Should I Be Reading Literotica?

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Are you tired of watching porn? How about reading it via your (soon to be) favorite Literotica instead! 

The world of sexuality is lush with various ways in which we can all receive both physical and mental pleasures, and the discovery of one’s personal likings, kinks, and other turn-ons is catered to through different methods of gaining sexual experience. 

And this experience by no means has to be an actual interaction with another human being, as there exists a plethora of ways to access your sensuality. Today, we are going to highlight literotica, and how reading erotic literature may just be one of the best ways to promote this personal discovery through stories that enlighten, shed light on sexual awareness, and teach one just how deep the pool to sexuality really is. 

What is Literotica?

Literotica is the term that stands for erotic literature- aka books, short stories, or any other form of the written word that maintains a focus on the subject of erotica. This term was popularized by the well-known website’, and is now a simple way to generalize literature that deals in the hands of sexuality and romance

Literotica can take many forms, both fiction and non-fiction, and you might not realize it, but there’s a decent chance that you have read at least some form of erotic literature throughout your life.

And that’s because erotic literature, although indeed sexual, by no means has to be only pornographic content. Although there is plenty of reading to satisfy the dirtiest of minds, with scenes full of sentences that describe the wildest and most enticing of sexual behavior, Literotica also very much deals with romance and the softer side of love. 

So yes, that simple and intimate love story that focuses more on emotion and less on physical touch is very much literotica, and a reminder that you may be one who enjoys the pleasures of love and intimacy while in a sexual relationship more so than one who finds a book of BDSM to be their favorite. 

This brings us to exactly why Literotica is such an important element to learning more about one’s sexuality, as it is with these stories that we can place ourselves in the shoes and imagination of others to realize that not only are our most interesting of kinks entirely okay and shared among others; but also that there are plenty of other sexual idiosyncrasies out there that we may never know about unless discovered. 

And Literotica is a key to this discovery. 

Where visual pornography maintains a general theme: that being visual satisfaction and a focus on only sex, most often without love, Literotica goes well beyond this for a deeper approach at uncovering secrets to love and sex


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The Categories of Literotica

As you now know, Literotica manifests in many forms. But if you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few examples of some of the most popular categories of which may spark a little interest in yourself:

  • Anal – The buttocks and nothing else!
  • BDSMBondage, Dominant submissive, and other power play. 
  • Celebrities & Fan Fiction – Parodies and erotic fan fiction about famous people.
  • Erotic Horror – Weird, shocking, scary, and sometimes sexy. 
  • Exhibitionist & Voyeur – Watch and be watched. 
  • Fetish – Feet, panties, food and other frizzy things. 
  • First Time – Memories and stories from the early days of people. 
  • Gay Male – Men who love men. 
  • Group sex – Orgies, swingers and more. 
  • How-To – Advice and suggestions from readers/authors. 
  • Humor & Satire – A humorous approach to all things sex. 
  • Illustrated – Erotica with original illustrations. 
  • Incest/Taboo- the ‘weird’ side of sex. 

As well as reading Literotica, many find pleasure in writing Literotica, as this is an extremely healthy way to allow your imagination to run wild. So if you’ve got a crazy sex story in mind, go ahead and snag the pen, paper, and maybe even your favorite sex toy, and get writing! 


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Why do Women Love Literotica?

Men are rather simple creatures in terms of sexuality, stimulated by visual content. They don’t want to use their brains and their imagination, especially in a solo masturbation setting. The cock goes up, and the brain stops, right?

Women are sentient creatures with totally different needs when it comes to pornography. They love the banter and the experiences that happen before the real action starts in bed, and you will never get to see that in a porn movie because most of it is aimed at men.

A guy who writes love letters to his crush or a romantic dinner in a restaurant are things that only girls are able to experience in the fantastic world of a book, or if they are one of the lucky few with a true romantic who has their heart, and Literotica brings this to life. 

Most writers are women; they know what to do to get a girl wet and they pay great attention to detail about it. They know the experiences and the various stories of which light that fire inside, and they perfectly project this into the writing that has captured the hearts of their readers, all while promoting sexual discovery.

Literotica can very much act as a valuable asset to a relationship, as the stories of love and relationships often open eyes to different strategies and approaches to deal with an endless range of tribulations in a relationship. And if your sex life is stagnant- try opening up that erotic novel for a little bedroom inspiration! 

Reading It Together

Has your man ever asked you to watch pornography with him? 

It’s a common question, and one that isn’t bad at all. But why not hit him back with a ‘will you read this book with me?’.

Reading Literotica as a couple is rare, and it shouldn’t be, because there are tons of positives derived from this shared experience. 

Maybe he will end up taking notes on how the main character treats his gal, inspiring him to go the extra mile to remind you of his appreciation. Maybe he too will learn more about sexuality, and how to implement certain approaches to lovemaking that maintain a focus on YOU. 

No matter what his lesson, reading these stories together provides a baseline of fun and connection, and if the story is good enough, perhaps the night will end with a fiasco of your own worth writing about. 


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