A sweet good morning message tells them that they are the first thing you think about when you wake up, it makes you the first thing they think about, and it sets their day off on the right track with happiness and positivity. It takes all but ten seconds to write up and will make a world of difference in complimenting your connection on a daily basis. 

Consistently Check in With Them

You must be diligent in checking in with your partner and ensure that their life away from you is going well. Be genuine in your approach, and ask as many questions as possible. This will simultaneously show them that you are interested in their day-to-day life and will also allow them the opportunity to vent or speak up about things that might be on their mind, of which they seek guidance, advice, or even just a listening ear. 

This helps to build emotional intimacy despite the distance and will bring you closer together by expanding the ability to trust your significant other in telling them everything that is going on in an average day of your life. 

long distance relationship

Set Up a Long Distance Date

You don’t have many date night options when in a long distance relationship, but you should definitely think to capitalize on the choices you do have by setting up a long distance relationship date! 

Dress up in nice clothes, order your partner and yourself dinner and wine (preferably from the same restaurant if available in both locations), and set up your Zoom or facetime with the meal at the table to have dinner together. 

Try watching the same movie together by clicking play at the same time. Send them a playlist that you can simultaneously listen to while you paint or draw together over facetime. Engage in learning a new hobby together, such as participating in Zoom music lessons, or perhaps try to learn a new language with one another. 

When you start to think about it, there are a million ways to have a super enjoyable and exciting date night while disregarding the distance, and you should embrace the need to be creative with such an idea and use this as a way to show your partner how much you care about them by going above and beyond. 

Don’t Forget the Sex.

You can still succeed in finding sexual fulfillment even if you are in a long distance relationship. By doing all you can to ensure that you are both satisfied sexually, even when you cannot engage in physical sex, you are catering to one of the essential aspects regarding a healthy and happy long distance relationship. 

Be fearless and fun, and experiment with sexual activities such as sexting. Sending dirty text messages is such a great way to spend a day together even when you aren’t together at all, and when done right, it can lead to a shared session of mutual masturbation to reach climax. 

Phone sex, as in talking to one another over the phone as you masturbate or engage in broad forms of dirty talk, will build your connection even more than sexting, as you are vocalizing your sexuality in real-time. Hopefully, you feel comfortable enough to let the barriers break down and allow the kinkiest aspects of your imagination to run free and wild.

Next on the list would be engaging in video sex, probably the closest thing you will get to the real deal. Continue utilizing aspects of dirty talk as you engage in this visual show, allow yourself to fully embody the experience without awkwardness or fear, and of course, bust out your favorite sex toys to further amplify the physical sensation and fulfillment of the video sex experience. 

two sided dildo

Sex Games for Long Distance Relationships

You’re going to want to get creative when engaging in forms of sexual activity to keep that spark and fire alive and burning bright. Think outside of the box, and use sex games for long distance relationships as a way to pass each other’s time away in a fun and enjoyable manner. I mean, what better way to pass the time on a long day of work than playing a little game over texting together?!

Sex games for long-distance relationships might include the cliche classics, like:

Or can include more creative ideas, whether they be over text or over video calls, such as:

  • Write an erotic story together, sending one paragraph at a time each.
  • Ask one another questions over facetime, and every time they get one wrong, a piece of clothing must be removed.
  • The dominant and submissive- the chosen submissive partner must do whatever it is the dominant partner says
  • The Tease- edging each other as close as possible to orgasm without climaxing. The partner who can hold off the longest and finish last wins. 

Showcase your Trust

Love and trust are crucial components of a lasting long distance relationship, and you have to actively work to build trust and showcase your trust in order for love to be as genuine and raw as possible. Seriously, take trust seriously, as ensuring that your partner trusts you and vice versa is one of the biggest and most important pieces of long distance relationship advice. 

Be active and diligent in proving that you trust your partner to the fullest extent, as mistrust is often one of the leading causes of a toxic long distance relationship that doesn’t work out. 

The next time your partner goes out with friends, don’t tell them things like to ‘be good, and instead, tell them to have an incredible time and that you can’t wait to be there with them next time. Send positive affirmations about the health of your relationship, such as by ensuring that they know you feel good about the way things are going and that you trust your shared ability to last through the tough times of being apart. 

When speaking of trust, you may also work to show your partner that you trust them sexually. Remind them that they are all you need to feel sexually satisfied, even if it means having to use unconventional methods of sex to reach this fulfillment, and that you are perfectly at peace with waiting any amount of time to feel their actual skin against you. 

Send love and trust text messages for him on a daily basis, always be honest to compliment trust further, and answer any questions your partner may have about you or your relationship with complete transparency. 

Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

There’s no better way to make your partner’s day and to show them that you are thinking about them than with the romantic gesture of sending or giving long distance relationship gifts. 

There is no limit to a gift that is too big or too small, and as always, it very much is the thought that counts! Long-distance relationship gifts can be material goods, creating an experience for your partner from far away, and creative gifts. Examples for inspiration might include:

  • Ordering your partner food delivery after a long day at work
  • Delivering flowers to their door
  • Buying them and one of their friends a ticket to see a band they like
  • Writing them a love letter and sending it in the mail.
  • Purchasing everything they have in the cart of their favorite online shop.
  • Sending them a nice bottle of wine.
  • And, being your favorite woman-owned sex toy shop, we have to say this one: buying them a brand new sex toy to give them the keys to an otherwordly orgasm!

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