8 Lesbian Sex Positions for Toe-Curling Orgasms.

Jun 20, 2021

Do you enjoy reading about lesbian sex positions so that your love life is as fiery, riveting, and as full of the one thing we love:

Soul-shaking orgasms!

If so, then we have a juicy blog for you today!

We will showcase to you undoubtedly hot and fantastic lesbian sex positions that are all but guaranteed to help you reach lustful climax, providing to you precisely the means necessary to explore and discover more about yourself, your partner, and your shared sexual experiences

Below are 8 incredible lesbian sex positions meant for both individual’s enjoyment, so have fun reading and, more importantly, have fun trying them out!

1. Lesbian Sex Positions: The Classic 69 

Numerous studies have displayed that most women cannot orgasm with only penetrative sex

For them, nipple and clitoral stimulation are essential to obtain the big ‘O”.

This makes oral sex a staple of female pleasure in the bedroom, but only when oral sex is actually good. 

So to make it good, go for a classic 69! You will be capable of simultaneously providing and attaining pleasure, both vaginal and anal, with the unique ability to cater to both the mental and physical side of sex, forcing your eyes to roll back in comfort in no time. 

And if penetrative sex is something you enjoy or need to climax, then your partner can easily use a dildo as they focus their lips on the upper portion of your vagina for a dual experience of sensation. 


69 lesbian sex position

2. Scissoring

It is one of the most extraordinary significant of sex positions for women who enjoy other females. 

Scissoring, similar to 69ing, is another position that provides dual pleasure. No one is left out in this goosebump-instilling sex position!

As you poise with your partner’s thighs, the dance-like movements of one another’s body will perfectly rub your soaking wet clitoris and vulva together. The dual control of speed and thrusting, matched with constant eye contact, is irreplaceable in terms of sexual fulfillment. 

And remember, never forget to use your hands! You can also play with her clitoris with a free finger, offering a subtle and gentle massage with your hands in addition to your vagina, and the body is positioned exactly how it needs to be for nipple stimulation. 

If you’re looking for intimacy, then kissing while scissoring will bring you closer together than ever before. 


scissoring lesbian position

3. Lesbian Sex Positions: Spooning 

Spooning is incredibly slow, sensual, and intimate. 

Two women lie facing the similar side, providing the partner in the back (the big spoon) with a clear and simple entrance to the acquiring partner’s (the little spoon) entire body; including the breast, the sensitive nape of the neck, the vagina, and the clitoris. 

Before you realize it, you both will be in a heaven of pleasure, moaning your heart out as you hold one another closely. 

If you seek to spice things up even more, then classic spooning isn’t the only form of sexual spooning. 

For a unique approach to this lesbian sex position, with seated spooning, sit in your partner’s lap while facing the opposite direction. 

Drape your legs over her hips, and this will allow her to reach her hand around you in a backward hug to pleasure quite literally every sensitive part of your body. Seated spooning is an excellent position to also incorporate a vibrator into the mix, so go ahead and pull out your favorite toys!

4. The Kneeling 

This position is known as kneeling because you are both bending down a bit at the knees. 

While both women are on their knees, they will face the same direction so that one partner can push her chest into the back of the other partner. 

When the skin of the back is touching, you can then wrap a hand in front to reach the clitoris of your partner. 

Here, you can choose to massage their vagina lightly or finger them with a unique feel-good angle or decide to utilize the lovely massage of a vibrator for maximum pleasure. 

5. Lesbian Sex Positions: The Lounger

In this form of a lesbian sex position, ask your partner to lay down on the bed and separate her legs. 

Next, kneel yourself right into her open legs and use your hands to stimulate your partner. Touch her legs with one hand, making sure to caress and tickle her erogenous zones, and with the other hand, you can either rub her chests or pull her close to your lips for an intimate make-out. 

If you enjoy eye contact and dirty talk, then this is the perfect place for you to keel tall over her while you initiate such acts. And for more pleasure and comfort, you can put some cushions below her hip to adjust the positioning to your personal likings and change the angle of fingering.

6. Thigh Town 

Both of you get on your knees and lean into each other’s legs so that they are crisscrossed, somewhat similar to scissoring but maintaining the position while on the knees. 

Both the clitoris and vulva should be facing one another’s leg so that you can grind against the thighs with as much intensity or as faintly as you can entertain, kissing and licking each other as you do so. 

Opposite from scissoring, the thighs provide a firm and robust base to ride on that creates a just-right amount of pleasure, comparable (yet way better) to humping a pillow.

7. The Rocket

The rocket position is an oral position where one of the partners will lie down, and the other partner will stand on top of her face. 

The partner who is lying down is given the rather entertaining job of licking the other partners’ vagina.  

The partner who is laying will have to use a little muscle here, however. 

While laying back, force yourself into a backbend. This should bring your mouth to exactly the right height that allows your partner to stand perfectly tall above you as you lick and suck away. 

8. The Sitting Position

The sitting position is simple but absolutely worth expanding on. 

As the name entails, sit yourselves down and face one another. While sitting just an arms reach away, the fun begins. 

Spread your legs as far as you wish and allow your partner to reach in while you are seated, using her fingers or a sex toy to transport you to newfound dimensions of sexuality. And you can do the same to her, at the same time or by taking turns. 

Or, to create a form of foreplay, sit and practice solo masturbation as you watch one another until you simply cannot take the lack of touch. 

The key is to maintain eye contact and talk to each other! If you want it hot, then make it hot, so ensure that you are complimenting her body as you sit across from her and make it clear that you have reached the definition of sexual fulfillment. 

Eventually, one of you will give out and push the other on her back and onto the bed!



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