This is Live Masturbation.

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Live masturbation. What is it, why do people (or you!) like it, and what can it do for your sex life, if anything at all? These are precisely the topics of conversation today, as we will take an in-depth look at live masturbation to showcase the various idiosyncrasies of this erotic, risky, and invigorating sexual activity!

What is Live Masturbation?

The broad definition of it is the practice of masturbating in front of a live audience. It is very much what the name implies but can manifest in many different forms. 

Live masturbation can take place in front of a real-time audience. It could be something as simple as watching your loved one masturbate in front of you, or it might take place in front of a larger audience, such as masturbating in a swingers club while many voyeurs watch with ogle eyes. 

If there is masturbation taking place with someone or multiple people watching, then this is live masturbation. 

Then, of course, there is the more popular and more widely practiced/watched form of online masturbation, which is known as live cam masturbation. During cam masturbation, one person will masturbate while streaming to a live audience online. Oftentimes, the audience can engage in the masturbation chat, talking with/to the ‘star of the show’ or the other audience members. They can compliment them, ask them to perform in a certain way, or donate monetary values to the live cam model

Either way, live cam masturbation is the preferred method of many folks as a visual aid during their own masturbation practices or as a way for couples watching porn together to do so in an ethical manner.

Is Live Cam Masturbation Ethical Porn?

Speaking of ethical porn, we want to highlight a few moral facts about live cam masturbation. 

First of all, the actors/actresses performing are doing so based entirely on their decisions. They get to control the entire experience and have absolutely every say in what they are comfortable or not comfortable with doing. 

They can stop or start the show whenever they like, and there is clearly an ample amount of consent. With this control over their experience and total consent, live cam masturbation is far more ethical than other pornography films that are directed by another person and that are aimed exclusively towards male pleasure

Also, live cam masturbation pays the performers directly for their work. They are paid fairly and more consistently (versus one smaller lump sum for an entire video), further solidifying the fact that you can consider cam masturbation a form of ethical pornography.

Live masturbation

The Voyeur and the Exhibitionist: Where do you Stand?

Live masturbation is a practice that people generally enjoy for one of two reasons. They:

1. Enjoy Exhibitionism

Those who enjoy exhibitionism, which is the act of showing off in a risque, sexual manner to strangers, find great pleasure in live masturbation, and it is the perfect means for them to explore safe exhibitionism and to fulfill their sexual kink. 

Those in this position typically take the stance of the actor or actress who will perform for the audience, whether in person or on camera.

The majority of their pleasure stems from the idea and the execution of allowing strangers to watch them in the act, and this provides ample amounts of sexual fulfillment. With this, things like live cam masturbation not only help certain individuals to explore and express their kink, but they can do so in a manner that might even allow them to monetize their passion for showing off!

Some choose to keep this anonymous as a ‘faceless’ performer, but remember, once you put something on the internet, it is always there, so this isn’t for the lighthearted. 

2. Enjoy Voyeurism

On the opposite end of the spectrum, and oftentimes the more populated end, you will find the individuals who instead prefer to watch live masturbation take place. This falls under the kink of voyeurism, where people find pleasure in observing unsuspecting individuals, usually strangers, without their knowledge. 

I know, I know. Technically during live pleasure session, the person masturbating is well aware that a person/persons are watching, which actually makes this far safer and more acceptable than full-on voyeurism, as this creates a much-needed form of consent. 

With this, live masturbation and cam masturbation allow people to fulfill a kink safely and practically versus a secretive and possibly damaging way. 

Live masturbation

Why Else Do People Enjoy Live Masturbation?

Aside from just fulfilling their exhibitionist or voyeuristic tendencies, people enjoy live masturbation for a number of different reasons. Here are a few, which might or might not ring true to yourself!

It’s Erotic

Let’s be honest, the idea of watching someone who is comfortable enough in their body and their sexuality strip down and perform is something out of our most erotic dreams. This is a taboo subject coming to life, and this alone is enticing and sexy. The eroticism of live masturbation alone can provide ample amounts of mental pleasure to go along with physical pleasure, all in all leading to a big Ol’ orgasm. 

It’s Risky

When we watch live masturbation, even if it’s cam masturbation, we are watching someone take risks in real-time. When it comes to sex, usually, the riskier something is, the more enticing and sexy it is, as well. Often those watching place themselves in the stars’ shoes and relish the idea of doing something so risky. 

It’s Different

Sometimes in life, we really just need to change things up to keep it fun and exciting, and this couldn’t hold more true than when talking about sex. Live masturbation is a way to change things up from the standard mundane of pornography and is an excellent asset in adding a touch of uniqueness to your self-love practices. 

It’s Fun for Couples

Live masturbation is the perfect form of mutual masturbation to add a tasty spice to your shared love life with a partner. By creating the construct of live masturbation, you will watch one another in your most sacred of personal spaces, showcasing a huge amount of relationship trust and also trust in your sexualities. It’s unique, exciting, and euphoric, and the perfect way to change up your intimacy with a new practice. 


It’s a Way to Make Money

I mean, just being honest, live cam masturbation is quite the lucrative way to make a chunk of change, and many people out there do it as a full-time career! Not only can this help people explore their kinks, but it can do so in a way that actually generates them a lucrative income to help their financial situation. 

It’s a Way to Explore Other Genders

Watching someone of the same gender perform live masturbation is a great way to slowly introduce yourself to gender exploration in a manner that doesn’t require any form of physical touch, but that is also very much real and tangible, as everything is occurring in live-action. This is a great asset in helping those who are curious to explore other genders!

It’s Live!

The fact that it is just that- “live”- makes it a huge turn-on for those watching. It builds a connection with the person who is masturbating, as because it is live, it can feel like you are there and a part of their current sexual engagement, further enhancing your own pleasure when viewing from afar. This connection can really turn people on. 

There is a Community

There’s a huge community surrounding live masturbation and live cam masturbation. Many people frequent the same clubs or areas where it takes place and make multiple friends or accomplices along the way who share the same desires. As well as this, when watching from a computer, you can engage in the community via masturbation chat, which helps many people feel comfortable about the things they like when it comes to sex because they realize many others share the same feelings!


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