How to Have Long Distance Relationship Sex.

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So, you want to know how to have long distance relationship sex? Good for you!

Long-distance sex might not provide us with the physical touch we crave, but just because you are in a long distance relationship does not mean that you cannot find forms of sexual fulfillment and connection with your partner. Sure, you might have to get a little creative with things to keep the long distance sex lively and invigorating, but that’s half the fun of it!

The positive news here is that, because you are reading this article, you want to actively learn how to have long distance relationship sex, and being active in this approach is the first step to ensuring that both partners are fulfilled despite the distance between you. So let’s make it happen. Let’s make it exciting, sensational, euphoric, and all else in between by heeding our few pieces of advice regarding some long distance loving and different ways to approach long distance sex. 

Begin with Open Communication

Talking about sex and engaging in active sex talk with your partner is the foundation of your shared sexual intimacy. You have to break down any sexual barriers between yourselves in order to seek the comfortability needed for something that can feel as vulnerable (and, let’s be honest, sometimes awkward!) as long distance sex. 

Start by slowly gaining an understanding of your partner and their sexuality to build trust surrounding intimacy, and ask questions about it when you have them. As your connection evolves, you can then bring up the idea of ‘taking things to the next level’ by engaging in this far-away intercourse. If they agree, and only if consent is entirely provided, you can then begin to plan out your future endeavors, and this all begins by being open with communication. 

This also allows you both to express any fears or uncertainties you have surrounding long distance sex, providing you the information needed to map around these insecurities and to create a situation that feels entirely safe and comfortable to you both, as well as one that is sexy and alluring in nature. 

How to Have Long Distance Relationship Sex with a Partner

Long distance sex may manifest in many different forms. You obviously will not be engaging in physical touch with one another, so you have ample room for creativity in defining the ways that you wish to approach this. With this, the ‘sex’ can be defined by nearly anything that is sexual, allowing you the room to experiment with multiple forms of this sexual behavior; such as utilizing long distance relationship sex toys, engaging in dirty talk over the phone, and practicing mutual masturbation together on zoom or facetime.

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Sex Chat for Long Distance Relationships

An excellent place to start in learning how to have long distance relationship sex is to begin with simple forms of sex chat. 

Start by engaging with forms of sexting to gain comfortability and experience with your partner and their open sexuality. Sexting provides the barrier of the phone screen, which helps you to relax and not feel intimidated, allowing the interaction to run smoothly. You can take your time to think about your replies, you don’t have any eyes on you, and you can use this as the baseline level of sexual engagement while relaxed and in your element. You can even practice roleplay over text for a unique approach to sex chat for long distance relationships! 

Once comfortable with dirty talk via text messages, you should already feel more connected with your partner in the sexual realm and may then progress into more vocal and more intimate forms of sex chat for long distance relationships, such as talking dirty over the phone. 

Again, you may hold off on the face-to-face interaction, for now, to continue gaining comfort in this form of sexual behavior, and a phone call will do just fine! Walk yourselves through the experience as if you are together, using your vocals as the driving force of creating this verbal storyline of your sex.

Work to embrace your dirty inner side and allow yourself to freely express everything on your mind, as the more open you are, the hotter things get! Remind them of their sheer beauty, express all the things you desire internally to do them, and of course, tell them what you want, too!

Once the phone sex gets heated, you may further up the intensity by masturbating together and engaging in dirty talk as you vocalize yourself to a shared orgasm. Your moans and groans echoing out of the speaker are sure to send a world of electricity through your partner, and this is quite the fulfilling means of reaching a shared, long distance orgasm. 

Video Sex

When you feel ready to engage in face-to-face versions of long distance sex, then the answer to how to have long distance relationship sex now lies in the forms of video sex. 

Using whatever platform you prefer, such as Zoom facetime, it’s now time to complement your newfound verbal skill sets with visual satisfaction as well. Make sure to approach the video sex just like real sex- dress up, clean up, put on your favorite underwear, wear some lingerie. Set up a video date with wine and fun games so that the experience is genuine and intimate. 

With video sex, take things slow and steady! You have all the time in the world, and a key to making the ‘sex’ good is to extend the interaction for as long as possible. You wouldn’t have real sex without a little foreplay, right? The same goes for long distance sex!

The more you feel the blood rushing to your genitals, the more the pulse for climax entices you for more, the more satisfying the entire experience becomes. 

Tease each other over the video as much as you can. Rub your genitals over your clothing while engaging in even more dirty talk, emphasizing your body language, facial expressions, and vocals. Give your partner a little flash here and there to edge them on, and strip down the clothing one piece at a time. Allow yourself to embody the experience as if you are actually there, and try to be entirely in your natural element as though a screen is not in front of you. 

Move into engaging in mutual masturbation together when you can no longer handle the anticipation of foreplay, verbalizing your sensations to your partner as you do, highlighting the way they send you into a world of sexual bliss. Play sex games together for an exciting twist on the long distance sex as well. 

Things like giving them the control to dictate what you do through their instructions, playing sexy truth or dare, and implementing various role-playing ideas. The possibilities are endless; you just have to embrace the situation to the fullest and leave it all out on the table. 

And of course, bust out the long distance relationship sex toys!! 

long distance relationship sex

Long-Distance Relationship Sex Toys

You really should consider utilizing long distance relationship sex toys during your video sex and mutual masturbation. These toys make it so that the pleasure is enhanced for both sides of the parties, catering to nearly all forms of physical desire related to sex and further enhancing the experience’s realism. 

Your partner might not be there to take care of the penetration, but that doesn’t mean that a beautiful glass dildo can’t take his place as you close your mind and listen to his voice, pretending as though it is him! Run the glass under hot water to experiment with temperature play and to make the dildo feel warm like his natural skin. Give the toy a lustful blowjob so that he can watch and embody the idea that it is his phallus of which you are so delicately loving on. 


An ejaculating dildo will significantly add to the female’s pleasure, as the ejaculating capabilities cater to many kinks and fetishes and can replicate the male orgasm. Try having the dildo finish at the same time as your man, and you will feel like he is right there with you, embracing every ounce of pleasure you have provided. 

There are also sex toys that can be controlled by remote, such as with remote control vibrators, and your partner can take control of the vibration intensities even when far away, providing them a literal hand in the direction of your pleasure. 

There are so many ways and answers for how to have long distance relationship sex, but in the end, you will never do it unless you try. So our most prominent piece of advice to end things: be fearless, have fun, and do it!

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