Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas.

Sep 26, 2021

Long distance relationships are tough, and it takes two dedicated and loving people to make sure it works well! If the last 18 months have taught us anything, we are a lot more resilient and adaptable than we know. Being able to adapt during a global pandemic has us reaching for technology and communicating more efficiently than ever before. 

Whether you’re living together or long distance, relationships are always in need of a recharge. For those in long distance relationships, working on intimacy and quality time for one other can get tricky. Even though we are all so well connected virtually, it’s important to try and keep the momentum going. Long distance relationships can get caught up in routine facetime or skype calls, but having a date planned is the perfect way to reconnect with your loved one. What are some of the things that you can do together virtually? Here are a few long distance relationship date ideas for you to check and try out!

Take a virtual class together! 

At the moment, the number of online classes is unlimited! From Zumba to yoga, cooking to languages, there are so many options for those couples that want to explore a fun date night idea. Why not take a culinary class together online and learn to cook something new? This is a great way to expand on your life skills whilst learning something new together. 

Cooking together can be a romantic journey, but what about when you are not eating in the same place? Send each other recipes, video call, and cook at the same time. Create a competition to see who can cook the best! This can be a fun distraction from the physical distance between you. This entertaining activity, relating back to experiential intimacy, can even be repeated numerous times to push both your culinary skills and maybe even your patience in the kitchen! From cookies to curries, the possibilities are endless, so see where your menu will take you tonight! 

These shared experiences are a great way to boost your relationship, and they will elevate your connection a whole lot more! Why not enroll in a language class together and use each other as a motivator to learn something new. In the end, why not plan a trip together to practice your new language, or challenge each other as you go? It’s always fun learning with someone, especially if it’s someone you love, and even more fun when you apply what you have learned to the real world when you are finally together. 

Taking a class online together is a fun long distance relationship date idea, something that you can talk about together in time to come. 

long distance relationship date ideas

Arrange a fancy date night! 

Just because there are miles between you does not mean your sexy date night has to be cancelled. This should still be a top priority. With almost every mobile device being able to video call, why not set up a virtual date?

This could be watching a movie together with a video call between you or simply sitting, having a few drinks, and talking over your week. Date nights can be as adventurous as your imagination, and physical distance is no longer an issue. 

Why not use the care package as a start to the date, this could be sending some flowers locally or even a delivery of drinks; the date will be set, and just like a physical date, the time will fly past. 

It’s been a while since we all got dressed up, thrown on a pair of heels, or sat down in a fancy restaurant. For the rest of the world, this is now becoming a thing again as more restaurants and cities are opening back up post-pandemic. However, if you’re in a long-distance relationship, you may not always have the chance. You may not know when the next time you will see your partner is, so it’s important that you place something in the diary to look forward to!

Planning a sexy, fancy date night can be an amazing way to show each other how much you care. By making an effort, you are showing your significant other that you want to make the time for one another. Get dressed up, do your hair, put on your favorite heels and lipstick. Sitting opposite each other with dinner or a glass of wine is the perfect way to connect with each other and experience a date night virtually. It will mean so much to each other, and you will be able to set the time aside for one another without the background noise of a busy bar or restaurant. 

Catch up on box sets! 

Watching your favorite movies or TV series together online can be a great date night idea. You can do this with the help of Netflix and their “Netflix party” application. There are also a number of ways you can stream TV shows or box sets to watch together. It’s a great way to relax, unwind, and be in each other’s company, albeit virtually. 

long distance relationship date ideas

Online tasks, quizzes, and fun! 

If your imagination is failing you or you want to try something new for a date night, why not take part in an online quiz. These can be entered together, regardless of physical location, and allow you to talk privately whilst answering the questions. This can be a fun activity to enjoy together when in a long-distance relationship, and will help to teach you more about your shared personalities. It also gets your brain working- win, win! 

Care Packages

When missing your partner, nothing helps more than a call or message to help relieve the feeling of lust. What might surprise your partner, however, is a thoughtfully curated care package. This can take many different forms, from candy and drinks that may remind them of you or of home to naughty little presents of sex toys to help those lonely nights. This may even lead to other naughtier messages of calls to pass the time with alluring phone sex or long distance sex. Whether the package is more mischievous in nature or simple sweet pleasures, a hand-crafted package is sure to let your partner know you miss them and that you are thinking of them. 


Counting Down

Why not set a countdown timer that you can both see and access until your next meeting? This may seem slightly disheartening at first, especially if the time before the next visit is vast, but as those seconds, minutes, hours, and days count down, the thrill, excitement and lust will build! 

What can be more thrilling than knowing the pleasure and euphoria your meeting will bring but having to deal with the suspense. The countdown timer is a great way to ensure you stay focused on the end goal and to share the excitement of watching the time fly past. 

Catch up with friends!  

Keep in touch with friends, regardless of location! Video conferences for work are more and more common, so why not use this technology for yourself. Set up a meeting with friends; this could be for a chat or even for an event. Set a theme, get dressed up, maybe even dress down whatever you feel like it but get others involved. Being involved with your partner’s friend group is a great way to let them know you are thinking of them and that you are serious about your relationship. This can even help you when not talking with your partner, as others can tell you stories to keep you entertained and keep your mind off the loneliness that a long-distance relationship can bring. 

 Long-distance relationships can be difficult, but nothing worth having comes easy. Relationships should not feel like work, but sometimes a little work is needed to ensure the spark stays bright over a long distance. Use your imagination and even technology to your advantage to keep your love burning! 



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